Eu future tense


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Eu future tense

  1. 1. Future Perfect & Progressive
  2. 2. Is it correct? Day Activities I don’t will reading Harry Next Monday Potter. Will playing volleyball atNext Wednesday the beach at 9 a.m.? I will watching a movie Next Friday Next Friday.
  3. 3. Correction• I don’t will reading Harry Potter.•I won’t be reading Harry Potter.•Will playing volleyball at the beach at 9 a.m.?•Will you be playing volleyball at the beach at 9 a.m.?• I will watching a movie Next Friday.•I will be watching a movie Next Friday.
  4. 4. What will you be doing• on Valentine’s Day?•on Chinese New Year?•exam? the English final after•semester? day of the on the last•during summer?
  5. 5. Future Progressive
  6. 6. Future Progressive•Signifies something that will be in progress at a particular time in the future • Next semester, I will be studying at Hogwarts.• Usually mention the future time. •nightly news. At 8 p.m., I will be watching the
  7. 7. Future Progressive•At midnight next New Year’s Eve, I willbe standing on a tower.•This time next week, I will be takingthe exam.•Tonight, I will be studying in thelibrary.
  8. 8. Future ProgressiveWill be + Ving•Affirmative sentence • I will be studying in the library at 6 p.m.•Interrogative sentence • Will Jane be studying with you?•Negative sentence • No, Jane will not be studying with me.
  9. 9. Future Perfect
  10. 10. Future Perfect•Signifies something that will finish at aparticular time in the future• In the next four years, I will have graduated from Hogwarts.•‘BY’ is often used •By the time you arrive, the party will have ended.•*use present tense in time clause*
  11. 11. Future Perfect•Next Monday, I will have studied herefor a year.•The car is running low on fuel. By thetime we reach a tollway, we will haverun out of gasoline.•By the end of the century, oil will havedepleted.
  12. 12. Future PerfectWill have + past participle•Affirmative sentence • I will have done with my work by 6 p.m.•Interrogative sentence • Will Jane have done with her work too?•Negative sentence • No, Jane will not have done by 6 p.m .
  13. 13. Difference in time •studying at Next semester, I will •IInwill have graduated the next four years, from Hogwarts. I will be studying Next 4 yearsNow Next semester I will have graduated
  14. 14. Future Perfect VS. Simple•When mom gets home, I will clean thehouse.• The sentence doesn’t say when it will be done. It merely expresses intention.•When mom gets home, I will have cleanedthe house.• The house will be spotless when mom arrives.