Technology in the CTE Classroom


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AZ FACS Ed Winter Conference Presentation

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  • Additional Video Clip Options for Introduction:
  • 5. Pass or Play teacher poses a question and gives wait time teacher calls on a student and asks them “ pass or play? ” student says “ play ” if they wish to answer the question or “ pass to__________ ” if they want to pass to a specific classmate teacher provides feedback
  • Show Prezi- What’s On Your Plate- How can this be reused?
  • Show Prezi- What’s On Your Plate at conference
  • provides resources for teacher’s to create lessons, posters, worksheets or even a class page! You can then set up classes and assign projects to your students. Draw a picture, design a t-shirt, bumper sticker or create a logo teacher instructs students to create a picture to summarize information, a demonstration that has been given, etc. teacher may have students share or may collect the products
  • Q and A
  • A-B Partner Teach partner A turn to partner B tell or teach your partner the two most important things you have learned so far about... switch roles and repeat the process teacher calls on non-volunteers
  • Technology in the CTE Classroom

    1. 1. Technology in CTE
    2. 2. • The Workforce isChanging Rapidly… How WillThis Impact How You PrepareStudents?
    3. 3. Bellwork: Think-Pair-Share What are the besttechnology resources thatyou use in the classroom?Please write the responsesfrom your table on a piece of paper and rank your favorites, numbering 1-? (These will be compiled and sent out to FACS Ed members next week)
    4. 4. . PLAY! OR Pass… Share your partner’s response to the bellwork (Be sure to introduce yourself and your partner) 5
    5. 5. •Your first “LiveBinder” •“Live Binder It” tab for your browser! •Sample Live Binders: •Common Core :LiveBinders
    6. 6.
    7. 7.•Recycle Power Points!!!!•
    8. 8. Create Videos to PromoteProgram or Introduce New Units of Study!
    9. 9.• Knife Cuts• (Contains Video)
    10. 10. • Online Cooking School• Excellent for making up missed labs!• Prepares students for end-of-program assessments• Link to Rouxbe:• Replace short demos w/out setup and costsRouxbe
    11. 11. Exploring Online Sites: 03/04/13
    12. 12. Tips for using the Online Scavenger Hunt or Webquest:• Reserve C.O.W. or computer lab.• Check to make sure the websites are not blocked when logged in as a student• Check with your technology department and administrators. Be prepared and have a backup for issues such as- slow or no internet connection, broken computer, etc.• Set up rules, guidelines, and expectations prior to computer lab day.
    13. 13. ••• 52062293159703/ChooseMyPlate_WebQuest_2011.pdf• Note: This webquest could be used as an alternative for some accommodationsSample Webquests
    14. 14. Glogster Choose a country to research.2. Create a glog of the cuisine that is typical to your country..3. Use a food image to represent each item.4. Link each food image to the corresponding recipe online.5. Create a menu of a typical diet. Include additional information as to when the food is eaten, etiquette, etc.6. Example Project: Prepare a sample dish for the class and serve the food in the same manner as to how it would be served in it’s homeland.8. Be prepared to share your glogster with the class and explain your research.
    15. 15.! Share ideas that matter…
    16. 16. How Do You Know that They Know? Managing and Monitoring Student Learning There are many online resources for assessing student learning.The following slides will provide some ideas that you may choose to use in teaching any given unit.
    17. 17. DRAW, DESIGN, CREATE Draw a picture, create a logo, and Create a poster Design your poster to summarize using the link above, the information learned in this publisher or another unit. online source!
    18. 18. Sample Projects
    19. 19.
    20. 20. Terminology: Have Students Create a “Word Cloud” using
    21. 21. • Flickr Word Clouds
    22. 22. • a GraphicOrganizer for the unit:
    23. 23. Use to Create a Diagram forHealthy Eating, or any other related content!
    24. 24. Reviewing for End-of-Program Assessments with Students:
    25. 25. Review with flashcards on Quizlet:
    26. 26. Choose one of the resources shared today and explorehow you can incorporate it in your classroom.
    27. 27. Questions?
    28. 28. Partner up! Tell or teach each other thetwo most important things you have learned so far about incorporating technology in the FACS Ed classroom. Switch roles and repeat the process. 28
    29. 29. • At our next professional development: • Bring in samples of student work or a lesson you developed that Incorporates a resource from today or another technology resource. • Be prepared to share the outcomes.Follow Up…