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Web 2.0 Aplications


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Web 2.0 Aplications

  1. 1. Web 2.0 Aplications
  2. 2. freedcamp this site is made for organizing to-do lists when something is do and to upload files to keep track of them
  3. 3. IQNOMY this site runes a check on what you do on your computer and how you do it to make buisness sites more compatible with you so you can find what your looking for faster.
  4. 4. toonti this is a site were you can create your own social networking site it is free and all you need to do is creat a profile and follow the instructions to creat your site
  5. 5. dudlers Dudlers is a social-doodling web application. Users are able to create, share, and look through the doodles that other people created.
  6. 6. gritwire its a site for all of your needs email media player reader among other things
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