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El172 grammar u1 2


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Grammar Review from Unit 1-2

Published in: Education
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El172 grammar u1 2

  1. 1. Grammar Review Unit 1 - 2
  2. 2. PHRASES •Group of words •Sing [1 word] •Singing in the rain •NOT a complete sentence
  3. 3. ADD SOME WORDS TO FORM A PHRASE Cat - a cat on a hot tin roof Bookstore - bookstore around the corner Candies - a bag of delicious pink candies
  4. 4. CLAUSES [DETAILS IN COMPLEX SENTENCE] •Subject + verb •Two [2] types •Main [Independent] clause •Can stand alone •Subordinate clause •FRAGMENT if stands alone
  5. 5. SENTENCES •Simple sentence •Compound sentence •Complex sentence
  6. 6. SIMPLE SENTENCE •Minimum of a subject & a verb •Independent clause = can stand alone •A cat sat on a mat •The cat was sleeping
  7. 7. COMPOUND SENTENCE •Two [2] simple sentences joined together with •Coordinating conjunction •FANBOYS •Comma [,] between clauses
  8. 8. EXAMPLE •Odie is about to have a hotdog, and Garfield is standing behind him.
  9. 9. COORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS •For - because || Yet - but •I will love the light, for it shows me the way, yet I will love the darkness because it shows me the stars. •Nor - and [in negative] •A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor is a man perfect without trials.
  10. 10. COMPLEX SENTENCE •Main clause & subordinate clause •Main clause can stand alone •Subordinate clause CANNOT
  11. 11. EXAMPLE •I don’t like to go out when it rains. •I don’t like to go out - main clause as it makes sense when standing alone •when it rains - subordinate clause since it causes FRAGMENT when standing alone
  12. 12. SUBORDINATE CLAUSES •Adverb clause •Relative clause •Noun clause
  13. 13. ADVERB CLAUSE •Used as modifier to the main clause •Time: before, after, when •Condition: if, unless, provided that •Reason: because, as, since •Concession: although
  14. 14. EXAMPLE •Although time seems to fly, it never travels faster than one day at a time. -- Steve Malabori •I will search for you through a thousand worlds and ten thousand lifetimes until I find you. -- 47 Ronin
  15. 15. RELATIVE CLAUSE •Function as an adjective to the noun that precedes •The company is hiring a new programmer who has experience in Java program. •The girl whose cat is missing is very sad.
  16. 16. RELATIVE PRONOUN •Who/whom •Which •Where •When •Why •That
  17. 17. NOUN CLAUSE •Function as a noun in a sentence •Do you know where we are? •I can’t believe that you are so mean. •What she said is totally wrong.
  18. 18. COMPOUND-COMPLEX SENTENCE •2+ independent clauses AND •1+ dependent clause[s] •While Jane is waiting for her friend, Jill, who is always late, she has a good time watching people walking by, and she quite likes this time to herself.