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The Garden of Tweetin' (for JET13)


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The Garden of Tweetin' (for JET13)

  1. 1. Using Twitter to Create a Learning Network   Andrea Hernandez @edtechworkshop  
  2. 2. with  the  end  in  mind   Begin    
  3. 3. Learn  by  doing  
  4. 4. Grow the Twitter garden that is uniquely YOU.
  5. 5. Your Profile
  6. 6. Why would I follow you?
  7. 7. Don’t protect your Tweets.
  8. 8. Curating People   “Do what you do best & link to the rest.” -@ijohnpederson
  9. 9. Slide  used  under  a  Crea-ve  Commons  license:   h4p://­‐what-­‐about-­‐this-­‐twi4er-­‐thing  
  10. 10. TweetDeckFlipboard   Twitter TwitterificTwittelator Mobile Apps
  11. 11. Resources   Cura-ng  People    h4p://­‐people/     The  Garden  of  Twee-n’   h4p://­‐of-­‐twee-n.html     What  about  that  Twi4er  thing?   h4p://­‐about-­‐that-­‐twi4er-­‐thing/     11  Ways  to  Create  Awesome  on  Twi4er   h4p://­‐to-­‐be-­‐awesome-­‐on-­‐twi4er/     Twi4er  102  h4p://­‐102.html     What  I  Learned  from  Twi4er  Today   h4p://­‐i-­‐learned-­‐from-­‐twi4er-­‐today/     The  Ul-mate  Twi4er  Guidebook  for  Teachers   h4p://­‐ul-mate-­‐twi4er-­‐guidebook/        
  12. 12. Image  Credits   Twee-es:  A  free  Twi4er  Icon  Set  h4p://   From  cathedral  to  bazaar:   h4p://­‐21-­‐essen-al-­‐educa-on-­‐in-­‐a-­‐changing-­‐ world/   First  Seeds  Planted  h4p://   Real  People                            h4p://­‐g-­‐uk/4548392008/   Twi4er  Bird  Icon          IconTexto,  h4p://   The  Networked  Teacher  h4p://   Informa-on  Overload  h4p://   Give  More  Than  You  Take  h4p://   Gaillar-­‐dening  h4p://   Twi4er  bird  h4p://   Twi4er  bird  h4p://   Lock  h4p://