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The Power of Play in Experimental Design with Claudia Chagüi De León


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The current design landscape is in flux, a confluence of disciplines, practices, and open collaborations. A response to the never-ending push for something unique, this scenario forces us into never-before-tried situations, a search for impossible solutions seemingly plucked from unchartered territory. Constant design innovation can be challenging and scary, and to succeed, we need the freedom to experiment and play. How do we build that into our design process?

Experimental design — by its nature the creation of new experiences — can get bogged down in technical specs and new devices. But experience, and innovative thinking, aren’t about technology; they’re about acting, making and moving, and constructing and deconstructing. To succeed in inspiration and iteration, we need to establish a figurative playpen — a set of experimentation methods that creates a safe space where ideas can grow and be tested. Play is at the core of enjoyable experiences, and central to the process of experimental design. Looking outside prescribed parameters helps get things done; but discovering what’s doable is the beginning. Making it enjoyable brings clarity to you, your client, and most importantly, those who interact with your product.

Explore the creative method behind experimental design and why play and an open-ended process are key to achieving definitive results.

Target Audience

Designers, developers, business minds. Anyone who would like an inside look into the experimental design process.

Five things audience members will learn

The connection between experimentation and design
How to build your own figurative playpen
How to trust your intuition
How to create order from chaos, and distill clarity and simplicity from complexity
How incorporating experience from different disciplines can push your work forward

Published in: Design
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The Power of Play in Experimental Design with Claudia Chagüi De León

  1. 1. hello. @cchagui
  2. 2. josef Albers
  3. 3. “ Ah, the creative process is the same secret in science as it is in art. They are all the same absolutely. ” Joseph Albers
  4. 4. eadweard muybridge
  5. 5. Play is not random or AIMLESS
  6. 6. JOY
  8. 8. AWE
  10. 10. “ Rather than being a luxury, emotions are a very intelligent way of driving an organism toward certain outcomes. ” Antonio Demasio.
  11. 11. “there is no such thing as abstract art. One always has to begin with something. And then one can remove all traces of what is real.” pablo picasso.
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  13. 13. Great brands inspire you to do something that is greater than their commercial obligations.
  14. 14. Make your audience part of the process.
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