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Charles E. Smith edJEWcon Bootcamp

Transforming Education one BLOG at a time

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Charles E. Smith edJEWcon Bootcamp

  1. 1. Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School August 24-25, 2016 2-Day Boot Camp transforming education one BLOGat a time THANK YOU for being part of this cohort. I am excited and honored to work with you!
  2. 2. •  About Us •  Exploring the EduBloggerSphere •  Learning Intentions & Success Criteria •  Why transform education? •  NOW Literacies •  Why blogs? •  Hopes & Fears •  Welcome to your blog Day 1
  3. 3. Andrea Hernandez
  4. 4. Selfie Share: 1) Take a selfie. 2) Add your teaching passion. 3) Share with me by text: 904-237-8401 OR email:
  5. 5. withtheEndin Mind Begin Explore blogs that connect with I SEE I THINK I WONDER your passion
  6. 6. Learning Intentions To build relationships that will contribute to the success of the virtual coaching To build understanding of modern literacies, pedagogies, heutagogy and metacognitive reflection To learn and practice skills & habits of mind that will be used to support your students & shift your thinking about teaching & learning To build understanding of pedagogical documentation (a reflection tool for your own learning & a teaching tool for others)
  7. 7. Success Criteria What do you think “success” will look like, feel like, etc? What will you need to understand, do or experience in order to feel successful? Have a star)ng point for blogging with my kids. Mo)vated to teach through this vehicle- easy to access, pleasing to work with To feel competent with the process of blogging, aesthe)cs are important, has to look nice The mechanics of pos)ng on Google Classroom, a valuable blog post for my students or for myself, my professional goals of developing a blog as a STEM specialist for the school A general, loose plan of types of things to blog about- how do you turn what you know into interes)ng posts? To get as many ideas as I can from other people, not just another thing I have to do, understanding why we’re doing this Build energy from authen)c interac)on Engaging- use the comments for interac)on that involves parents I need to make what I’m doing visible and valuable.
  8. 8. It’s a mind shift
  9. 9. You First
  10. 10. Where the MAGIC happens!
  11. 11. Image Credit: Silvia Tolisano Learning is Messy
  12. 12. Action Research
  13. 13. “We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” -John Dewey
  14. 14. hJp://
  15. 15. WHY TRANSFORM education?
  16. 16. hJps:// hJps:// hJps:// hJps:// CHANGE Happens
  17. 17. What will they NOT KNOW?
  18. 18. Our world changing back is NOT hJps://
  19. 19. “If you don’t like CHANGE you’re going to like IRRELEVANCE even less.” -General Eric Shinseki
  20. 20. What YEAR our preparing are we STUDENTS for?
  21. 21. What do we…? KEEP UPGRADE THROW AWAY -Heidi Hayes Jacobs Curriculum 21
  22. 22. LITERACY hasalwaysbeendefinedby TECHNOLOGY hJps:// -NicholePinkard
  23. 23. ThepowerofLITERACY is effectiveCOMMUNICATION
  24. 24. LITERATE In 2016? Discuss What does it mean to be
  25. 25. Literacies hJp:// Now For
  26. 26. Basic Literacy
  27. 27. Information Literacy Jps://
  28. 28. Media Literacy “If students are not taught the language of sound & images, shouldn’t they be considered as illiterate as if they left college without being able to read & write?” – George Lucas -
  29. 29. Visual Literacy
  30. 30. Network Literacy
  31. 31. Global Literacy
  32. 32. AttentionLiteracy
  33. 33. Meta Literacy
  34. 34. “In hunting culture, kids play with bows & arrows…
  35. 35. In information society, they play with information”
  36. 36. THINK PAIR SHARE What do you want to THINK & LEARN more about? What will you REFLECTon?
  37. 37. WHY Blogs?
  38. 38. “Blog is just software, but scientists & science writers are using that software in serious ways, making the world a better place.” To CHANGE the WORLD Why Do We Blog? hJps://
  39. 39. How Blogging Transformed My Teaching…and MORE!
  40. 40. “Are you holding back?”
  41. 41. “We all decided to walk through the same door on the Internet so we could THINK TOGETHER.” –Alec Couros @courosa
  42. 42. Conversation? Are YOU part of the
  43. 43. story Tell YOUR
  44. 44. “All knowledge is self-knowledge.” Image: Silvia Tolisano @langwitches -Bruce Lee
  45. 45. Gain perspective
  46. 46. See Things Differently
  47. 47. –Deborah Meier in Visible Learners through the eyes of othersis an essential part of strong professional development and the one most seriously lacking from schools. Seeing the same practices
  48. 48. Courage Transformationtakes
  49. 49. hJp:// Hopes Fears and
  50. 50. Face FearYour
  51. 51. WELCOME to Your Blog
  52. 52. THINK… I used to THINK… Now I
  53. 53. •  What do YOU want to learn? How will you learn it? What will you do with what you know? •  From pedagogy to heutagogy •  Documenting Learning Why? How? •  Learning challenge…… •  Visible thinking routines? •  Video Conferencing- 2 PM •  Reflect Day 2
  54. 54. What do you want to learn? How do you want to learn it? What will you DO with it? (Paper) Tweet It!
  55. 55. Heutagogy: The study of self-determined learning
  57. 57. “LEARNING is an in-process activity. We need to lay aside the desire to KNOW LEARN.”and embrace instead the desire to continue to Discuss
  58. 58. The roleofa coach hJps://
  59. 59. What about ASSESSMENT? hJps://
  60. 60. Documenting Learning
  61. 61. One Word What does DOCUMENTATION mean to you?
  62. 62. Text-Rendering PROTOCOL
  63. 63. Learning Artifacts: the products & process of students’ & teachers’ learning made visible “ ” quotes drawings videos reflections photographs
  64. 64. Learning Artifacts:
  65. 65. Documentation byTEACHERS share practices with colleagues gather & showcase artifacts for teaching portfolio reflection formative assessment document professional growth
  66. 66. Documentation bySTUDENTS to build positive digital footprint gather & showcase artifacts For portfolio reflection & metacognition- to become aware of their learning to articulate & showcase their learning document growth
  67. 67. Documentation bySCHOOLS attract like-minded Future employees examples for professional learning communication with parents/ community marketing document growth
  68. 68. Headlines Write a headline for Documenting for Learning that captures the most important aspect to be remembered
  69. 69. Documenting Toolkit What tools can we use to document learning?
  70. 70. The importance of ROUTINES
  71. 71. Documenting ROUTINES
  72. 72. Thinking ROUTINES
  73. 73. The Paper Airplane Challenge
  74. 74. Video Conferencing Silvana Scarso: Teaching & Learning Coach at Graded American School of Sao Paulo Interests: Global Learning, Cognition, STEAM (especially participation of women)