E readers, OverDrive & Adobe


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Presentation to the Hennepin County Microcomputer User Group, August 2012.

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E readers, OverDrive & Adobe

  1. 1. eReaders,OverDrive, andAdobePresented by Michelle BelmontAssociate Librarian, Oxboro Library
  2. 2. Introduction"Big Data" from Overdrive as of May 2012 How users browse public library ebook collections● 49% Windows Computers● 28% Apple products: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc.● 13% Macintosh● 5% AndroidTop eReader Devices as of April 20121. Amazon Kindle2. B&N Nook3. Sony Reader
  3. 3. Quotes"In this volatile period of experimentation, no singlebusiness model will offer the best terms for all libraries orbe adapted by all publishers or distributors."~ALA Report on Library eBook Business Models"They can release hardware and software faster than wecan build support into Adobe Digital Editions."~Nick Bogaty, former Adobe Sr Business DevelopmentManager
  4. 4. Overview of Acronyms& History of eBook File Types
  5. 5. Reader PDF EPUB KINDLEAmazon Kindle 1 NO NO YESAmazon Kindle 2, DX YES NO YESAmazon Kindle 3 YES NO YESAmazon Kindle Fire YES NO YESAndroid Devices YES YES YESApple iOS Devices YES YES YESBarnes & Noble Nook YES YES NOBarnes & Noble Nook Color YES YES NOMac OS X YES YES YESWindows YES YES YESSony Reader YES YES NOWindows Phone 7 YES YES YES Adapted from Comparison of eBook Formats at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_e-book_formats
  6. 6. Background of OverDrive & AdobepartnershipOverDrive Adobe● 1986 Founded ● 1982 Founded● 2000 Content Reserve opens ● 1993 PDFs introduced● 2002 Launch of Digital Library ● 1994 PageMaker acquired Reserve ● 1999 InDesign launched ● 2005 Acquired Macromedia ○ Adds to product portfolio newer software products & platforms ● 2008 Launch of Adobe Content Server ○ software for DRM ○ works with ADEPTPartnership● 2008 OverDrive & Adobe partnership on ADEPT (Adobe Digital Experience Protection Technology) ○ Adobe Digital Editions uses ADEPT for DRM
  7. 7. Chain of Access From Adobe eBook Platform White Paper http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/pdfs/adobe_ebook_platform_whitepaper.pdf
  8. 8. Chain of Access
  9. 9. Wifi vs 3G3G: Phone industry OverDrive DeliveryCollection of third generation Methodsmobile technologies designedto allow mobile operators tooffer integrated data & voiceservers over mobile networks.Wifi: ComputerindustryThe 802.11b wireless ethernetstandard designed to supportwireless LANs.
  10. 10. eReaders/Devices + OMC/ADE Kindles: -Amazon provides ebook files, DRM, and auth. via Amazon account. -OverDrive provides authentication via library card. Nook, Sony, Android, iOS/Apple, & other mobiles: -OverDrive provides ebook files (and auth. via library card). -Adobe Digital Editions provides authentication via Adobe account. -Adobe Content Servers provide DRM.
  11. 11. IssuesMarketplace Rent vs OwnPublishers: The Big Seven ● OverDrive rents books to● Random House: raising prices libraries.● Harper Collins: 26 circ limit● MacMillan: only scholarly ● Subscription license stops; books via Palgrave no more access.● Penguin: dropped OverDrive in Feb. Pilot program w/ 3M in June.● Simon & Schuster: NO Users● Hachette: Backlist only ● Library patrons● Scholastic: Pottermore only expectation of access As of Feb 12 with an update in July 12. ● Technology literacy gap
  12. 12. Talking to the PatronLibrary Journal &Bowkers PatronProfiles Report(Aug 2012)● 28% library patrons want to download books from the library.● Among ebook borrowing patrons, 41% bought their last ebook.
  13. 13. Cheatsheets
  14. 14. Cheatsheets
  15. 15. ResourcesWhere to go for more help:● Overdrive: Getting Started with eBook Readers http://help.overdrive.com/article/0481/getting-started-with-ebook-readers● Overdrive: How to Train the Patron http://overdrive.com/files/TrainingCenter/Training-PatronAssistance.pdf● Overdrive: Device Resource Center http://overdrive.com/resources/drc/Default.aspx?type=ebook● Overdrive: How to borrow Kindle Books from your library http://help.overdrive.com/article/0431/How-to-borrow-Kindle-Books-from-your-library● Overdrive: Getting started with a NOOK & How to transfer titles to a NOOK http://help.overdrive.com/article/0476/Getting-started-with-a-NOOK http://help.overdrive.com/article/0050/How-to-transfer-titles-to-a-NOOK● Overdrive: Getting started with an iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) http://help.overdrive.com/article/0477/Getting-started-with-an-iOS-device-iPhoneiPadiPod-touch● Overdrive: How to install OverDrives mobile app on an Android device http://help.overdrive.com/article/0024/How-to-install-OverDrives-mobile-app-on-an-Android-Device● Overdrive: How to install OverDrives mobile app on a Windows Phone 7 device http://help.overdrive.com/article/0357/How-to-install-OverDrives-mobile-app-on-a-Windows-Phone-7-device● OverDrive eBooks How To with Screengrabs prepared by the Monroe County Library System. http://www3.libraryweb.org/uploadedFiles/MCLS/Download/OverDrive/Step%20by%20Step%20Guide%20to% 20Adobe%20Digital%20Editions%20Overdrive%20eBooks.pdf
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  18. 18. Questions?