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Beyond User Experience with Keyhole Impact


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Presented on March 7 at FITC Spotlight UX/UI
with Ilona Posner
More info at

User experience defines brands and distinguishes great products from their weaker peers. User experience needs to be at the forefront of every product vision, although, it is becoming clear that user experience is not enough. This session will discuss the larger echo-systems that need to be addressed for design success. The keyhole metaphor will be introduced as a powerful addition to the UX toolbox which can help designers strengthen their conversations with management and to deliver exceptional experiences.


Introduce simple yet powerful concepts that can be applied immediately to enhance design team communication, user research, and overcoming design obstacles to improve the user experience.


Designers, Developers, Product teams, Management


To contextualize UI, UX, and the larger Experience
Limitations of the narrow points of view
Keyhole metaphor for viewing design problems in a new light
How to expand design teams’ perspectives
Case studies of successes and failures to use in design discussions

Published in: Technology
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Beyond User Experience with Keyhole Impact

  1. 1. User Experience Makes & Breaks Brands – How to Make Sure User Experience is Optimal AMEX WIT, March 3, 2015 @ilonaposner Beyond User Experience with KEYHOLE IMPACT Mar 7, 2015 @ilonaposner Keyhole Impact Title Slide
  2. 2. Points of View “A  point  of  view  is  worth  80  points  of  IQ.”                                                                         -­‐  Alan  Kay                                                            
  3. 3. User  Experience  Consultant   Bio Bio ILONA POSNER Industries  EducaBon,  Financial,  Telecom,  Broadcast,  Web,     Mobile,  SoLware,  Hardware,  Healthcare,  TransportaBon   Teaching  U.  of  T.,  OCADU,  CFC,  Professional  Dev’t  Courses   Educa0on  M.Sc.  Computer  Science,  University  of  Toronto  
  4. 4. History of User Experience •  Human Factors & Ergonomics •  Human Computer Interaction •  Usability •  User Experience Experience  Design  
  5. 5. Human     CapaciBes   Technology Growth InformaBon   Devices   ApplicaBons   Input  forms     Features   Time  of  use   Dependence   Interdependence     Sociability   Environment   Technology Impact
  6. 6. Keyhole Impact – Perception Limited Keyhole Impact People  perceive  only  small  porBons  of  available  informaBon.    
  7. 7. Information hRp://­‐bandwidth-­‐for-­‐humans/   Tor  Nørretranders,  The  User  Illusion-­‐Cu0ng  Consciousness  Down  to  Size,  1998  
  8. 8. Information 10,000,000     100,000   30  &  40   0.03%  &  0.0004%     hRp://­‐bandwidth-­‐for-­‐humans/   Tor  Nørretranders,  The  User  Illusion-­‐Cu0ng  Consciousness  Down  to  Size,  1998  
  9. 9. Exformation hRp://­‐bandwidth-­‐for-­‐humans/   Tor  Nørretranders,  The  User  Illusion-­‐Cu0ng  Consciousness  Down  to  Size,  1998  
  10. 10. Keyhole Impact Examples •  Parking meter •  Driver distraction
  11. 11.­‐10-­‐driving-­‐while-­‐texBng-­‐infographics   Keyhole ImpactRules?
  12. 12. ILONA’s Rules of Life
  13. 13. TIME? TIME is precious
  14. 14. Buying Pop with a Cell Phone Japan 2003 15  Steps     35  minutes   2nd  Phone   Cash  Deposit     Bill  Moggridge,  Designing  Interac:ons,  2007  Lecture  at  Stanford          hRps://  0:12:17  –  0:14:43  
  15. 15. BUSY. People are BUSY
  16. 16. Notifications •  Information overload examples •  Excessive notifications •  Alarm fatigue hRp://­‐on-­‐site-­‐noBficaBons  
  17. 17. •  TIME  is  precious    People  don’t  read  online  they  scan  and  click     1.9  seconds    spent  on  a  web  page!  Nielsen,  2004       •   People  are  BUSY  –  ARenBon  boRleneck     •  Audience  drops-­‐off  with  each  click       •  Scent  of  informa0on     holds  users  aRenBon   Design Challenges
  18. 18. YOU? Its not always about YOU
  19. 19. Keyhole Impact – Perception LimitedYou are not the user!
  20. 20. You are not the user!
  21. 21. Mental Models DESIGNERS’ MODELS •  Logical •  Beautiful •  Consistent •  Complete USERS’ MODELS •  Confused •  Haphazard •  Unpredictable •  Limited
  23. 23. Usability Examples •  Long form with “Click Here – to clear the form” •  Medical errors result in many deaths! •  Mother of all Usability Errors – George Bush Palm Springs Ballot!
  24. 24. Usability = Components
  25. 25. User ExperienceUser Experience USER EXPERIENCE USABILITY
  26. 26. User Experience hRp://­‐free-­‐trial-­‐cds-­‐cost-­‐300-­‐million/  
  27. 27. User Experience USER EXPERIENCE Usable   Useful   Desirable   Valuable   Findable   Accessible   Credible  
  28. 28. User Experience •  Find •  Order •  Get •  Unpack •  Install •  Use •  Customize •  Help •  Support •  Upgrade •  More recently SHARE! Includes design of everything that people see, hear & touch!
  29. 29. User Experience = Product
  30. 30. Discover Define DesignDevelop Deploy Human Centered Design Process – 5 D’s
  31. 31. Human Centered Design •  Discover – Problem Space, Users, Business, Tech •  Define – Personas, Journey Maps, Tasks, Opportunities •  Design – Prototypes, Test early & test often •  Develop •  Deploy hRp://  
  32. 32. User Insights COLLECTION •  Ethnography •  Interviews •  Surveys •  Usability studies •  Call center reports •  User forums / Social media •  Weblogs •  Industry reports SHARING •  Personas •  User Scenarios •  Journey Maps •  Experience Map •  Experience Canvas •  User Exposure!
  33. 33. Evaluate Designs  
  35. 35. Experience Map Entice Enter Engage Exit Extend 1.  Conifer  Research,  2002     1     Research Planning Shopping Booking Pre-travel Travel Returning Post-Travel Remembering Reviewing
  36. 36. Experience = Brand iPhone  vs  Zune!  
  37. 37. CHANGE CHANGE is guaranteed
  38. 38. Users Change •  1960’s Scientist in room •  1980’s Office workers •  2010’s Everyone Users’ Mental Models Change •  Learning from interaction •  Expecting interaction hRp://­‐yaFmQNk  
  39. 39. User Exposure hRp://­‐exposure-­‐goals/    Nov  9,  2014   “Observing real user behavior with a live site or an actual design (including a prototype).” Jakob Nielsen, 2014
  40. 40. User Experience In Organizations hRp://­‐experience-­‐domain/    
  41. 41. ILONA’s Rules of Life TIME is precious" People are BUSY" Its not always about YOU" CHANGE is guaranteed"
  42. 42. Ice Cream Sunset “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust
  43. 43. FITC Summit Audience Demonstrates Keyhole Impact
  44. 44. @ilonaposner Thank you! Questions?