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Relative clause from scratch


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Relative clause from scratch

  2. 2. A SIMPLE SENTENCE Look at this sentence Malee has a kitten. It’s a regular simple sentence
  3. 3. MODIFIER What if you want to put additional information to “Malee”? Normally, you use an adjective to modify a noun The lovely Malee has a kitten.
  4. 4. MODIFIER What adjective is not enough? For example, you want to mention that Malee lives next door to you Can you find an adjective to describe that? [I guess not]
  5. 5. RELATIVE CLAUSE That’s when a relative clause comes in handy A relative clause is used to modify a noun Let’s go back to our lovely Malee I want to mention that Malee lives next door to me [= she is my neighbor] I want to put that piece of information in the same sentence
  6. 6. RELATIVE CLAUSE Malee has a kitten. The lovely Malee has a kitten. The lovely Malee has a kitten. ,who lives next door to me,
  7. 7. FROM SIMPLE TO COMPLEX SENTENCE Here, you put additional piece of information to the same sentence The lovely Malee has a kitten. That clause in the pink bubble is called RELATIVE CLAUSE ,who lives next door to me,
  8. 8. HOW TO Now that you know what a relative clause is for Let’ study its composition To write a correct & complete relative clause, you need A relative pronoun who, whom,that, which, when, where A clause or a predicate
  9. 9. RELATIVE PRONOUN WHO Is used when you need a subject in the relative clause Malee has a kitten. [main clause] Malee lives next door to me. [you want to add this information] You change the 2nd sentence into a relative clause by substituting Malee with “WHO”
  10. 10. WHO Malee, who lives next door to me, has a kitten. Relative clause
  11. 11. WHICH Look at these 2 simple sentences Charming can understand human language. [main clause] Charming is friendly, smart, and cuddly. [you want to add this piece of information about Charming]
  12. 12. WHICH To change the 2nd sentence into a relative clause, use WHICH because Charming is a kitten, not human Charming, which is friendly, smart, and cuddly, can understand human language.
  13. 13. WHOSE Is used to express possession of the noun it modifies and an item
  14. 14. WHOSE Kitty loves Daniel.[main clause] Kitty’s kitten understands human language.[add more information about Kitty] Kitty, whose kitten understands human language, loves Daniel.
  15. 15. ADJACENT A relative clause must be placed right after the noun it modifies Charming is a member of Sanrio Club, which is a cat. >>wrong Charming is a member of Sanrio Club, which helps promote goodwill around the world. >>correct
  17. 17. DEFINING RELATIVE CLAUSE Give essential information about a noun it modifies A botanist is a scientist who studies plants. Use an identifying relative clause in definitions Environmentalists are people who care about the environment.
  18. 18. NON-DEFINING RELATIVE CLAUSE Give extra information about a noun. The information is not essential. Messi, who scored a hat trick against Real Madrid, received the Best Player award. Separate the clause between commas