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The Munster Legacy - Generation 3.6: Back To Reality


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The Munster Legacy finally comes back to reality.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The Munster Legacy - Generation 3.6: Back To Reality

  1. 1. The Munster Legacy – Generation 3.6 – Back to Reality, Part 1 It's been awhile, hasn't it? But we're back, and better than ever. The Munsters after a long hiatus for a bachelorette challenge that took forever, are going to keep on trucking. Jackie here, however, is not a trucker. To refresh your memory, at the end of the last chapter, after a long time waiting, Jasmine has finally given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The family finally has an heir.
  2. 2. Why did they all have to come? Jackie supposed it wasn't that bad. She didn't invite that many people, but for the record, she hated when even in a small party, everyone was staring at her. She'd never been a big crowd type of person, and it was even worse when she knew they were all looking. It was just her family, a few friends, and of course, her fiancee.
  3. 3. Fiancee. That was a nice word. Her and Chris were getting married soon. Things were changing, fast. She knew it was more customary to do things the other way around, but they were both so shy, if she didn't do it, she knew neither of them would ever jump the gun, and they'd probably just sit around for years waiting for the other one to do it. It had been nerve-wracking sitting there, waiting for him to give an answer. She had never been so close to passing out in her life.
  4. 4. Thankfully, the answer had been a resounding yes. Her parents couldn't be more thrilled. After the initial unfortunate way Barty had met Chris, they'd grown quite fond of the boy. He was in every way, completely perfect for their youngest daughter.
  5. 5. “ The last one, Barty.” Tosha leaned against the wall with a sigh. She'd been completely insistant on walking herself here to her youngest daughter's graduation, even though Jackie made her aware several times that it wasn't necessary. “ Kind of makes you feel old, doesn't it, Tosh? Not that actually being old doesn't do that already.” Was he really that old? He was only 62. He still had, with the average life expectancy being 78... 16 years left in him. Alright. He was old.
  6. 6. Liam settled himself down by the pinball machine he used to be so familiar with. Almost 10 full years, and nobody had beaten Cupcake's score? Ridiculous. While she sat at home with a son who was only a few years younger than Lucy and an infant daughter, her high score name of “CAKE” would sit forever on the top of the pinball machine, taunting generations to come. He was going to smash this thing to itty bitty pieces.
  7. 7. “ It's not happening, bro. Let it go.” “ Never.” The clinging and clanging of the incessant machine would be his downfall. The more he seemed to bang on the thing, the worse he seemed to play. Maybe he was just getting too old for these games. Apparently, once you hit 30, the fun part of your brain completely died and was filled with thoughts about knitting and watching old reruns of SimGyver Oh, SimGyver. What would you make out of duct-tape and rubber-bands next?.
  8. 8. “ He's dead to the world, Jackie.” “ Hey, kid, I barely know you. Don't get on my bad side or I'll.. I'll... accidentally push you off a roof?” Huh. After all this time, he'd finally learned to joke about it.
  9. 9. “ Mom, you know I told you that you didn't have to come.” “I didn't have to, but I wanted to.” Quite frankly, she didn't know why everyone kept treating her like she was going to drop dead at any second. She'd been doing way better than she ever thought she'd be doing ever again these days. She was helping to raise four grandchildren, three of them under the age of five, and she wasn't dead yet, so it was going to take a lot to make her go down.
  10. 10. Marylin was the next person to walk in from the living room to “ There you are! I've been trying to make my way over to you for ages in the sea of people. Oh! Ronan sends his well wishes. He said he wanted to come but, you know, burning flaming death and all that.”
  11. 11. “ Oh, you know I don't mind. It's just a graduation. And then a wedding in a few weeks. It's not THAT big of a deal to me. Plus, someone has to stay home and watch little Vinny, right?” Marylin looked ill to her stomach, “Do not even remind me while I'm off parental duty. He's a little terrorist. I knew all about the terrible twos, but he's near impossible, Jackie.”
  12. 12. “ Do you know I found bite marks all over his toys the other day? All the books I read say he's supposed to be going through the mine phase at this point, maybe he's just going through the mine phase, but with teeth-marks. I swear he was trying to behead his bear earlier today, too.”
  13. 13. “ Ronan doesn't think there's anything wrong and that he's just being a toddler. I trust him, but it's been so long since he raised children, that he could be completely wrong. I wonder if you just forget after a certain amount of time.”
  14. 14. “ But hey, kids, huh? Aren't they the best. I love him, I really do. I have to go sit down.” Jackie, left in a cloud of dust, had to wonder where THAT crazy mood swing came from.
  15. 15. Liam vaguely noticed the sudden 180 out of the corner of his eye, but he was busy in his own thoughts. He'd noticed something on the way in that wasn't settling well with him.
  16. 16. Them. He shouldn't put it that way, it made them sound like monsters. Bonnie and Demetri weren't monsters, they were his cousins. His youngest cousins. But that was the thing, they were his youngest cousins. They couldn't be college students already, they had been born when he was a teenager. He remembered it like it was yesterday. It wasn't yesterday. It was 20 years ago. He needed to go throw up now.
  17. 17. As it turned out, he'd been beaten to the bathroom. “ Marylin? You had a minor midlife crisis and had to vomit too?”
  18. 18. Marylin let out a nervous laugh. “ What are you talking about? I'm fine. I wasn't vomiting. Well, not right now I wasn't. I think I got whatever I caught out of my system yesterday.”
  19. 19. Liam may have been slightly dense at times, but he wasn't completely stupid. “ You're acting weird, sis. Are you sure you're okay?”
  20. 20. His younger sister just sighed and shuffled her feet a bit. “ I think I'll be fine, but well, I guess I trust you with this. I might be pregnant. I'm not sure, but..”
  21. 21. Liam didn't even let her finish before his face lit up like a Christmas Tree. “ That's amazing! Should I tell mom and dad? No, not today, it's Jackie's day, I don't wanna be a buzzkill on her. Maybe later, right? I hope it's a girl this time, I'd love having a niece to go with my nephew. Should I buy you any gifts?” Marylin just stared, “Are you entirely certain you're a romance sim?” She was just going to leave him to his own devices. She had a much more important thing to take care of...
  22. 22. “ You're not going to be beat it.” “ Shut up, Bonnie.”
  23. 23. Jackie had to inwardly laugh later as she watched her entire family socialize around the bubble blower a few hours later. Even at her own party, she completely faded into the wall. She kind of liked it that way. It was just how she was and it had never bothered her.
  24. 24. She was just a loner. Not unfriendly, but she liked her peace. So that's why she had come back inside to be alone for this last step of her young years. She'd never liked it when everyone gawped at her at her birthdays, like she was going to turn into a zebra instead of just getting older.
  25. 25. Thank god she was alone. This thing needed to go, it hadn't been in fashion twenty years ago, and it wasn't in fashion now.
  26. 26. The cab arrived, and everyone waved farewell as the youngest Munster daughter stepped off to her adult life. She thought it was pretty silly when she was only going to live across the street from her parents. They would see her every day, and they still had one party to go to for her. This one she was looking forward to.
  27. 27. This one was her wedding. It had only been two weeks, so how could she barely fit into the dress she'd just bought her for herself? Her mother had thrown a fit over the color, but she'd put her foot down. This was the one she wanted, and Mom was going to have to deal with it. She'd dealt with it for Jasmine, so surely she would be able to her for her own blood.
  28. 28. The lot they'd picked out was perfect. She was right across from her parents and Liam and only a walk down the road from Marylin. The only unsettling thing was that there was another house next to them, and she had no idea who the family of three that she'd seen coming in and out of it were. When you live in a town founded by your grandpa, where pretty much everyone is your cousin, that's something to take note of.
  29. 29. Whoever they were, they couldn't be anyone bad. She'd probably head over to meet them as soon as she had her stuff settled in. Right now she was worrying about not falling out of this thing. Five pounds ago, she'd been fine. Today, the top of her dress was about to explode.
  30. 30. She was almost certained she'd locked the door, but Marylin had a habit of inviting herself into rooms she wasn't invited in since they were little. “ I just had to come see you before we go ahead with the wedding. I hope you don't mind?” It's not like she was going to tell her own sister to leave, especially now that she knew that the reason for her completely erratic mood swings was due to another nephew or niece on the way.
  31. 31. “ I'm actually glad you're here. You've always been more the more fashionable of us, so can you tell me if I look good or not?” Marylin was pretty surprised Jackie even cared. She had always been one of those “Does it fit? I'll take it” types just like dad had been.
  32. 32. “ Jackie, you look absolutely beautiful. I mean every word of that, not just because I'm your sister.” The grin that put on her sister's face could light up a room, “That means so much coming from you. You were always the pretty one.”
  33. 33. “ Come on, don't be like that. You're just as pretty as me! We're all a very good looking family if I do say so myself. Now let's get downstairs. We've got a wedding to attend.” Her older sister practically skipped down the stairs. Who's wedding was this, anyway?
  34. 34. It was definitely her wedding. That was her future husband standing up there.
  35. 35. It was all she could to not to just melt into the grass right there with all her family staring at them, so she was glad Chris decided to start talking first. “ Jackie, I'm so glad you asked me to marry you. I don't know if you ever noticed this when we were at college, but those first few years, you weren't really short on male attention at all. I didn't ever think you'd pick me. I wasn't the loudest, or the smartest, or even the best looking of them. I don't know how you noticed me, but you did, and I'm glad.”
  36. 36. “ Chris, maybe you don't think you're the smartest or the best looking, but I think you are, or else I wouldn't be standing here. Also, I don't want you to be the loudest, that's what Liam is for.” “ HEY!” “ Shut up, son, this is a wedding.” “ I noticed you because you were perfect. Perfect and not wearing a shirt. Nothing else matters.”
  37. 37. With their vows done and the rings exchanged, it was final. Jackie Munster had become Jackie Stratton, and she couldn't be happier.
  38. 38. For once, she was happy that everyone was watching. She could see her mother and brother beaming from their seats. If only she could tell what they were thinking. “ Grandbabies grandbabies grandbabies!!!” “ I am not loud.”
  39. 39. Sitting at the table at the party, Barty had never felt more proud in his life. Sure, he was old as dirt, but he had raised three great children.
  40. 40. Two of them were across the table from him right now. Marylin had made some choices that had surprised him over the years, but she was doing so well for herself in her cooking career and raising her sometimes belligerent son. He has worried about how shy Jackie was when she headed to college four years ago, but she'd gone through everything, passing it with flying colors, and was now a wonderful adult.
  41. 41. For as much crap as he gave his son, he'd turned out fine too. He had four amazing children and had married one of the best women he'd ever had the pleasure of meeting. After his mom, his wife, his sisters, and his daughters, of course. He'd done a pretty good job as a parent. Now it was their turn.
  42. 42. Of course, he was still going to be the best grandpa ever. Every good grandparent knows that the first thing you do when you get home after being gone for the whole day is grab the nearest baby and shower it with attention. “ Aren't you the cutest little thing ever. You're just so.. so..”
  43. 43. “ Liam?” Barty called to his son who had the other twin nearby. “ What's up, dad?” “..Which one is this?” He could have sworn he heard his own son laugh at him, “That's Abby, dad. She's the girl and she'd darker. You said yourself, Leo looks just like me when I was a baby. I thought you'd be able to figure that out.”
  44. 44. Liam stood and stared at his son for a little while after Barty had left the room. “I don't think you look THAT much like me. Everyone just keeps saying that.”
  45. 45. There were a lot of adjustments being made these days in the house due to the unexpected room shortage having twins had made. Lucy was willing to deal with a lot of things. It only bothered her a little bit that she was the oldest kid in her family so didn't get anyone to play with. Having to take the bus to school because grandpa, dad, and mom needed the car for work only bothered her a little. But this was stupid. “Hi Lulu! Up up time?” “ Vivian, it's 5:30 in the mooorning!”
  46. 46. Jasmine had to refrain from hitting her head against the wall when she walked in. “ Again?” “Every morning, mom! I wanna sleep. Put her in your room.”
  47. 47. “ Look, I know it's hard, but Abby and Leo have to sleep near our room because they're little and need us near them. Viv is up here because you guys are close in age, and soon she'll be big enough that she'll be out of her crib and sleeping through the night anyway. When that happens, you'll be glad she's in your room and that you have a sister to keep you company.”
  48. 48. “ I am glad I have a sister! But.. gah, she's so little, mom. Everyone in town is so little. Even the other kids at school are younger than me, and the ones who aren't just come to the school from another city.”
  49. 49. “ Hey now. I'm not from Chocolate Falls originally, am I? And you get along with me just fine.” “ That's different. You're my mom.” “ It's not that much different. Maybe one day you'll meet someone that isn't from here that you really really like. A very long time from now. Now why don't you let me get your sister dressed and then I'll go play catch with you, alright?”
  50. 50. Score one for Jasmine. Sure, playing catch at 6 in the morning in the winter wasn't exactly normal, but she was finally getting good at this whole parenting thing.
  51. 51. Hey, there were bubbles in the big people potty! Mommy wanted to play with Lulu, not her. And daddy wanted to go see Ab and Leo. Gramma was asleep and she couldn't find Grampa. She wanted to play with the toys in Lulu's room, but big sis didn't want her in there. So she would play here! If you put the gooey stuff by the bathtub into the water, it made funny bubbles, just like in the bath! She just wanted to show someone. Why wouldn't anyone come up by her?
  52. 52. Alright. Lucy has gotten on the bus, both of the men had work, so that just left her, Tosha, and three very young children, one of which she had practically just pulled out of the toilet and placed safely by the toys. Jasmine needed something to eat, now.
  53. 53. This couldn't be good. She hadn't seen Tosha in that chair in months. Hell, she'd thought she'd seen the last of it the last few weeks when she had made it to all those places in all that short of time. Crap. That had to be what had done it. “ Are you alright, Tosh?”
  54. 54. “ I'm fine. My legs hurt because I've been walking too many places. I thought I would be alright because I've been fine the last few months, but apparently I'm not. I.. I was just trying to cook some grilled cheese and then I had to sit down. It's really hard to do it from this stupid chair.”
  55. 55. Jasmine had never been a cook, ever. When all the other kids were playing with their toy ovens making muffins, she was using them to light things on fire. But hell. She could always try. “ Do you want me to do it? You could always tell me how.”
  56. 56. You know, things were way better now. She knew Tosha was convinced that the house was going to burn to the ground, but she didn't say a word. She didn't even bother to her “I told you so” after the small ensuing kitchen fire.
  57. 57. As for Liam, who slept through the entire thing, he didn't even notice the difference. “Mom, these are great. You cook as well as you did 30 years ago.”
  58. 58. “ Oh well. Score one for the unsung heroes, eh, Leo? It's not so bad around this place. You get used to it.” Funny thing is, she really meant it. Now who had left her infant son on the floor?
  59. 59. Ew, this car tasted bad. But it tasted better than the toilet! And mommy was still busy and grandma was tired. It was okay. She didn't need anyone yet.
  60. 60. It was only a few minutes later that Barty walked in. He'd been about to take his after work nap, but with all the clanging from the next room over, he knew there was a grandchild to attend to. “ What are you doing messing around in here all alone?” “Grandpa!
  61. 61. “ Oh, wow, you're getting big, aren't you? I'm not gonna be able to lift you up for much longer. Now who brought you all the way down here and left you there?” “Momma. She forgot. Leo and Abby better than Viv?”
  62. 62. “ Oh, they're not better than you at all. You know that. They're just littler and can't do much for themselves yet except poop and scream. You know you're one of my little girls forever.” Barty couldn't help it. He knew he loved all his grandchildren equally, but there was something about Vivian. Something that reminded him of someone that he'd known his entire life. Someone who'd made a lot of mistakes that he wasn't going to let repeat themselves. She needed their attention more than any of them at the moment, and was getting the least of it.
  63. 63. After placing the tired but still somehow rambunctious toddler in her crib, Barty went to find his son. He should have gotten home from work just a little while after him and he needed to talk to him about his middle daughter. “ There you are, Liam. I just needed to.. uh.. well..”
  64. 64. “ What in the name of the sim gods are you wearing.” “They're clothes, dad!” “ Yes, but they aren't your clothes.” “ Well of course you would say that, you've worn pretty much the same thing all your life. I on the other hand felt the extremely nagging urge for a change starting back a few weeks ago, so I found new clothes.”
  65. 65. “ You look wrong. Change them back. Or at least go find the purse.” “ Do you even know what was in it? A few old movie tickets, 78 cents, and pictures of the kids. I can carry a wallet. Also, I think I look dashing, thank you very much. At least it's still orange.”
  66. 66. As his son had gone clinically insane for the time being, it looked like the conversation about his middle child would have to wait for another day. It would be okay. She would be okay and be happy.
  67. 67. How could she not? In the end, even the person she reminded him of had ended up happy.
  68. 68. Just across the street at the newest house in town, Jackie's eyes were practically bulging out of her head. “ You're absolutely certain? I mean there's no way it could be a false positive, right?” “ Trust me. I'm certain.”
  69. 69. Chris shuffled around at the table, looking just as nervous as she had. He could barely finish what was left of his dinner. “So I guess that was the doctor, then. What did she say?”
  70. 70. “ She said you're going to be a dad.”
  71. 71. “ So we're having a baby. That's good. At least I think it's good. Is it good?” “ It's good, Chris. It's good.”
  72. 72. Lucy sat down at the couch by her mother like she did every night after her homework was done. She didn't know why everyone thought homework was so annoying. Maybe she was just smarter than the other kids in the school, but she could get hers done in about 30 minutes if she knew what it was about. Plus, today it was important to get it done first thing. Today was the first thing she actually had something to tell her mom in a good long while. “ Mom, mom! Guess what?
  73. 73. Jasmine looked up from her shows. It would be that time of night where Lucy joined her to watch TV, but usually she was entranced in the giant picture box she didn't say much until afterward “ What is it, Lucy?”
  74. 74. “ I made a friend at school today!”
  75. 75. Lucy was so glad that it was recess. If she'd had to listen to Mr. Curtin lecture her for any longer, she was going to have to scream. “ I'm glad that's over. Why did I have to get the meanest teacher in the whole school, Bagel?”
  76. 76. She didn't really mind that Bagel liked to follow her. Dad said his mom was his cousin like she was with Vincent. He was a couple grades younger than her and had could be kind of a jerk once in awhile, but he was okay. “ I don't know how bad Mr. Curtin is, I've still got Mrs. Whitney. She said not to call us Mrs. Munster because there's too many Munsters and if we called her that it would get really confusing, but I told her that I thought that was stupid because all the other teachers go by their last names. Then she sent me to the Principal's office, except my dad is the Principal so I got sent right back after he told me to cut it out and..”
  77. 77. “ Bagel. Be quiet. There are monkey bars to be monkey'd and swings to be swung.” He would talk all recess if she had let him. She sometimes wondered where he'd learned to do that.
  78. 78. The swings were definitely the best part of the playground. The only problem was there was only two. In Lucy's opinion, the left one was the better one. The right one didn't go as high and squeaked more. She'd had a lot of practice when she first came to the school because she was the oldest and the first one from her family there, so she always went straight for it. Except there was one problem today. “ Lucy, what's wrong?”
  79. 79. “ Someone is on my swing.” This kid had to be new. Most of the other kids at the school couldn't see the difference in the swings like she could, so let her have the good one because it made her happy. Maybe if she just asked him to move he would.
  80. 80. “ Don't worry, just let me handle this.” Bagel almost scarily walked past her, heading towards the boy. “Whatever you're thinking about doing, if it's bad, stop.”
  81. 81. Bagel made a motion for silence. Okay, he was definitely up to something. He stepped as quietly as possible to where he'd be in hearing range of the boy, trying not to grab his attention.
  82. 82. “ Boo!” The other boy barely budged and settled his feet to the ground.
  83. 83. He stood up and walked over to where Bagel was standing his ground, slightly unnerved that he hadn't been able to scare him. “ It was very brave of you to try and scare me like that, but next time you think of doing something so silly, I would suggest not dragging your feet like a caveman in order to avoid my attention. Also, keep your voice down.”
  84. 84. Lucy felt embarrassed Only Bagel would try to do something stupid like scare the new kid off of a swing. “ I'm really sorry he did that. I was just saying that I wanted that swing and he thought that up all on his own.” “It's absolutely fine. He did not even scare me in the least.”
  85. 85. “ Might I ask why you would need the particular swing that I was on, though? There are two.” Lucy smiled, “Oh, the one you are on is way better. It goes higher, I'm sure of it. Everyone else says there's not a difference but I know there is.”
  86. 86. “ Well I have never been on swings quite as colorful as the ones here, and as I'm new, maybe you could let me have the one you say is better for the day?” He was new, she had been right. You couldn't be new in a town this small without someone noticing. He seemed nice, so she'd be nice to him. “ I guess you can have it for the day, but I get it back tomorrow, okay?.”
  87. 87. Lucy sat down on the other swing letting the boy take his place in what was normally her favorite one. It would be okay, just for today. “ Hey, by the way, what's your name?”
  88. 88. “ My name? It is George Austen Haggerty the Second, of Simshire.”
  89. 89. “ George Austen Haggerty the Second, huh? That's a pretty big name for someone like you. I think I'll call you Georgie. My name is Lucy.”
  90. 90. “ He's not from here, mom. Him and his mom and dad moved a long way away from where they're from to live here. He needs a friend, doesn't he?” “He does, Lucy, and somehow I get the feeling you two are going to be great friends.”
  91. 91. It wasn't much longer when a very important day rolled around for the Munster family. Barty picked up one of the three birthday children to clean him up and get him fed before he had to grow up. It hit him that this would probably be the last time he held a baby in this house. Liam and Jasmine were more than likely done having children and while Marylin and Jackie were both expecting children of their own soon, they didn't live in the house anymore.
  92. 92. Vivian slid down from where she'd been sitting in her crib, slowly working out how to unhinge everything to let herself out. It was her birthday! Today she'd be big enough to play with her older sister and get food by herself, so she could let herself out of bed if she wanted.
  93. 93. “ Now how did you get down there?” Liam bent down to pick up his middle child. He really needed to keep a better eye on her sometimes. “ Come on, let's get dressed, Missy. People are going to be here soon.” In fact, somebody already was.
  94. 94. “ Abe?! You're here entirely too early. Who am I kidding, of course you are.” “Shut up. Anyway, I wanted to bring someone over to meet Lucy and well, he has a curfew.”
  95. 95. Lucy stared at the kid in front of her. This had to be Great Uncle Abe's grandson. Which would make him her.. something. She didn't know. “ Hi, I'm Lucy. What's your name and why are you dressed like a pirate?” The other child looked up from where he was inspecting his shoes. “Hm? Oh, I'm Thomas. I like my clothes. Did you know my favorite number is negative nine?”
  96. 96. This kid was weird. “ Hey, isn't your mom an alien? Why don't you look like one?.. Where are you going?” Rude apparently, too. “ Oh, the doctor said I'm all weird on the inside like an alien. You have books here, my dad says so. I'm going to go read them all before it's time to go home because I read all the ones in my house.” He was definitely weird. She liked him.
  97. 97. The rest of the party arrived only an hour or so later, and all crowded around the guests of honor. “ They're so cute, Jackie. I wish mine were this well behaved and I hope yours is.” “I can't wait, Marylin. I don't know if I want as many as Liam had, though. I'm kind of hesitant even about the one.”
  98. 98. “ Trust me, when you see their faces, Jackie, it's all completely worth it. Even if they're a hassle”
  99. 99. “ Time to get big, Grandpa?” “It sure is.” Barty could barely remember being this small at this point. All those memories were faded and distant behind 60 years worth of life, but it came through every now and then. Things like seeing his brother for the first time, and the very exact birthday Vivian was having now. To this day, he knew each time this happened to anyone, they would start seeing the world in a whole new way. Get big, indeed.
  100. 100. Vivian herself could barely believe how many people were here for her. Everyone was making so much noise and cheering and they were doing it for her.
  101. 101. Maybe they liked her as much as the other kids after all. Also, now she was going to be able to reach the fridge.
  102. 102. “ Oh cool! I grew up in green. I like green.” Jasmine breathed a sigh of relief from across the room. She was glad Vivian looked a bit like her. She knew that was definitely her nose.
  103. 103. After a myriad of hugs and remarks on how cute she'd become, and ramblings from her Great Aunt Tabitha about how cute her hair was, Vivian managed to sneak off with a piece of cake while her parents got the twins. Attention was nice, but so was time alone.
  104. 104. Liam marched with his only son in hand, holding an infant for what would be one of the last times until he had grandchildren of his own. He'd never thought he'd end up loving being a dad so much, nor did he ever imagine he'd love it enough to do it four times over. Of course, he also thought he'd have a boy faster. Why did Grandpa have to be a crazy, beard obsessed, lunatic?
  105. 105. Jasmine followed slightly behind, her third daughter in hand, thinking something similar about having 4 kids and a raving lunatic grandfather in law, but not as pleasantly.
  106. 106. Somehow, Jasmine got the feeling she was happier to be done with babies than Liam was. If she didn't prod him hard enough, he was going to take all day to throw his son. “ Hey, Liam, I'll race you.” “ Oh yeah, well in that case..”
  107. 107. “ I win, sucker!” Liam threw his child as hard as he could, almost too hard, because poor Leo was 5 inches away from hitting the ceiling.
  108. 108. “ I.. what.. I don't.. how?” Liam blinked. Leo blinked back. Liam stared in shock. Leo just smiled. The kid was his exact double.
  109. 109. In a funny turn of events, his twin looked the most like her mother than any child had yet. “ Well aren't you one of the three cutest girls I've ever seen. She's got my face! What did you get, Liam?”
  110. 110. “ I got a me.” Liam had to admit, he'd slept through most of biology in high school, save for the parts where they talked about reproduction. Even with that in mind, he knew enough to know that the odds of having a kid that looked exactly like you were practically non-existant. Yet somehow, he'd managed to do it. (Leo here is an exact carbon copy of his dad. Even his personality, 6/8/5/8/6, is only one less outgoing than his dad.)
  111. 111. “ I guess I can't win them all. I win this one, though.” Jasmine set Abigail down on the ground lightly, happy to see another face like hers in the midst of all the cloning that seemed to happen in this house. It was at exactly at that point that she realized something. She had two toddlers in the house. She was doomed.
  112. 112. At least they're adorable, huh? This is where I have to end the chapter, but I am so glad to have it out finally, on the year anniversary of the last time I posted an actual chapter. Wow. I can't guarantee I'll have the next one out fast but it definitely will not be a year. Also, I have to stare at Liam's face for an entire generation more. Weep with me. For everyone who is still here, thank you for waiting for me. Together, we can begin again.