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Eu unit 12


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Eu unit 12

  1. 1. Alternatives Unit 12
  2. 2. Vocabulary•Placebo - substance patients take to feel better as they believe to be treated by medicine•Homeopathy - treatment using natural substance•Side-effect - reaction caused by drugs, other than the main effect
  3. 3. •Remedy - something to make you better when you are ill, cure •The best remedy for stress is letting go.•Treatment - something you try to do to cure illness or injury •Does your health insurance cover this kind of treatment?
  4. 4. •Access - right, opportunity to use or see something •Patients have access to their own records.•Potentially - possibly•Rule out - to decide that something will not happen or someone is not suitable•Tried and tested - used many times before and proved to be successful
  5. 5. •Acupuncture - a way of treating pain or illness by putting thin needles into different parts of body •Acupuncture doesn’t cause any pain for the needles are thin.•Antibiotic - a medicine that cures infections by destroying harmful bacteria•Hypnosis - a mental state like sleep which can be easily influenced by other people
  6. 6. •Massage - applying pressure onto the muscles•Painkiller - a drug that reduces pain•Physiotherapy - treatment for injury in which you practice moving parts of your body•Surgery - a procedure where a doctor cut open a part of body to remove or treat an illness•Vaccination - substance is put into the system to prevent or treat diseases
  7. 7. •Health insurance - medical care is paid by an insurance company•Free of charge - costing nothing•Check-up - a general medical examination to see if you are healthy•Entitled to - to have the right to•Discuss something openly - to talk about something in a direct & open way
  8. 8. •Constantly - all the time or often•Publicly - openly, with people as witness •I’d like to see homeopaths debating publicly with their critics•Reasonably - in a fair way, showing judgment•Thoroughly - very carefully
  9. 9. •Consideration - thinking about something very carefully•Scientific basis - showing true existence according to science•Symptom - physical reaction to show that you have an illness•Worthless - without any merit, value