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321 unit 12 innovation

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321 unit 12 innovation

  1. 1. Unit 12 Innovation
  2. 2. INNOVATION•Breakthrough - •(collins) a clear major discovery & typical example of•Novel (adj) something Novelty (n)•Paradigm •Paradigm shift - change/ replacement of •(mw) a theory previous notion of how something should be done
  3. 3. VOCABULARY•Brainchild - •Obstacle - (mw) a product hindrance, of one’s impediment, creative effort stumbling block•Facilitate - help bring •Hiccup - about, make it small problem easier to happen
  4. 4. FOOD FOR THOUGHT1.Concept 7.Come up with concept2.Brainchild 8.Obstacle3.Innovative 9.Prototype4.A ha moment5.Facilitator6.Catalyst
  5. 5. EXERCISE 4•How can I get a new job?•How can I find someone to invest in my prototype?•How can I start my own catering business?
  6. 6. EXERCISE 5•First of all, let’s look at the slide.•As you can see, it has a number of words that describe our company.•You’ll notice that some words are in blue and some are in red.
  7. 7. EXERCISE 7•That’s everything I want to say for the moment•Thank you all for listening•The main reason for this meeting is•Are there any questions?•We think it’s a good idea because --
  8. 8. PRACTICALLY SPEAKING•Sorry, I couldn’t hear you. [ask for the question again]•Yes, I know what you mean, but [understand the opinion but disagree]•Good question [compliment the question]
  9. 9. PRACTICALLY SPEAKING•Sorry, I don’t think I follow you [say you don’t understand the question]•I totally agree with you [understand their opinion]•Can I get back to you on that one? [explain that you will answer the person later]
  11. 11. Be Organized•Welcome the audience•Agenda•Body•Closing / questions
  12. 12. To begin•Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming along here today•I’ve invited you here today to have a look at ...•I’d be very happy to invite you to ask questions at the end of the session
  13. 13. To begin•Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for finding the time to come and join me for this presentation this afternoon. My name is ---, I‘m a ---
  14. 14. Giving ! A"nda•The purpose of today’s presentation is to [V1]•First, I’d like to take a look at -- / talk about --•I’d like to begin with ---•Next•Finally, At the end
  15. 15. Body•If you look at this first graph/slide, --- [add another clause here]•Now let’s take a look at ---•This innovation is the greatest invention of our time•It illustrates ---
  16. 16. Closing•That brings me to the end of my presentation•Are there any questions?•That’s a very good question (acknowledging a question)•Thank you for your time
  17. 17. Signpo#ing•Beginning - The subject of my talk is ---•Agenda - I’ll like to begin by ---•Body - I’ll like to elaborate on ---•Closing - Thanks for listening
  18. 18. Langua" Used •Superlative •To convey the idea that your innovation is of superb quality, state-of- the art
  19. 19. Example•Perform at their very best•The lightest•The fastest•The most technologically advanced•Reengineer
  20. 20. Learn from ! expe$s•Mannerism - confident, no reading, eye contact, know material by heart•Visual aids - easy to understand•Language - distinct, superlative

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