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Goofy, Goodfellas and a Gardener: The Masters of Experience Design.


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Goofy, Goodfellas and a Gardener: The Masters of Experience Design.
with Anthony Vitagliano


I’ve found that our best work, the experiences that move and stay with people, do two things: they blend the virtual and the actual, creating a kind of digital-physical alloy that people can interact with in profoundly surprising and intuitive ways; and they stay true to a set of bedrock principles, as old as storytelling. These principles have been set by the masters before us—a magician with boundless imagination, a filmmaker with fantastic eyebrows and an old man who yelled at people to get “ON” his lawn. I will explore the connection between these design heroes and the playful way Digital Kitchen interprets their philosophies. I might also explain why I have a slight obsession with revolving doors.


Experience designers.


How 19th century landscape architecture has influenced the digital landscapes of today
How a good storyteller always knows what to say, and what to leave unsaid
How feeling is more powerful than process

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Goofy, Goodfellas and a Gardener: The Masters of Experience Design.

  1. 1. Hello.
  2. 2. Landmarks
  3. 3. Art
  4. 4. * It’s Called Cloud Gate *
  5. 5. It’s Called Cloud Gate
  6. 6. Experience DesignExperience Design
  7. 7. Often surprised by the outcome.
  8. 8. OGsThe
  9. 9. GBrought to you by the letter
  10. 10. Damn, it feels good to be a Gangsta.
  11. 11. Walt Disney
  12. 12. Magic
  13. 13. Two Scales of Magic
  14. 14. Spectacle Personal &
  15. 15. Get the _____ out of my house.
  16. 16. Magic on a massive scale requires an abundance of microscopic detail.
  17. 17. Imagineers are the Wizards of Ooos and Ahhhs.
  18. 18. Imagine + Engineer there is a reason why this comes first
  19. 19. Tada! times 20,000
  20. 20. Under the Hood
  21. 21. Not the same Ariel. The wizard of oh no.
  22. 22. If you listen to the guest absolutely, positively– you can create magic.
  23. 23. When magic is personalized to you, it’s priceless.
  24. 24. This is Al. His real name is Aladdin And yes, he is magical.
  25. 25. All magic requires a magician. So put on that hat and play.
  26. 26. G
  27. 27. Put the gun down, Karen.
  28. 28. Martin Scorsese
  29. 29. Thelma Schoonmaker, Martin Scorsese's editor for the last 44 years, doesn't read the script before she edits one of Martin Scorsese's movies. This is done so she will have “a cold and objective point of view.” She has edited every one of Scorsese's movies since "Raging Bull."
  30. 30. So long continuity.
  31. 31. So long continuity.
  32. 32. Hello, what feels right. have a little faith
  33. 33. Follicles of Feelings I’m growing mine out to test the theory.
  34. 34. A story is born here.
  35. 35. From Narrative to Napkins
  36. 36. 1920 meets 2019
  37. 37. Good feelings come in threes. Batteries Not Included Chocolate Covered Marshmallows Glenmores Dancing Shoes Hot Expectations Fiasco Midnight April Moon Skippers Cool Rainbo When Lightning Strikes Zippo Pine Shine
  38. 38. Rose. Rabbit. Lie.
  39. 39. Say hello to Mollie Gingerhorn. She will be leading the club’s artistic transformation over the next several months.If you’d like must wear gloves at all time ev n e s Billionaire playboy philanthropist, Nicholas bomas, tied the knot at be Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas this past Sunday. be former most-eligible-bachelor has given his heart to a lucky lady by the name of Rose. Sorry he’s Ladies take n A note us Desert WHERE WE ARE NOW HELLO GIRL IE RABBIT from RA BI T B R O S E Welcome to the rebirth of the social club. Where guests, space and evening all conspire together. Equal parts restaurant, bar, nightclub and show. Every evening is its own unique, communal, spontaneous experience.Welcome to Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at the Cosmopolitan of LasVegas. CREATURES ON DISPLAY IN LAS VEGAS A tip fromThe Cosmopolitan of LasVegas guide to etiquette: Never accept candy from strangers . Always acc ept drinks from a gentleman. SOCIAL ETIQUETTE
  40. 40. The Feels > The Rules
  41. 41. G
  42. 42. Gardener
  43. 43. Gardener
  44. 44. Get ON my lawn! -Frederick Law Olmsted
  45. 45. Genius of Place
  46. 46. Like a great storyteller, visitors are led without realizing they’re being led.
  47. 47. Unconscious Influence
  48. 48. Symptoms of Unconscious Influenza A feeling of joy A willingness to share your story Enhanced muscle use This is an elbow Lack of butterflies Relaxed breath
  49. 49. Magical Detail Feeling. Trumps. Rules. Unconscious Influence
  50. 50. Theophilus Van Kannel
  51. 51. He knew what he was doing all along.
  52. 52. G is for Genius @a_vitagliano Thanks.