Dnx Mobile Marketing Golden Rules


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You'll find everything you need to know here, from the latest technology and best practice, to surprising statistics.

Mobile marketing is big news for B2B. We've all got around-the-clock internet access at our fingertips now. We can check emails, browse websites and book meetings - at work, at home or on the move. Consequently, PC is no longer the principal business tool. Indeed 70% of today's under-40s consider mobile their primary communication tool. What's more, mobile internet access has overtaken desktop internet access.

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Dnx Mobile Marketing Golden Rules

  1. 1. Mobile MarketingAdam Troman & Dom Young
  2. 2. 1. Why go mobile?2. Best Practices3. Email on mobile devices4. Apps5. b2b mobile marketing6. Geotargeting7. Mobile sites8. dnx & mobile9. Summary, rules and checklists10. Contact us
  3. 3. Why go mobile? • Reaching new audiences: who may never visit website on a PC or spend hours in front of a TV • Deepening relationships: by finding new ways to reach customers and new ways to inform or entertain them • Delivering new services: including things you can only do (or would only want to do) on a mobile • Demonstrating your brand values: mobile campaigns say you’re innovative and customer-oriented • Tying in with wider campaigns: completing your integrated campaigns • Selling stuff: as mobile transactions skyrocket, there’s plenty of potential to make the sale right from the handset
  4. 4. Some stats for the geeks iPhone traffic accountsThe UK mobile ad market is for almost 4.5% of allset to grow by 840% over UK website traffic – notthe next five years (from just mobile traffic£27.47 million to £258.27 Source: Tecmark Mobile Internet research papermillion)Source: mobileSQUARED 55% of UK smartphone owners use the mobile web every day, while 49% said Ebay makes one saleIn 2015, $119 billion worth they use it multiple times a per second via mobileof goods and services will be day Source: Ebaypurchased via mobile Source: Google and the Mobilephones. Marketing Association.Source: ABI Research
  5. 5. Even more stats for the super geeks… 8% of online shoppers making a purchase from their phones during Christmas(2010), Source: Microsoft Tag up from just 2% of 2009. Source: Microsoft Tag Source: E-Consultancy 70% of executives under 40 consider mobile their primary communication tool. Source: www.wsib2bmarketing.com Source: Microsoft Tag
  6. 6. Best Practice
  7. 7. Best Practices for mobile marketing • Mobile websites • Ensure your site is responsive • Provide content people need while on the move • Prioritise key offerings BPs for the perfectionists • Think small – less text, simplify forms • Social • Over 30% of Facebook’s users use FB Mobile and 50% of Twitter’s users use Twitter Mobile • Always make sure content can be shared easily and involve customers in conversations • Integrated effort • Mobile should of course be integrated and not stand alone • View mobile as another way to reach your customers but one that should tie-in with other efforts (DM, edm, Outdoor etc.) • Think local • Make use of the features mobile present: GPS, Camera, Location services, etc.
  8. 8. Email on mobile devices
  9. 9. Email – now showing on a small screen near you • A massive consideration is emails being read on mobile devices. • As mobile usage goes up, it is natural that more people check their emails on the go – but from a marketing perspective this raises a few issues: • Are you linking through to a site? If so it will need to be mobile optimised • Are people even less likely to open a email if it is not from a colleague/friend on a mobile device? (people are usually reading the most important emails, saving the others for when they are on a desktop/laptop) • Have you considered how your email will look on a mobile device?
  10. 10. Email – now showing on a small screen near you • A recent study (Unica) found that 52% of mobile phone users access the same email account across multiple devices (PCs, laptops, mobile phones etc.) with the other 48% using a distinct account for mobile-email only • Make sure you properly execute for mobile • Use single-column layouts • Consider font size, easily-clickable links and keep it simple • Short subject lines • Limit images • Clear message on action to take
  11. 11. Apps
  12. 12. Native apps vs. Web apps • Why get a native app when web ‘apps’ are becoming so good? • Why invest in Apple’s approval process and store (and soon Google’s and others) when you can build an HTML 5 mobile friendly experience? • As good as web ‘apps’ may be, they are still a far cry from their native app cousins • What’s the difference I hear you non-digital people ask...
  13. 13. Native apps vs. Web appsThe Issues Native Apps Web AppsInternet access Not required Required, except for rare apps with offline capabilityInstallation/updates Must be deployed or downloaded Hit refreshUser interface Native apps are responsive and functional Browsers can be clunkyDevice compatibility Platform-dependent, hardware-dependent Platform-agnosticAnimation/Graphics Fast and responsive Web apps are getting closer, but will probably always lagFonts Tight control over typefaces, layout Almost on parIs my content searchable? Not on the web By defaultSharable/Tweetable? Only if you build it in Web links are shared freely. Social APIs and widgets allow easy one- click postingAccess to hardware sensors Yes, all of them: camera, gyroscope, Access through the browser is microphone, compass, accelerometer, limited, though geo-location is GPS common
  14. 14. Native apps vs. Web appsThe Issues Native Apps Web AppsDevelopment Specific tools required for some platforms Write once, publish once, view it (like Apple’s). You have to build a new app anywhere. Multiple tools and for each target platform libraries to choose fromDistribution Most app stores require approval. And you No such hassle have to wait for this!Outside access to your No, the reader must download your app Yep, just click a linkcontentAdvertising Control over design and rate More choices for design, plus access to web analytics. Rates vary widelyExamples Sky News, Sky Sports, Angry Birds, The WebEx, iTrailers, MTV News, World Trainline, Shazam, IMDb weather, TV Catch up plus many games
  15. 15. Top b2b apps WebEx – allows you to attend meetings on the go with high-quality, streaming video that takes mobile web conferencing to a whole new level.Regus –Uses GPS and augmented reality to locate a Regus office near you to usefor meetings etc. Salesforce.com - connects to your version of Salesforce.com. Create new leads, convert them, log phone calls, all from a native iphone app that syncs with the cloud version.Hoover’s Near Here – Location based app to find sales leads. Identify, filter, contactand get directions to nearby leads everywhere you travel
  16. 16. Top b2c appsAmazon – Allows consumers fun, fast and convenient access to thousands ofproducts at the touch of a button. Most importantly offers a secure server sopurchases can be made. Domino’s – Allows users to order their favourite pizza from their handset. Uses GPS to automatically locate your nearest store, lets you keep tabs on what stage of the cooking process your pizza is at. What’s more it has delivered well over £1million in sales!Foursquare – Give consumers the latest rewards and discounts where they are. Letthem inform friends and get insider tips. Sky News – Allow users to browse the latest news from around the world on their phone and share using Twitter, Facebook and email. App also runs regular advertising at bottom of screen.
  17. 17. Apps – do’s and donts Do’s • Make use of the unique smart phone features: camera, calendar, motion sensor or GPS • Encourage users to share content with friends/colleagues through social media • Performs a function that is actually useful to your customers • Mobile apps and sites need to solve problems for individuals on the go versus re-creating the desktop experience • Use social media in your apps (such as sharing game scores) Don’ts • Make an App without a clear strategy • Sacrifice a mobile site over an app (there are so many apps – how will yours stand out unless it is useful and unique) • Only have functions that are easier to use on a mobile website • Focus on transactions where customers will want to do research outside the app
  18. 18. b2b mobile marketing
  19. 19. b2b mobile marketing A business professional without a mobile device simply doesn’t exist anymore, so how can you engage with your increasingly ‘switched-on’ customers? • Users expect their mobile experience to be as good as their desktop experience • 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site • Up to 30% of email opens come from mobile - Test how your email is going to look on Smartphones before broadcasting • Provide only relevant content on your mobile site/emails • Make your mobile marketing seamless with your other efforts • Design for visibility, make it quick and easy, simplify navigation
  20. 20. Geotargeting
  21. 21. Geotargeting• What is geotargeting? • “Geo targeting is the method of determining the geolocation of a website visitor and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location, such as country, region, city, post code, organisation, IP address, ISP or other criteria” • Common usage of geo targeting is found in online advertising, as well as internet television with sites such as iPlayer restricting content to those geolocated in specific countries• How can it benefit you and your clients? • It allows you to send specific content to your clients/customers based on where they are in the country/world e.g.• How does it work? 1. Geotargeting happens on the server, before the page is sent to the browser. 2. When a user requests a page from the server, the server queries the users IP address against a database of worldwide IP addresses. 3. The database identifies the locations of the users IP address, and then the server decides what to do.
  22. 22. New opportunities in location based services• New opportunities in location based services include augmented reality, blippar, Aurasma – think about how these might fit into your strategy• Location based services will become increasingly important, but don’t forget other tactics such as SMS • It takes 90 mins for the average person to respond to an email, but only 90 seconds for a text message Blippar is worlds first mobile augmented reality and image recognition platform enabling advertisers to reach consumers via outdoor ads, billboards, magazine Aurasma is the worlds first visual browser, bringing the physical and virtual worlds together.
  23. 23. Mobile sites
  24. 24. The good…Concise content, simple Simple layout, simple Only most important navigation forms features on homepage. Easy to see ‘contact us’ action
  25. 25. The bad… Have to zoom in and out Only works with Flash – Too much content. to see navigation ignores ALL iPhone users Have to zoom to see instantly anything
  26. 26. The ugly (and stupid)… There is a trainline app, but there is no excuse for having the website on a mobile with no optimisation for the device. You’d think they would realise that people probably access this site in a hurry looking for the next train – why make it so difficult?
  27. 27. dnx & mobile
  28. 28. Mobile sites Cisco L2012 site 26,950 Visits using a mobile device Since 19th July 2011 Gatwick Good Buys 14,107 visits using a mobile device Since 27th June 2011
  29. 29. QR codes / Video
  30. 30. What can dnx do for you? Consultancy • Integrated strategies for mobile Creativity • Concepts, designs and build of mobile solutions (mobile sites, banners, apps, QR codes…) Communication • Planning and buying mobile media
  31. 31. In summary
  32. 32. Golden Rules for mobile marketing • If a site is going to get traffic from people on the go – make sure it is mobile optimised • 36% of mobile users look at industry news sites – consider which sites in your clients’ industries you could target for advertising • (Beware however – for technology both The Register and IT Business Edge aren’t mobile-optimised sites at the moment) • Mobile is fluid – users expect real-time news/updates and personalisation • There are thousands of apps – consider the impact yours will have, will it stand out from the crowd? • Location based marketing is growing in importance for brands – how can your clients take advantage of this?
  33. 33. Checklist – make sure you do the following • Is mobile part of the current marketing mix – if not, why not? • Identify how your target audience are using mobile devices • Sales funnel • Upper funnel • Mobile used to explore products and/or services • Lower funnel • User needs to act quickly and on the move • Adapt the website to maximise user experience • Make sure your audience can find you • Google sponsored links only show two at the top • Tracking, reporting and testing • Use Google Analytics to get stats on unique visitors, time on site etc. to optimise the mobile user experience and ad campaigns
  34. 34. Contact If you want to find out more, or just have a chat about how you can begin utilising mobile marketing, give us a call or email: Adam Troman Adam.t@dnxmarketing.com 01483 202 949 Dom Young Dominic.y@dnxmarketing.com 01483 202 949