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When Data is Everywhere, Where Do You Start?: Using Drupal to Manage, Distribute, and Visualize Data


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A presentation from Forum One CTO Kurt Voelker for the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference.

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When Data is Everywhere, Where Do You Start?: Using Drupal to Manage, Distribute, and Visualize Data

  1. 1. When Data is Everywhere,Where Do You Start?Using Drupal to Manage, Distribute, and Visualize Data
  2. 2. TodayData:  Impera+ve  and  Challenge How  Drupal  Can  HelpGet  Going!  A  Data  Starter  Task
  3. 3. Data: Imperative & Challenge
  4. 4. Today Data Matters Accountability Transparency Collabora+on Policy  Decisions Public  Opinion Media  AEen+on
  5. 5. Story Visualize nces Filter di e  Au e  to aluData g  V R i si n Mirko  Lorenz,  2010
  6. 6. None  of  us  will  solve  the  problems   we  are  working  on  by  ourselves.Increased  distribu+on,  access  to,  and   understanding  of  your  data   accelerates  the  changes  you  seek.
  7. 7. You Have Lots of Data
  8. 8. The Many Challenges of Data Mul+ple  Sources  &  Formats Mul+ple  Types Layered  Ownership Frequently  Changing Error  ProneRequires  Specialized  Technical  Skills Expensive  as  “One  Offs”
  9. 9. How Drupal Can Help Today Manage, Distribute, and Visualize Data.
  10. 10. Get to the Story
  11. 11. So,  what’s  the  tweetable   version?
  12. 12. Despite  financial  and  other  challenges,   some  school  districts  are  succeeding.
  13. 13. Drupal  Site OpenLayers  Module Feeds  Module.CSV  .XML  .JSON   Views  Module Drupal  Na:ve   Content  Items
  14. 14. Explore Your DataDrupal to Bring Your Reports (and More) Online
  15. 15. Manage “Simple” Data Right in Drupal
  16. 16. Treat Basic Data Just Like Content
  17. 17. Drupal  Site Feeds  Module.CSV  .XML  .JSON  .KML Views  Module Drupal  Na:ve   Content  Items
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Drupal  Site JSMap  Module Feeds  Module.CSV  .XML  .JSON  .KML Views  Module Drupal  Na:ve   Content  Items
  20. 20. Great Mapping Tools for Drupal OpenLayers MapBox JSMap
  21. 21. Put Your Analysts to Work Drupal as Visualization Library Manager
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Again - Data as Content
  24. 24. Manage Data Viz’s Like Any Media...
  25. 25. ...Published & Related Anywhere on Your Site
  26. 26. Graph, Chart, CompareManage More Complex Data With the Drupal Data Module
  27. 27. Drupal Imports 3rd Party Data
  28. 28. Into Separate Tables that Drupal Manages
  29. 29. Drupal  Site Feeds  Module JS  Libraries.CSV  .XML  .JSON  .KML Views  Module Data  Module Non    Drupal Data  Tables
  30. 30. Graphing Libraries that Integrate with Drupal FLOT High  Charts Google  Charts Fusion  Charts
  31. 31. Create Rich Applications Combine Drupal with Other Leading Tools
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Get Your Data Out ThereDistribute Your Data and Content with Drupal Services
  34. 34. The /data Starter Kit A Challenge to Each of You!
  35. 35.
  36. 36.
  37. 37. So what does my /data have in it?
  38. 38. Simple Usage Instructions Encouraging  Words Restric+ons  &  Terms
  39. 39. A CatalogueConsolidated  List  of  Available  Data  Sets Searchable  &  Filterable HINT:  Start  small
  40. 40. Select High Value DataFeatured  data  sets,  viz,  charts,  or  apps
  41. 41. Developer/Researcher Instructions How  to  access Words  of  Encouragement Available  tools Links  to  what  others  have  doneHINT:  Don’t  worry  if  you  don’t  have  a  big  rich  API,   get  the  encouraging  words  up  there.
  42. 42. Summing Up Today,  Data  MaEers Drupal  (combined  with  other  tools)  can   provides  the  right  building  blocksDon’t  wait  to  start  /data  on  your  website