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Top Trends Guiding Tech Use in Your Career Practice


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Keynote session at the Georgia Career Development Association's 2017 Mini-Conference: Linking Technology to Career Development

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Top Trends Guiding Tech Use in Your Career Practice

  1. 1. Top Trends Guiding Tech Use in Your Career Practice Dr. Melissa A. Venable Dr. Debra S. Osborn @TechnologyTwins GCDA 2017
  2. 2. In this session: • Identify current trends technology + career counseling settings • Discover devices and applications driving the future of technology + career development • Prepare to make decisions about the use of tech-driven tools in your work
  3. 3. What is Career Counseling? The process of assisting individuals in the development of a life-career with focus on the definition of the worker role and how that role interacts with other life roles. (NCDA)
  4. 4. What do we do? Help clients … • Learn more about themselves • Gain educatioal and occupational information • Learn about decision making and career planning • Conduct a job search • Apply to graduate/professional schools and training programs • Cope with career challenges and transition issues (NCDA)
  6. 6. Top Tech Trends Mobile Tech
  7. 7. Mobile Tech Examples
  8. 8. Implications • Constant connection-any time, anywhere, always on – Clients connecting to you – You connecting to clients (e.g., live streaming) – Need to be nimble (responsivity to alerts, notifications, in the moment) • App-ortunity • Remote learning (e.g., youtube channels) • Need to integrate into overall service delivery plan
  9. 9. Top Tech Trends Data Visualization & Digital Graphics
  10. 10. ( (Andrew Cunning/
  11. 11. A few examples… Want to build your own? NCDA in Orlando:
  12. 12. Implications • Reporting data with graphs, charts, etc. • Using digital graphics tools, e.g. infographics –, Piktochart, Canva, Venngage, Dipity, Wordle, Infogram, Visme… • Creating visually interesting content for center/office websites, outreach materials • Helping clients do the same
  13. 13. Future Tech Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science
  14. 14. Eliza
  15. 15. Ellie
  16. 16. Implications • Changing counselor roles: – Initial contact w/clients to assess and coordinate a plan for services and interaction – Refer to automated resources and “computerized counselors” – Work with programmers to design and develop smarter, more intuitive systems – Assess and evaluate effectiveness of AI systems – Provide guidance and standards related to ethics use of these systems (Counseling Today, ACA) (
  17. 17. Top Tech Trends Chatbots
  18. 18. Turn Your Resume Into a Bot
  19. 19. Implications • Software applications that interact with people through text chat – After-hours access to assistance – Job application process – Recruiting • Still a ways to go • Wide range of data science and user interface – tech career paths
  20. 20. Top Tech Trends Digital Literacy
  21. 21. Implications • Need for a Continuous Learning Approach • Counselors and Career Offices – So many options! Applications, devices, etc. – Narrowing the field and making appropriate selections for use with your audience • Students and Clients – Skills required beyond social media, in courses, job search, professional communication
  22. 22. Career Information Literacy • Recognize that career information is needed, followed by the capacity to locate, evaluate, and effectively use the information. • Evaluating - a core element of digital literacy. Involves capacity to: – Understand the nature of career information online, – Analyze the origins of the career information, and – Consider the usefulness of the career information • We have a responsibility to teach individuals and clients to be critical consumers of all information.
  23. 23. Top Tech Trends Data Analysis
  24. 24. Implications • Building skills in data collection, analysis, and reporting – discover patterns – Making informed decisions making about websites, career courses, services – Personalizing learning and working environments – Sharing your data/trends with different audiences • Interpreting reports, national trends (e.g., BLS, Gartner’s)
  25. 25. Top Tech Trends Microlearning
  26. 26. Implications • “Just-in-time” training delivered in small burst (5-10 minute) rich media formats and multiple platforms – Potential for career services – Continued learning and workplace training uses – Use of scenarios, case studies, assessments, flashcards, podcasts, games… – Converting existing long-form resources into multi-piece, standalone resources
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Top Tech Trends Workplace Automation
  29. 29. Implications • Evolving workplace – remote, telecommuting opportunities – Increased usage of tech across industries • Skills/Knowledge gap – preparing clients for changing needs of employers • Technostress – “our reaction to technology and how we are changing due to its influence” (Weil & Rosen) – Impact on job security, multitasking, career progression and decision-making – Anxiety related to omnipresence of tech
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Top Tech Trends Cybersecurity
  32. 32. Implications • Confidentiality & Privacy Concerns – Data collection, storage, sharing? – Use/recommend apps with privacy protections • Client Verification • Social media policy • Records/Documentation – Creating, maintaining, storing, disposing • Licensure considerations: – Some insurance companies consider apps as telemental health. – Most consider counseling as occurring in the state where the client resides. (Know the law).
  33. 33. Implications (cont.) – How to lock mobile device, Computer/laptop – How to erase/lock/find device if lost or stolen – How to handle requests from apps for permissions to share information, access private information, etc. • Keep up with … updates! – Software, apps, operating systems
  34. 34. Top Tech Trends Social Media
  35. 35. Implications • Who’s using what? • What’s hot, what’s not? • What do I want to share? • Where do I spend my time? • Why am I connecting? • How often do I want to post/tweet/share? • How will I know if it’s worth it?
  37. 37. Future Tech Wearable Tech
  38. 38. Implications • Reaching clients-reminders, announcements • Interacting during events (workshops, job fairs) • It’s mobile, but more – Synching – Always-on connection – Monitoring, data collection, feedback – Smaller size – In direct physical contact with you (not just in your pocket or bag) ”Today, 65% of American adults own a smartphone, but less than 2% own a wearable.” –
  39. 39. Future Tech Virtual and Augmented Reality
  40. 40. Public Speaking Anxiety
  41. 41. Implications m/2016/10/09/virtual- reality-interview/
  42. 42. Virtual Job Search Interview for Google Hardware
  43. 43. Future Tech Holograms, Virtual Robots and More
  44. 44. Virtual Home Robot
  45. 45. Pepper’s Ghost
  46. 46. Hololens (Microsoft)
  47. 47. Implications • Distance counseling opportunities • You to them, or they come to you – clients, guest speakers… • Mock interviews/practice • Emerging career fields and technology skill sets • Teaching and learning potential
  49. 49. Tech Decisions Make the Theory-to-Tech Connection Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) Theory
  50. 50. Tech Decisions Be Aware of Ethical Considerations • Appropriateness • Cost • Learning curve • Confidentiality/Privacy • Client buy-in • Counselor competence • Integrate into counseling process
  51. 51. Tech Decisions Stay Current Through Collaboration Find your tech twin(s)! Tweeps: @TechnologyTwins @counselingtech @CareerTechForum @dsosborn @Melissa_Venable @PeterCarey Also: Google Alerts Newsletters - Lumina Foundation - EdSurge
  52. 52. Tech Decisions Keep Learning and Networking
  53. 53. (
  54. 54. Tech Decisions Take a Tech Break
  55. 55. Thank you! Top Trends Guiding Tech Use in Your Career Practice Dr. Debra S. Osborn Dr. Melissa A. Venable - @TechnologyTwins GCDA 2017