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Achieving Organization 2.0

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Avoiding the Idea Graveyard
Avoiding the Idea Graveyard
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Achieving Organization 2.0

  1. 1. Achieving Organization 2.0 Meredith Farkas Norwich University
  2. 2. We really need to do these Web 2.0 things all the other libraries are doing
  3. 3. Blogging has been so successful at the ___ library; we should do it here too.
  4. 4. Wikis Facebook Blogs Twitter Foursquare
  5. 5. I think our library really needs a blog to be relevant to our patrons. Don’t worry, I’ll handle everything.
  6. 6. So, I’m going to need you to start creating podcasts for students, ok?
  7. 7. This will be the best library blog ever!
  8. 8. So what’s the problem?
  9. 9. Why does it fail? • Use of social software is not seen as furthering the library’s mission • Social software is treated as someone’s “pet project.” • Social software is not planned for strategically like other technologies • Once the newness wears off, people are less motivated to contribute • Staff are not given time to work on social software
  10. 10. Library 2.0 is a state of mind •Working to meet changing user needs •Trusting our users (radical trust) •Getting rid of the culture of perfect •Aware of emerging technologies and opportunities •Looking outside of the library world for applications, opportunities, inspiration
  11. 11. Building Organization 2.0
  12. 12. Know your users
  13. 13. Encourage staff to learn and play
  14. 14. Question Everything
  15. 15. Integrate 2.0 philosophy and tech into library planning
  16. 16. Treat technologies as tools Facebook Wikis Blogs IM RSS
  17. 17. and use them to solve problems
  18. 18. Improve communication with our users
  19. 19. Highlight our Collections
  20. 20. Make our services more visible
  21. 21. Improve internal knowledge sharing
  22. 22. Develop a Risk- Tolerant Culture
  23. 23. Beware the Culture of Perfect
  24. 24. Be agile, don’t get attached
  25. 25. Listen and look for good ideas They can come from anyone and anywhere
  26. 26. Nurture Talent
  27. 27. Give Staff Time for Creative Endeavors
  28. 28. Encourage Network-Building
  29. 29. Create Partnerships
  30. 30. Be transparent with patrons
  31. 31. Involve Staff from All Levels in Planning I can haz your cooperation?
  32. 32. Plan for the Continued use and Maintenance of Tech
  33. 33. Time Must be Devoted to all This
  34. 34. Will you need to create new jobs or just shuffle?
  35. 35. Assess, Assess, Assess!
  36. 36. Assessing 2.0 • Depends on your initial goals • Web stats • Number of visitors/subscribers/members/ users/fans and their behavior (visits, comments, tags, ratings, etc.) • Surveys and focus groups • Satisfaction, utility, relevance • What do they need/want from the library? • What technologies do your patrons use?
  37. 37. Is your organization (as it is currently structured) able to make all this happen?
  38. 38. Thanks! AIM: librarianmer Links and presentation at
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