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321 final speaking test


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321 final speaking test

  1. 1. Final Speaking Test specifications
  2. 2. Topic: Innovation Present a product of innovation to the class Existing, real product Imaginative
  3. 3. What to present Give description of the said innovation Background - how it came about What it does, what it’s made of, how it’s produced ...
  4. 4. Be strategic/analytical Pick one of the following topics How do you promote the product to become popular with mass market/ target group? How would the world be better off with this innovation? What benefits does it offer to the society/community?
  5. 5. Specification 15 points Individual work - a little help from a friend is okay Duration: 3-5 minutes Presentation dates 19th & 21st February
  6. 6. Criteria Content [5] In-depth product knowledge Easy to follow slides with proper use of visual aids Paraphrase Give credit where credit is due
  7. 7. Criteria Language [5] Apply relevant expressions from the lesson Correct grammar & pronunciation Delivery [5] No reading allowed Visual aids Eye contact
  8. 8. Have Fun :)