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DDRR Chapter 1 1


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DDRR Chapter 1 1

  1. 1. The piece of paper said that my name was Deaglan Discourses, that I owned a block of land at 15 Summer Hill Court and that I was the founder of a legacy. The fact that I didn’t remember my name or how I came to be here was disconcerting to say the least. But I decided the best course of action to take was a brave one. Even if things looked bleak or I felt worried, I needn’t show that to others. I believe confidence will take you any place you need to go and help you achieve anything you put your mind to. I was fit, young and healthy, and not too shabby to look at either. The piece of paper also said I had $1,800 in the bank. Yes I was better off than many.
  2. 2. So using my charisma I hailed a cab and asked to be taken to the address shown on the paper. My confidence grew as we passed grander looking houses. Perhaps I owned a mansion with marble flooring and a Jacuzzi. Deaglan has the brave, athletic and charisma traits. Sorry to say he wears the sad pouty lip expression most of the time.
  3. 3. Finding out that 15 Summer Hill Court was just a block of land without a house shook me up a quite bit. It was just a patch of grass, a very large patch of grass.
  4. 4. I took a walk around. It did have a rather spectacular view, I could certainly appreciate that. But why was I here? Perhaps I was in fact a spy whose memories had been wiped to protect me. I rather liked that idea. Maybe I was here to save the neighbourhood of Sunset Valley? Yes I could see myself a famous foiler of nefarious criminal activity; wearing a low brimmed hat with a beautiful lady on my arm. Deaglan has the love of the outdoors trait and his LTW is to be a International Spy.
  5. 5. With that in mind I practised my best James Bond voice to the letter box. “Deaglan, Deaglan Discourses.” But day dreaming wouldn’t get me a job. On the way here the cab had passed a police station, so I decided to head back and see if I could get a job. I expected a long walk, but no sooner had I gone to the side of the road when a cab appeared. ...As if by magic.
  6. 6. It was surprisingly easy to get a job with the police force here. I guess the job of snitch isn’t exactly popular. As I came out of the police station my attention was drawn across the road to the park.
  7. 7. Did my eyes spy a ravishing beauty? A possible Mrs. Bond to my James? Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I had to go across the road and talk to her.
  8. 8. “Good morning, my name is Deaglan Discourses and I just moved here.” *Why who do you think I spied?* “Alessandra, nice to meet you.”
  9. 9. Maybe I was going to be lucky and find myself a wife right away.
  10. 10. “I’m the new cop in town” I said with swagger. “Really, what position?” “Erm >cough< A snitch >cough< ” “...” Let’s just say she wasn’t impressed. She didn’t have to ask though, did she?
  11. 11. I knew she wasn’t the one for me when she said my golden jelly fish tale was the most pathetic and cringe worthy joke she had ever heard. I mean really, who disses the golden jelly fish? That jelly fish is awesome! She was just a grump. Never mind by looking away from her I caught a glimpse of another pretty lady. Working across from this park could have some advantages.
  12. 12. So I ran across... Hey I’m not desperate, just trying to keep fit.
  13. 13. She turned out to be a teen. Seeing I didn’t really want my new buddies to come lock me away for cradle snatching it was hi and bye to Bebe Hart. But this was just one of those days where pretty girls just kept crossing my line of vision.
  14. 14. The red head shook my hand well enough, but gazed at me with steely eyes like she could see right into my thoughts. I wasn’t checking out that Hart girls butt honest! ...Well not much!
  15. 15. Twyla had the gaze of a hawk and the lines of an old woman. She gave off a kind of creepy vibe and I was glad when another lady walked passed that I could greet.
  16. 16. Although she had a ‘delightful’ uni brow which made me wonder what else she didn’t pluck.
  17. 17. My boss had said the job required a lot of logic, so I figured I best get down to playing some chess. I had no idea how to play but I knew it was supposed to teach logic. Moving a few pieces around a board should be a sinch... shouldn’t it? *Do the raw or burnt prawns move first?*
  18. 18. Of course my attention was also being distracted yet again by another pretty lady. How was a guy supposed to think around here?
  19. 19. I was pleasantly surprised when she came over and introduced herself as Morgana Wolf. “I can play with you if you like.” *Play with me... * I tried to stop my mind wondering down that track as I noticed she had a ring on her wedding finger. Gosh darn, the good ones are always taken.
  20. 20. But of course she meant play chess. I noticed a guy wondering around, glancing at us every now and then. I wondered if he was her husband. If he was, she certainly didn’t acknowledge him.
  21. 21. After our game of chess I went to grab a bite to eat and was stopped by a masked woman. “So we meet again... ‘Niall’.” “My name is Deaglan.” “Sure you are, and I’m Marie Antoinette” She smirked.
  22. 22. I was too hungry to listen to the ravings of some nut case, so I politely said good bye and sat down to eat a sandwich. I hope whoever the picnic belonged to wouldn’t begrudge a man without a fridge a bite to eat. Morgana came over to join me so I wondered if the picnic belonged to her.
  23. 23. It didn’t but she said everybody shared their picnics around Sunset Valley and not to worry about it. “So are you eating?” “No, actually I came to give you a friendly warning.” “A warning about what?”
  24. 24. “About Twyla, the woman in the mask” said Morgana nervously looking around. “Oh that was Twyla! She seemed a little...strange.” “She’s dangerous, so be careful.” “I’m a cop, I can handle her. But thanks.”
  25. 25. I may not have been so complacent if I had seen Twyla sit down on the rug and pocket the glass I had just drunk from.
  26. 26. I walked passed Morgana and her husband on my way to the gym. She ate alone while he sat and read with his back to her. I wondered just how happy they were. While I certainly didn’t want to be a home wrecker, I could see myself easily falling for her if they were estranged.
  27. 27. Morgana had told me the gym was well equipped and she was right. Lucky for me there was free food and showers, as I certainly couldn’t afford to buy my own. Before heading on home to see if my bed had been delivered I decided to pump some iron. I was already fit, but some extra muscle wouldn’t hurt.
  28. 28. >puff puff< “Urrrgh.”
  29. 29. “Ahhhggh!” Ok so maybe I wasn’t quite as fit as I first thought. I strained some more; surely I was strong enough to move these weights together?
  30. 30. >fart< Oh man, did that woman have to walk in right now?!
  31. 31. I quickly made tracks for the shower and headed home. At least I had a comfy bed to sleep in even if it was out under the stars.
  32. 32. Surprisingly I slept well and made my way back over to the gym early. I wanted to eat breakfast and get in a swim before my first day of work. I gagged at the old cardboard taste of the cereal. But beggars can’t be chooses, so I quickly gulped it down trying not to think about the expiry date I had seen on the box.
  33. 33. After work I went over to the library to read up on my logic. Maybe reading a book might make that chess thing a bit easier. While I was there I spied another lovely creature. Err no not Cydwithnumbers.
  34. 34. The blond went into the other room and grabbed a book of the shelf. Suddenly I was overcome with the urge to go flirt and see if she returned my feelings.
  35. 35. She was happy enough to talk with me.
  36. 36. The flirting- not so much. “I’m Agnes Crumplebottom and I do not flirt with homeless losers like you!”
  37. 37. My second day on the job and already the boss could see my potential. I was now a Desk Jockey. I was not going to be a homeless loser for very long; that I was going to make sure of.
  38. 38. Next morning I ate my cereal on my new loo. What? The loo is a good place to eat and think. Sure it’s a little open to those fancy neighbours, but that’s their bad luck if they catch me on the bog. I wondered about that crazy Twyla woman who had called me Niall. Did she know something I didn’t? I also wondered about just who in this town I could marry. The women here were all too young, too old, too grumpy or too taken! What I didn’t know then was that I had already met my future wife and would meet her again that day. Which one of the lovely ladies featured in this chapter will become Deaglan’s wife? Find out in part two!