Goldweaver Legacy Chapter 13: Restless Nights


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Chapter 13 of my Sims 2 Legacy.

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Goldweaver Legacy Chapter 13: Restless Nights

  1. 1. Goldweaver Family Legacy: Restless Nights
  2. 2. Dear Glyndwr, I suppose that Count Edward has told you about Christian? He is in fact pregnant with an alien. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this yet. Dad has been supportive and seems excited that one of the grandkids is going to be an alien. He doesn’t seem to care that technically speaking none of my kids are really his grandchildren. I wonder how my real father would have felt about having grandkids?
  3. 3. It was great having you at Valen’s birthday last weekend. I think the picture of you two dancing turned out great. All Maya could talk about was how in synch you two were.
  4. 4. I can’t believe that you two talked mom into dancing. I was scared she would throw a hip out. But Mom does seem to have had a very nice time. She said that seeing her baby grow up has made her feel old.
  5. 5. I think my baby brother turned out nicely. He already has a job interview set up with a local law firm. Valen wanted me to tell you to report that he is more than willing to provide legal consult for the council when it is finally called to order again. Do you know when Count Midlock is planning on calling the first session? Christian and I are both interested in attending.
  6. 6. We really did have a full night between Tala and Valen’s birthday. It’s hard to believe that my baby girl is growing up so fast! It seems like only yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital.
  7. 7. Here’s that picture that Kali took with her camera. I think she looks so much like Christian don’t you? And yes this is a copy for you to keep.
  8. 8. Christian and I have decided that with Tala getting older and a second child on the way that living at home just isn’t feasible anymore. We’ve decided to let Valen stay with mom and dad while we get our own place. I’ll let you know when we get settled in. Love, Alfhild
  9. 9. Dear Glyndwr, Christian, Tala, and I are settling into the new house. It’s so nice having the extra room. You really should stop by if you get the chance. Christian decided that since the weather has been so nice he’d teach our daughter how to talk right in the middle of the driveway. Her first word was dada, but I’m not surprised since she just adores Christian.
  10. 10. She is by far daddy’s little girl; after all she did not get her untidy toilet playing habits from me. I can’t leave her alone for more than five minutes, or I’ll find her playing in the toilet or in a messy puddle. I never would have believed that my daughter would need bathing three times a day.
  11. 11. Have I mentioned how much of a goofball Christian can be? Just this morning I found him dancing in maternity wear. Tala and I both found the lovely show quite hilarious. Oh and tell Grandpa Trey that we have another tub-pirate in the family. Love, Alfhild
  12. 12. Dear Glyndwr, Are we the only two sane people in this family? I couldn’t believe she was crazy enough to actually start a pillow fight with Count Midlock at her wedding. Okay, so I know Maya is a little goofy, but well let’s just say even I thought she was joking when she wanted me to dare her to start a pillow fight with her new father-in law.
  13. 13. Do you know what Pyrrhus and Count Midlock were discussing that night ? It looked very interesting, but I was too preoccupied most of the evening. Love, Alfhild
  14. 14. Dear Alfhild, Actually my wife is quite sane. So no you and I are not alone in thinking my sister does engage in some peculiar behavior. Kali doesn’t understand Maya much either. As to your other inquiry, Edward has asked Pyrrhus to act as a guardian and guide for a group of representatives from what was once Valenwood. There are two Nectu among them, two gypsies, and two Dark Elves.
  15. 15. Everything was going well for the visitors when one of the gypsies by the name of Donitah spontaneously combusted. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumor that’s floating about Lorian that she died. However, rest assured that this is not true. Putting out fires must be part of the dark elven training because Lady Aya was able to put out the fire and saved Lady Donitah from her near death experience. You remember that Uruvion put out Uncle Artax when they were journeying in Valenwood.
  16. 16. I’m happy to report that Donitah was up and about pillow fighting with Cousin Pyrrhus the very next day. I haven’t met any of these representatives in person yet, but Edward is hoping that some of them decide to make the move to Lorian permanent. I know having to watch over and protect five soon to be six houses from an angry mob is stretching him thin.
  17. 17. Lady Donitah, I believe is planning to stay on a permanent basis. She and Pyrrhus seem to have become fast friends. He’s always talking about her whenever he stops by the house.
  18. 18. On the home front, Silvana and Toren both celebrated a birthday. We didn’t hold a real party since Toren doesn’t seem to like large crowds of people. So it was just mom dad, me, Kali, and the kids. Our kids are growing up fast aren’t they?
  19. 19. Si reminds me so much of Grandfather Derek. She has his green eyes and his chin. Her hair is Kali’s though. I think she’s turned out to be quite cute don’t you think?
  20. 20. Maya gets her crazy streak from dad. I did my best to try and convince him to take it easy on the noise making during the celebration. I suppose I wouldn’t have minded as much if he’d made his noises during Si’s transition, who seems quite comfortable in any social situation. But dad and Maya are always going to do as they please. Thankfully, Toren didn’t seem to be phased too much by dad’s hollering and carrying on.
  21. 21. He has mom’s cheeks to be sure, the Goldweaver brow, my eyes, and Kali’s dark hair. He’s a real mixture in the genetics department, but I couldn’t ask for a better son.
  22. 22. Si is spoiled rotten already. She’s only been a toddler a day and has been attacked by more tickle monsters than I can count. She has developed a real soft spot for dad. What is it with him and girls? Your cousin, Glyn
  23. 23. Dear Alfhild, Si is walking now, but she’s still behind your Tala who’s mastered just about any toddler skill there is from the way Maya tells it. I hope she’s not driving you and Christian too batty with her constant visits. If it makes you feel any better she pops in our house about three times a week too. How she does that and helps Edward in setting up for the “party” I have no idea. I swear my sister has energy enough for six people.
  24. 24. Of course, the real reason for this letter is to vent. You’ve always been a good listener. I’m concerned about Toren. He’s always been a bit moody, but his mood swings have only gotten worse since he aged. One minute he’s fine, and the next he’s snapping at someone. Last night I came home to find him yelling at mom.
  25. 25. But he is very good with his little sister. I catch him playing with her all the time. However, Si seems to be the only one that can illicit a smile from Toren anymore. We’ve hardly spent anytime together as of late and I’m wondering if he’s so temperamental because he doesn’t see me enough. I hope I can change that soon.
  26. 26. I really do want to be around the house more often. And not just because of Toren. Kali and I have always wanted at least three kids and with Toren now a child, and me at the top of a career, and the “party” looming, we feel like we’re ready to start trying again. Not to mention I think the birth of a certain family member has influenced my wife some too.
  27. 27. Lindsay and Cinaed have a beautiful baby girl. I think Iruviel is just beautiful. She naturally has Cinaed’s brown hair, but I’m not sure who’s eyes she has. I never pay attention to the eyes. Maya’s started a bet that Iruviel will end up being a Valen. Personally, I’m staying out of it. But she’s talked several of the others into taking a side. Last count that I heard was Pyrrhus, Maya, and dad all think she’ll be Valen. Mom, Lindsay, and Cinaed think there is no way that the Valen blood could possibly last six generations.
  28. 28. Speaking of the twins, Cinaed tells me that Pyrrhus stopped by the house to check on his niece. While he was there, Cinaed pushed him for an update on things with the ambassadors.
  29. 29. Apparently, only three of the ambassadors seem very interested in making the move permanent at this time. Both the Nectu, Lady Lala and Lady Jane are going to be staying, as well as one of the gypsies Lady Donitah.
  30. 30. But I think Lady Lala may be more than just a friend of the family. Maya said she thinks there is really something going on there. I have to agree with her, since I have no evidence to contradict it with. I guess we’ll both know more after the “party” this weekend. Your Cousin, Glyn
  31. 31. Dear Glyndwr, I’m sorry that Christian and I were unable to attend the party, but Valen and Maya both tell us that everything went smoothly. I’m very glad to hear this. There were complications with Christian going into labor. But don’t worry, Kaya is safe and sound. She’s just beautiful.
  32. 32. Maya stopped by after the meeting was over to check on us. Don’t worry I’m well aware that your sister is a bit of a stalker. And really she hasn’t stopped by that much, yet.
  33. 33. And she’s surprisingly very good with Tala. The two will sit for hours playing together. She swears she and Jeff never plan to have children. How long do you think that will last? We really do need to get the girls together someday. I really think that Si and Tala would get along together beautifully. And I don’t want it to be the way it was with us. We are cousins and we’d never met until we took the journey to Waterfall Springs/Valenwood together. Love, Alfhild
  34. 34. Dear Alfhild, We should get the girls together as soon as possible. They both seem to have a love for music from everything I’ve heard. But I suppose, you are interested in my take on the events of the party. Kali and I left the kids with Mom and Dad about 8:00 last night and headed over to Edward’s.
  35. 35. But really this whole “party” was Maya’s doing. Ever since she got discovered by the mob, she’d gotten it into her head that she knew a way to get the businesses to start respecting the workers in Lorian. She discussed the whole matter of schmoozing her way into the Lorian social circle, and then throwing an extravagant “party” with Edward. He thought she had a brilliant plan in mind and told her to roll with it. She’s been working for about a year and a half rubbing elbows with the Lorian elite, while getting to know the ambassadors from Waterfall Springs too. It all culminated in the “party” we held last night.
  36. 36. Actually, this is also considered the first gathering of the Lorian High Council. However, the members have not yet been completely set in stone. Edward and I still need to work out the details. But last night, myself, Kali, Edward, Julie, Pyrrhus, Maya, Valen and Lady Lala were present, along with the Lorian business leaders.
  37. 37. One of the gentlemen present was Lance King. I’ve met him before and he is by far one of the more fair minded businessmen in Lorian. His father was corrupt as hell, but he’s an honest fellow who has tried to do right by his employees. It wasn’t any trouble to convince him the tactics that had been employed in the past were no longer going to be tolerated.
  38. 38. Not all the business leaders took the news so well. Maya’s fiery temper flared with one local businesswoman who was adamant that she wasn’t going to be bullied into anything. Maya I think would have gone off into one of her trademark 20 minute lectures, if she hadn’t been rudely interrupted.
  39. 39. Mr. Coleman was no more pleased about this little trick of ours than Miss Lucas. He actually called Maya a conniving bitch.
  40. 40. I’ll admit it, I’m still a protective older brother. You know there’s not much that can keep my temper at bay when you attack someone that’s close to me. I’m not going to repeat what I said, but I can’t say that I regret it.
  41. 41. It was Edward that called things back to order again. He stayed calm and collected throughout the entire affair not once allowing their insults to affect him. You could clearly see why people respect him. He said very little the entire evening, but whenever he opened his mouth I found I and everyone else in the room seemed compelled to listen to what he had to say.
  42. 42. Your brother did an amazing job as well. He had all the contracts drawn up and informed the business leaders that not only would they end up in jail if their practices continued, but they stood to loose a great deal of money.
  43. 43. In the end all the business leaders agreed to sign the contracts Valen had drawn up and left peacefully enough. I can now rest in the comfort than no longer will our people be treated unfairly in their place of business. If only, I could take away the horrendous mob! It pains me to see my people forced to live in fear of one family. And it is worse, because I know there is nothing more I can do to protect the people of Lorian.
  44. 44. Mr. King lingered behind the rest of the guests and struck up a conversation with the family. He expressed his gratitude for what Maya had done and once again pledged his full support to what our family is trying to accomplish.
  45. 45. Maya was flattered, but she was struck with sudden inspiration. She’s recommended that Lance King be made a member of the High Council. Edward and I both agree that having a natural born Lorian representative would be beneficial and that Mr. King would be the perfect candidate. He’s supposed to let us know of his decision in a few days. Your Cousin, Glyn
  46. 46. Dear Glyndwr, Christian and I are both thrilled that everything turned out so well. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. King once before, and I will agree that he is a very honorable man. It’s hard to believe, that Christian and I have found time to spend together these days with two kids.
  47. 47. Of course said break was made possible by your sister. Maya took both the girls and watched them all afternoon. Of course, Tala came home a complete mess, but the break was worth the extra bathtime. Love, Alfhild
  48. 48. Dear Glyndwr, Now we are the ones celebrating a double birthday. It’s hard to believe Tala is going to be a child! And sweet little Kaya soon won’t be so little anymore. But Silvana’s birthday isn’t far off either is it? I’m sorry you and Kali couldn’t make it to the party. I’ll be sending pictures in my next correspondence. How are you? Are things with Toren any better now that you don’t work such long hours? Love, Alfhild
  49. 49. Dear Alfhild, It is hard to believe that Silvana is almost a child now. I’m sorry we couldn’t make it to the party, but we all had the flu here and I didn’t think you wanted us to bring that over and infect your clan.
  50. 50. Well, Toren has made some improvement I guess. He is talking to the rest of the family now, but he goes over our heads sometimes. He’s a smart kid and highly curious. And although he’s not as moody, he has developed some odd behaviors.
  51. 51. For instance, he has developed this odd habit of daydreaming on his bed every night. Either myself or Kali have to go in there and make sure he actually goes to sleep. He keeps insisting that he can’t go to sleep until he comes. But Toren won’t tell us who he is exactly.
  52. 52. Other times I’ll catch him sitting on the couch at night with his eyes closed. When I ask him what he is doing, he gets uncomfortable and says it’s nothing.
  53. 53. And still other times, I’ll be disturbed by his screaming. Kali has seen him in a near state of panic several times, and we can barely get him to school each day. He refuses to take the bus, so one of us has to drive him to school. It’s the only way he’ll go. But he won’t tell us why he’s so scared of taking the bus. Do you think someone is picking on him at school?
  54. 54. We’ve all taken to spending extra time with him in hopes that he’ll open up to one of us. It’s so difficult knowing that something is wrong with one of your children, and not knowing how you can help.
  55. 55. Well it’s getting late, and I’m sure Toren has not gone to sleep yet. I’m sure I’ll find him either reading quietly or sitting with his eyes closed waiting for “him” to come. I wish I knew what was going on. Take care and do send those pictures of the girls soon, Kali is getting anxious. Your Cousin, Glyn
  56. 56. Yes, I’m evil I know. I promise not to make you wait too long for the next chapter. I’ve also received a request to begin putting stats for the sims in my story at the end of the chapters. I don’t really look at the numbers on their personalities, but I’ve decided to give you a little more detail about whose who in the Goldweaver Legacy. So clicky clicky for details on characters mentioned this chapter.
  57. 57. Glyndwr Vijayakar one of two narrators this chapter, is my fifth generation heir. He is a family sim with the LTW of seeing three children graduate from college. Glyn is a lot like his grandmother Kalina, being very serious in nature. He spends a lot of his time in the study playing chess or reading books. However, he is a true family sim as well, and is often in the company of one of his children or his wife while partaking in these activities.
  58. 58. Kali Midlock Vijayakar is my fifth generation spouse. She is the daughter of Count Edward Midlock, the family’s vampire guardian. She is also a family sim with the same desire as her husband to see 3 kids graduate from college. Kali has the tendency to not only stare out the window in contemplation almost daily, but she also has a habit of juggling bottles out of the refrigerator as well. So I’ve come to view her as the more playful of the two.
  59. 59. This is a picture of our sixth generation heir Toren Vijayakar. He has inherited his mother’s black hair but his father’s eyes. He also has inherited the legacy brow which began with my founder Oloros’ Goldweaver. And his mouth was given to him by his grandmother Opal. Toren here does in fact sit on his bed and either read or daydream every night. My resident ghosts always float around in his room and he is the only person so far to be haunted since the rebuild. This is why he has been chosen to have the prophetic dreams.
  60. 60. This is sixth generation spare Silvana Vijayakar. She inherited her mother’s black hair and her grandfather Derek’s green eyes. I was so glad to see someone get Derek’s eyes. She spends a lot of her time socializing with someone in the family, but she is pretty much stalked by her grandfather Atreyu. Seriously, she hardly ever has time to play with her xylophone.
  61. 61. Speaking of stalking grandfather’s, here’s Atreyu Vijayakar my fourth generation heir. After a period of autonomous cleaning and other odd behaviors after his mother’s death, Trey has gone back to his usual Pleasure seeking self. He now spends most of his day tub-pirating, and playing with his grand-daughter. But he also makes time for daily pillow fights with his wife Opal.
  62. 62. Here’s Trey’s wife Opal at her son’s wedding. She’s a romance sim, but she’s never rolled a want for anyone but Trey. She’s a good match of Trey, but she doesn’t socialize much with anyone in the house outside of her husband. That is part of the reason why it’s so difficult to get pictures of her to use in the updates. She has completed her LTW to become a Hall of Famer.
  63. 63. This is the co-narrator for this chapter Alfhild London McCarthy. She is Glyndwr’s cousin and is best friends with he and his wife Kali. But by far her closest friend is her cousin Maya. (You’ll see Maya shortly) She is a very laid back and sweet sim. She’s a fortune sim with the LTW to top Business which she is currently working on.
  64. 64. This chapter focused primarily on updating you on one of my spare houses, the McCarthy’s. The head of the house is Christian here. He seemed so serious in college, that I was shocked when I moved him in and saw what a goof-ball he is. But he’s a great sim and really good for Alfie. So I’m glad I married him in despite his interesting genetics. He’s a Romance sim which is another thing I didn’t know and he wanted to reach the top of the Slacker career which he has recently completed. And he too has never rolled a single want for anyone except his spouse.
  65. 65. Here are the McCarthy’s two girls. Christian is holding the eldest Tala while Alfhild is holding Christian’s alien daughter Kaya. Both girls have taken after their father in the looks department. I can’t really say much about them personality wise yet. However, Tala does seem to share her cousin Silvana’s love for music. Only time will tell if the two girls will get along as well as I anticipate.
  66. 66. This chapter also saw the family lift the Slacker restrictions due to Maya Vijayakar Midlock. Maya is Glyn’s younger sister. She was originally going to lift Life of Crime, however due to a bad chance card she was fired. Therefore, I had to pick a different set of restrictions for her to lift. She married Edward’s son Jeff. She has promised to join the ranks of the vampires with her husband when Count Edward sees fit to bestow her with the gift. I’m really surprised he hasn’t bitten her yet considering how often he bites people autonomously. But no, he only bites people I don’t want him to bite. Maya’s actually a fortune sim with the LTW to earn 100,000 simoleons. Yeah, we’ll see.
  67. 67. And this is Maya’s husband Jeff Midlock. He’s Edward’s adopted son and uncle to Toren and Silvana. He’s another romance sim who’s completely loyal to his spouse, yeah I have weird romance sims. I guess I’m lucky. His LTW is to be a Professional Party Guest, which he has recently achieved. It was because of him that I got the idea to have Maya lift the Slacker Restrictions.
  68. 68. Speaking of Edward, here he is trying to bite another person I don’t want him to bite. ED THIS SHOULDN’T BE THAT HARD. JUST, BITE HIS SISTER, WHO’S SITTING IN A CHAIR JUST TO THE RIGHT OF THE SCREEN! He’s been the family’s new guardian since generation three, replacing Laci London. He’s a Grilled Cheese Sim with the LTW to eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. He’s working toward that goal, but it will be a while. He’s the father of Kali Vijayakar and Jeff. He’s also Toren and Silvana’s grandfather. It’s been interesting having two sets of grandparents for my kids to get to know. He will be playing a key role this generation so we’ll be seeing him again.
  69. 69. This chapter also let you see if only briefly, Alfhild’s younger half brother Valen. He is Lorian’s only lawyer and was present story wise to be the one to be on hand for signing of contracts and to offer the law side of things. He’s a knowledge sim with the LTW to be The Law. He’s working on that one. I’m not sure when we’ll see him again, as he’s serving a very small role in the story.
  70. 70. Finally, this chapter we met this business leader Lance King. I have wanted the Lorian council to consist of an actual Lorian citizen outside the family tree for nearly three months. Then lo and behold as I was shooting the “party” scene, Lance here was the most polite sim. He’s gotten along so well with everyone during the meeting, that I’ve decided he’s going to be the Lorian council member. He will probably pop into the story a few more times, but at this time I can’t tell you how big of a role he will actually play.
  71. 71. And I’ll officially close this chapter with a pregnant man dancing. I just love Christian, even if he looks like he fell out of the ugly tree. See you all next time.