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Judaism- The Original Growth Mindset


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JWRP reunion meeting

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Judaism- The Original Growth Mindset

  1. 1. JUDAISM:    the original GROWTH MINDSET
  2. 2. you h$p://   Start are where
  3. 3. Where the MAGIC Happens!
  4. 4. It’s just UNCOMFORTABLE It’s not HARD
  5. 5. h$ps://   Don’t wait until you’re READY “Do not say 'I will study when I have the time,’ for perhaps you will never have time.” – Pirke Avot
  6. 6. Image  Credit:  Silvia  Tolisano   Learning Messy  is
  7. 7. is better than being” “Becoming -Carol Dweck
  8. 8. You First!  
  9. 9. Courage   Transformation  t a k e s
  10. 10. What’s h$p://   YOUR FEAR
  11. 11. h$ps://   Grow Together We