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321 unit 15 performance


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321 unit 15 performance

  1. 1. Unit 15Performance
  2. 2. Very good tips from text•Key elements of delivering good presentation •Preparation •Practice•Use media as support - not script•Put only keywords and diagrams•Speak clearly & appear confident
  3. 3. How to•Think about the audience •Put yourself in their shoes •What they will be interesting in hearing •Don’t assume knowledge •Bring everyone up to speed •If terminology is used, explain it clearly
  4. 4. •Have clear structure •Explain points of presentation (agenda) •Strong beginning and ending•Visual aids •Make sure it helps, not hinder •Keep it simple •Match slides to the words
  5. 5. What else..•Good eye contact•Accurate language (grammar, vocabulary)•Clear delivery and pronunciation•Practice & preparation (rehearsal)
  6. 6. Appraisal 68•The speaker introduces the topic but not very clearly.•Very few helpful phrases are used and the content isn’t organized.•The presentation isn’t convincing because the speaker pauses and seems very uncertain.
  7. 7. Appraisal 69•The second speaker gives the introduction very clearly, and uses useful expressions; for example, •I will be talking about -- •Are there any questions?•The presentation is also fairly convincing because the speaker tells the audience the benefits of the product
  8. 8. Strong introductionAudience knows where the presentation is going Logical & organized - why their product is better Smooth ending
  9. 9. Employee of the month scheme•What does the passage talk about?•What business is Elmgrove in?•What are the qualities of the nominees?•Why do they come up with this scheme?
  10. 10. Appraising performance •I found it difficult when I first came to work here. •Likes: being given a job and getting on with it •Dislikes: meeting •Working on being a team player
  11. 11. Student of the month•What should attributes of student of the class be? Please explain.•What is s/he supposed to do to be nominated as student of the month?
  12. 12. Vocabulary•Bottom line - the most important consideration•Initiative - willingness to try new things, to start things on one’s own •To initiate•Not in so many words - not the exact words•Keep up the good work
  13. 13. Vocabulary•Read too much into (what he said) - analyze or add meaning too much than it is intended•On the line - to be at risk•Overreact - show too much emotion or reaction than necessary or appropriate•Constructive criticism - appraisal intended to help or improve something