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Eu unit 14


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Unit 14

Published in: Education
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Eu unit 14

  1. 1. Unit 14
  2. 2. What’s the main idea? •It’s like a contact lens but tiny lasers project a picture onto your retina. The picture will be included in your normal retina. •Electronic circuits will be printed on your skin. When combined with active contact lenses, you can touch your skin to access the internet or call a friend and see them in the lens.
  3. 3. •It looks like jewellery but will connect and dial someone when you say a word because of voice recognition. •Solar panels covering 10% of the Sahara desert could supply energy to the rest of Africa and the world using superconducting cables.
  4. 4. •Self-driving cars would run on electrified rails all over the country. You’ll tell the car where to go and relax while it gets on the rails, then off the rails and drives you to your destination. •Probes would collect signals from your brain, put them in a brain model, speed up the thought processes, then put them back into your brain - making you super-intelligent.
  5. 5. Reflection •In your opinion, which invention will benefit/elevate the society? •Why? How? Please elaborate your answer
  6. 6. Vocabulary
  7. 7. Changes •Apply - to request something by writing •To apply for a job •Appreciate - to feel grateful for something •We very much appreciate the effort you made •Attribute - a quality or characteristic that someone has •What skills or attributes are required for this work?
  8. 8. •Basis - a situation, fact, or idea from which something can develop •I tend to respond to things on a day-to-day basis. •Candidate - one of people taking part in an election or trying to get a job •It’s difficult to choose a candidate in this upcoming election.
  9. 9. •Circumstances - facts or events that makes a situation the way it is •I usually react to circumstances spontaneously. •Contact - to communicate with someone •We’ll contact you if a suitable vacancy arises in the future. •Contribution - something that you do to help produce or to develop something, to make it successful
  10. 10. •Gratitude - the feeling or quality of being grateful •We would like to express our gratitude for the effort you made. •Internship - time spent to do a job to be qualified to do it •New graduates should have some internship experience.
  11. 11. •Note - things you write down to remember •I have made a note of your telephone number. •Reference - a letter written to tell whether you are qualified for a job •CVs usually include an objective, experiences, and references. •Spontaneously - sudden, and not planned •We need to adapt to situations and respond to things spontaneously.
  12. 12. Preposition
  13. 13. Same or Different? •In 2020 means exactly in that year; by 2020 means no later than 2020. •Same- in five years (’ time) •In a few years mean after a few years; within a few years means sometime during the next few years. (check out http:// vs-with-in-vs-in/ for more examples)