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Creating Content that Captivates


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Jason offers an intimate insight into his conceptual process from building a professional studio to working with renowned brands on innovative media installations. By revealing the art of ideation, Jason demonstrates that creating great content drives the success of innovative projects, from captivating title sequences to the most technical projection mapping installations. Within these personal experiences, there have been many successes, as well as failures, and Jason exposes them all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Through these stories, you can learn how to create successful projects for you and your clients.

This presentation will help rekindle your passion for your craft, renew your love for conceptual thought, and inspire you to charge forward into creating the future.

To inspire the creator in you with the empowerment to make amazing projects

Everyone interested in creating content that captivates and stands out from the noise

Five things audience members will learn
How to build a winning ideation process that is simple yet effective
The building blocks for a solid conceptual base to create great content
How to overcome failure and fight back
The importance of a holistic view with each new project
How to successfully carry a project from concept to final execution and live event

Published in: Design
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Creating Content that Captivates

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