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Applying learning analytics to the flipped classroom (updated)


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updated on 18 October 2017 @ 0745am

Published in: Education
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Applying learning analytics to the flipped classroom (updated)

  1. 1. Applying Learning Analytics to the Flipped Classroom or “How do we get students/trainees to undertake pre-class preparation” Presentation/ Workshop/Symposium Blog Instagram Visual index /visual search Online content repository /engagement platform Learning Analytics Embedded in blog Web analytics Padlet posts Email responses Checkpoint analytics* Process analytics* *Informing pedagogical action: Aligning learning analytics with learning design L Lockyer, E Heathcote, S Dawson American Behavioral Scientist 57 (10), 1439-1459 Faculty action Individual email reminders To review pre-class /pre-session material /pre-session assignment Padlet Post (public) /pre-class email response (private) Within-class engagement AND Post-class/post-session Review of material /note-taking /discussions /Padlet posts Assignment submissions Poh-Sun Goh 1st draft on 17 October 2017 @ 0438am Whole cohort analytics views - popular = useful, interesting Individual usage through logins - institutional, website tracking through public or private discussion threads (citations) assignment submissions (citations) Before session reminders suggestions After session evaluation reorder curate (down, or up) Content - amount, order Learning path - generic customised What was useful, used Analyse usage (views, citations) Student feedback Faculty reviews