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Wind Load of Wind Turbine Tower


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Wind Load of Wind Turbine Tower.

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Wind Load of Wind Turbine Tower

  2. 2. Tower Specification Structural Steel JIS SS400. Ultimate Strength 415 MPa. Yield Strength 230 MPa.
  3. 3. Dead Loads Dead loads consist of the weight of allmaterials of construction incorporatedinto the structure (i.e. tower and windturbine).
  4. 4. Wind Loads Wind loads arerandomly applieddynamic loads. It depends on thewind speed, shapeand height of thestructure andtopographic of theregion. Most calculationsusing US customarysystems, which isapplicable to ASCE7-02 and ASCE 7-05.
  5. 5. AssumptionComponents Assumption for AnalysisTower Cylindrical PolesWind Turbine Lattice Frameworks (Є= 0.36)
  6. 6. Basic Wind Speed, Vand Wind Directionality Factor,Kd The basic wind speed, V, assumed as134.216 mph or 60 m/s. The wind directionality factor, Kd, forwind turbine tower is 0.95 for towerand 0.85 for the DS wind turbine.
  7. 7. Importance Factor, I An importancefactor, I, for thewind turbine tower(Building CategoryIII or IV) is 1.15.Building Type ICategory I -Buildings and otherstructures with lowhazard to human lifein the event offailure, such asagricultural facilities.0.77Category II – Otherbuildings.1.00Category III and IV -Buildings and otherstructures with asubstantial hazard tohuman life in theevent of failure, suchas hospitals,communicationtowers and powergenerating stations1.15
  8. 8. Surface Roughness andExposure It is assumed thatthe tower would beinstalled on aterrain with surfaceroughness andexposure categoryof C (town/ smallcity).ExposureCategory B,ex. 臺北ExposureCategory C,ex. 板橋ExposureCategory D,ex. 金門
  9. 9. Velocity Pressure ExponentCoefficient, Kz Velocity pressureexponent, Kz, depends on the siterelative height tothe ground, z. This means forrooftopstructure, z, wouldbe the total heightof the componentand the building itsinstalled.Nominal heightabove ground level,zK z forExposureCft m0-15 0-4.6 0.8520 6.1 0.9025 7.6 0.9430 9.1 0.9840 12.2 1.0450 15.2 1.0960 18 1.1370 21.3 1.1780 24.4 1.2190 27.4 1.24100 30.5 1.26
  10. 10. Topographic Factor, Kzt andForce Coefficient, Cf The value of Kztwas taken as 1 withassumption flatregionenvironment. The values of Cfwere taken fromFigures 6-19 and6-21 of the code. The values are 1.2for the tower and1.1 for the windturbine.
  11. 11. Velocity Pressure, qz The velocity pressure, qz, evaluated atheight z shall be calculated by:
  12. 12. Gust Effect Factor, G Gust effect factor, G, could becalculated by Eq. 6-4 of the code. This factor increased with structureheight.
  13. 13. Design Wind Loads, F Design wind force foreach component shallbe determined by: Moment because ofwind force calculatedas:FWTFTOWERabbFaFM WTTOWER