Getting Started with Twitter


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Getting Started with Twitter

  1. 1. Getting Started with Twitter Andrea Hernandez @edtechworkshop
  2. 2. Begin with the end in mind
  3. 3. Learn by doing
  4. 4. Grow a Twitter garden that isuniquely YOU.
  5. 5. Your Profile
  6. 6. Why would Ifollow you?
  7. 7. Don’t protectyour Tweets.
  8. 8. Curating People“Do what you do best & link to the rest.” -@ijohnpederson
  9. 9. Slide used under a Creative Commons license:
  10. 10. Mobile AppsFlipboard TweetDeckTwittelator Twitterific Twitter
  11. 11. ResourcesCurating People Garden of Tweetin’ about that Twitter thing? Ways to Create Awesome on Twitter 102 I Learned from Twitter Today Ultimate Twitter Guidebook for Teachers
  12. 12. Image CreditsFirst Seeds Planted People Bird Icon IconTexto, Networked Teacher Overload More Than You Take bird bird