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W unit 4


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Published in: Sports, Education
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W unit 4

  1. 1. DescriptiveParagraphHow to describe aperson
  2. 2. DESCRIBING A PERSON1.What you think of this person2.Who the person is, what s/he does3.What s/he is like [personality, characteristics]4.What s/he has done and how it makes other people feel5.How you feel about this person
  3. 3. The person whom I admire greatly is Blair. She is a businesswoman. She runs her own online store. Not only is she business-savvy, she is also kind and generous. In her free time, she volunteers to help homeless people. They are grateful to her. When I grow up, I want to becompetent and generous like her.
  4. 4. GET ORGANIZED - TOPIC SENTENCE✤ When writing about someone, you should have a reason why you want to talk about that person ✤ good Samaritan, philanthropist, selfless, generous ... ✤ Then, you can begin your topic sentence ✤ Blair is the most dedicated and generous person I have ever known.
  5. 5. GET ORGANIZED - SUPPORTING SENTENCES✤ Mention the person’s background ✤ Who s/he is, what s/he does✤ Describe what the person is like [NOT what the person looks like] ✤ Generous, talented ... ✤ Support by actions [what the person has done to be regarded as generous]
  6. 6. GET ORGANIZED - SUPPORTING SENTENCES +CONCLUDING SENTENCE ✤ What do people think of that person? ✤ His fans respect him because he works very hard.✤ CONCLUDING SENTENCE ✤ How do you feel about the person you describe? ✤ I will work hard to become successful like him.
  7. 7. CONCLUDING SENTENCE✤ Restate the topic sentence in a different word choice✤ Summarize the main idea✤ Make a prediction✤ Give advice ✤ Be careful NOT to start a new idea
  8. 8. Casillas is arguably the most talented goalkeeper nowadays. He is Real Madrid and national team captain.Casillas is not only a talented player but also a fantastic leader. He helped the Spanish national teamwin their first European Championship in 44 years. His fans respect him because he is avery hard worker on the field and on the training ground. RM and Spain are lucky to have him in the team.
  9. 9. LANGUAGE FOCUS: CAPITALIZATION✤ Use a capital letter ✤ Language or Nationality ✤ at the beginning of a sentence ✤ Country, city ✤ Title ✤ Proper noun ✤ Day, month
  10. 10. LANGUAGE FOCUS: CAPITALIZATIONa. Iker, whose full name is Iker Casillas Fernandez, was born on May 20, 1981.b. His father, who worked for the Ministry of Education, and his mother, a hairdresser, both moved from the town of Avila to Madrid.c. Iker is also known for his work with the children’s charity organization known as Plan.d. In 2009, Iker traveled with Plan to Mali, where he sponsors a child named Bourama.e. After the Spanish Team won the World Cup in 2010, children from Peru, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Senegal sent videos to Iker to say “congratulations” and to demonstrate their soccer skills.f. His sponsored child Bourama said, “Iker Casillas can each me how to play when I grow up, and I’ll make wonders just like him.