Binary number


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Christy and Abinta's Binary porject

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Binary number

  1. 1. Binary Number System By:Abinta Kabir and Christy Arevalo
  2. 2. What is Binary Number System Binary number system is a system that only uses two numbers, 0 and 1. It is similar to morse code but is used for numbers and computers.
  3. 3. Who invented the Binary Number System/ Binary Code? Binary number system was invented by an Indian Scholar named Pingala. He lived in the 2nd/5th BCE ( the dates of hi lifetime are not really known). Similar systems have been used traditional African divination systems, but they were not the binary number system we know today.
  4. 4. How is it used? Binary code is used internally by all modern computers. The first computer to use the binary number system was invented in 1937 by George Stibitz. It was also used to send information over long distances. It was then adapted to be used by computers so that they could understand information that is being inserted. George Stibitz
  5. 5. How do you convert to Binary number system from the base-10 (10 digits) number system? To convert: Divide the number in Base-10 by 2 until you get to zero. Write down the remainders. then you would write the binary number from the remainders, bottom to top. So, say 6 is the number we want to convert to binary. We would divide it by 2 to get 3. The remainder is 0. Then, we would divide 3 by 2. The remainder is 1. Last, we would divide 1 by 2. The remainder is 1. Then, we take the remainders from top to bottom. 6 in binary is 110. For example: 6/2=3...0 3/2=1...1 1/2=0 ...1
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