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Bawse legacy 3.1


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CHAPTER 3.1!!!

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Bawse legacy 3.1

  1. 1. Hello!Welcome to the Bawse Legacy: PopularityYo.Last time: Kristen (seen right; Gen. 2 heir) Graduated and only wentthrough one guy… Just like her mom (right) before settling on a spouse.They kicked outTaylor, the nuisance of the house.One of the twins coped with life without her boy toyDavin finally got to go on a date with the maidThat’s about it so on with the show!
  2. 2. We begin this update with engagements.As you can see here I gotpretty lazy and sentGabby’s old flame to college.I can’t even remember the girl’s name but I think it starts with aT.Anyway, this is who she’s going to end up with, just to spawn somenew teen townies.
  3. 3. Left to Right: Danner and… Ivy remakeDavin and the MaidGabby and…Topher.
  4. 4. Although for all his talk, Davin didn’t actually fall in love with the maiduntil after the proposal.But whatever.He fell in love at the end
  5. 5. Danner is actually cuter than he was before.Davin… Davin no. He looks exactly like his father andthe high top fade does nothing for him.The twin blossomed in her youth. Or old age rather.As Jimmy Phoenix nearly freezes to death behind her
  6. 6. Meanwhile back at the lab…I come home to literally no fanfare… My parents were fast asleep.Gee thanks guys.You didn’t want me to leave but now that I’m back youshow me no attention.In that case, I’m leaving again! Ha, that will show them not to appreciateme.
  7. 7. I go shopping for clothes and of course, the first thing I see is a fabulous manmaid plucking through “drab poo brown shirts.”And of course, my aunt Laura hitting on him is always nice.It feels good to be home.
  8. 8. I start talking to this girl but I feel like she’s not very interested in anythingI’m saying…“So skiing would be pretty cool right? If only Seasons came with resortsthat we could take trips to.”“I love shopping too! It’s so fun. I love buying myself new clothes to weareven though I hardly ever wear any of them.”“But… I’m leaving.”
  9. 9. So back at the lab…Makeover and Stats:Kristen Devereaux.Popularity Sim: LTW Media Magnate4/9/4/4/6Turn ons: Blonde and Custom HairTurn off: Red Hair
  10. 10. If you glance close enough, you will notice that my nose is not too small fora piercing. It’s actually just right.Now that I’m all prepped and ready, I think I’ll call Nolan over so we can getstarted on the next generation.
  11. 11. “Hey hun, I see you’re still in your graduation get up.”“Yeah, this is more airy than that stupid brown sweater I used to wear so,I figure what the heck?”“So do you want to move in?”“Yeah sure!Why not?We’re engaged after all.”
  12. 12. Nolan (soon to be Devereaux)Popularity Sim: LTW Become Rock GodTurn ons: Black Hair and Make-upTurn off: Hats4/10/4/4/3Really close in stats to Kris actually.
  13. 13. “Whoa babe, I’m not sure what happened, but I find you much moreattractive all of a sudden.”“It might be that empty glowing bottle you just threw away.”Or the fact that you’re both Pop sims and that means I currently have4 Popularity Sims in my house.
  14. 14. Who needs to wait a day to get married? We were ready for kids!And marriage was nice too but it’s mostly all about the children.Chan was really excited to see how my skin tone would mix intoour babies.
  15. 15. We had a great crowd too, with no fashion fo-paws. (SP.)A lot of them were random townies but the others were familymembers.Of course Mona had to mess up the shot by looking away but Idigress.These people were all pawns I’d use to reach PopularityGreatness!!
  16. 16. I did not notice that Danner still had braces. I’d completelyforgotten that I put them in there.They’re very realistic though! I’m a fan
  17. 17. “So Davin, you finally got your wish, huh? Married the love of your entirelife. Literally.You have loved her, your whole life.”“Yup and now legally, she can’t deny me!”“That’s not true.”“Ok it’s not but still! I got her!”“I think we see who wears the pants in this relationship…”
  18. 18. “Honey, who is this that I just became best friends with?”“Um.. I am not quite sure… She may just be one of your friends because Idon’t know the guy standing in the archway either.”“What do you say we ditch them all and blow this popsicle stand?”“Ooo and what do you suggest we do?”
  19. 19. “Hehehe I have a few ideas to pass the time.”
  20. 20. “Kristen please tell that is your phone vibrating in your pocket. For thelove of god tell me that’s your phone.”
  21. 21. It turned out to be my phone and I turned out to bepregnant!Good thing I didn’t try stripping.I’d probably be in a whole different situation right now
  22. 22. “HEY!YOU! PRETTY LADY!! I LOVEYOU!!!”“Wow! Nolan, I’m very much so pregnant and I really do notbelieve this is safe.”“It’s ok!Worse comes to worse you’ll break a hip or something.That kind of stuff happens every day.”“Not to sims or pregnant women!”
  23. 23. So I hadn’t started to show yet and decided to sneak in one moreday of work before I had to rest.I really wanted to be Media Magnate and get it before Nolan didso I could rub it in his face.
  24. 24. My parents were still the bread winners of the house though, Dadjust kept getting awesome Chance Cards.We had at least $50,000 in the bank just because of chance cards.We had more money than we knew what to do with!Chan was planning a rebuild soon but she wanted to wait until shehad enough to completely redo everything.
  25. 25. My husband is a womanizer…“Hey there Nolan. Nice boxers.”“Oh yeah, is that silk?”“Looks like silk to me, say where do you think you’re going?”“Umm… I have to… My mom…. Doesn’t exist but I’m gonna goanyway!”
  26. 26. “Oh my god…. My stomach.. I can see inside of it.”“Now I know what Nolan sees in you!”“Get out! I can see my intestines. THIS IS NO LAUGHINGMATTER!!!!!!”
  27. 27. “People ofVeridian! LISTEN TO ME! I shall rule you all! One by one youwill all fall to the mighty mind controlling powers of NOLANTHEGREAT!!!!And my first order of business will be no more slow loadingsims games when you have a lot of CC! DOWNWITH LAG UPWITHCOMPUTERSWHO CAN SUPPORTADDICTIONS!!Thank you.”
  28. 28. “What’s the purpose of this pictureChan? I mean really?You’re not tryingto show that I’m getting promotions.”I know I know…That puppy dog face is just so darn cute. I’ve neverseen that face before and I just had to share it!
  29. 29. They all come from work at the same time and when Kristen went towork, she got home at the same time as well. Having so manyPopularity Sims in one house is quite interesting.But also, Zack got his LTW: Become the LawHailey working her way up to…… something.
  30. 30. “Hi stranger! Would you like to hug me? I’m pregnant.”“What? No. I just came here for Nolan… Why would I want tohug you?You’re gross.”“What?... Oh….”
  31. 31. “Come here honey, I’ll hug you. Just to show you I love youbefore I go off to do this heinous act.”“Why are you hugging her and not me, NOLAN??? HUG ME!!!”“Wait, what heinous act?”“You’ll see.”
  32. 32. “Did you just kiss her?? DIDYOU… Just kiss.. HER??”
  33. 33. “How dare you? How dare you kiss your husband in front of your ex who’snow married to your daughter?? Have you any idea what you’ve done tothis house? Do you even know.What you have done.To.This. House. Mychildren’s father dated their grandmother and hate their grandfather!”“But, you’re happily married! I ditched you in college!You should be overit!”“WELL I’M NOT!”
  34. 34. “Then I hate you.”“The feeling is mutual.”How does this even happen? I’d completely forgotten thatthey dated. I’d completely forgotten that he was in line to bethe spouse for Hailey.Oh gosh. What a pickle.
  35. 35. “Um Nolan,-”“Not now Kristen. I’m seething.”“But…Why?”“Because your mother broke my heart…”
  36. 36. “I loved her back in college and I thought she loved me.We went on datesand she seemed to have an amazing time.Then she turned cold… I never got another call, text, email. None of it.After a while I had to move on. I had no clue that was your mother.When you came along you wiped out all the heart ache she left me with…But now I guess it never truly went away…”
  37. 37. “YOU HAVE BROUGHT DISHONORTOOUR FAMILY!!”“What??? HOW???”“YOU MARRIEDYOUR MOTHER’S EXCONQUEST!YOUCOULD’VE ATLEASTWAITEDA GENERATION!”“But I wasn’t even born yet! How was I supposed to know??”“Ugh, I need some food therapy. Where’s the Ben and Jerry’s?”
  38. 38. “We need to talk ok…We can’t let this feud go on. For Kristen’s happinessand just the overall household. We need to let this go and be adults. Imean, for goodness sake Nolan, I’m almost an elder now.”“Hailey, you left me.You abandoned me when I fell in love with you. I’llput on a happy face for Kristen because I love her. But I will never trulyforgive you for what you did to me. Ever. Because you literally andmetaphorically stink.”“I’ll just have to accept that and maybe take a shower to wash it away.”
  39. 39. “That could’ve been my brother in law.. I could’ve been… No. Ican’t think like that because I love Kristen. And had I married hermother, I would’ve been her father and seeing as I’m about to bethe father of her children that is incredibly weird..And my head hurts so I’m just going to stop thinking.”
  40. 40. Hailey aged up in the bathroom and has very very prominentcheek bones. I mean wow.Those things could cut diamonds!
  41. 41. And later that night, my son(s) were born!The little tyke you seeme holding now is Mark.He has his father’s coloring and eyes but my hair.His brother was supposed to be named Mark but Chan messed upand couldn’t tell them apart.
  42. 42. Thus how Nolan II came to be. OrJune Bug as we call himbecause “NolanTwo” just doesn’t seem right.He got my coloring and hair and his father’s eyes.It came as a shock but I love my boys.
  43. 43. “Wow my wife is so hot when she makes babies.”
  44. 44. And of course, in true legacy fashion, the grandparents take over andmake lovely baby sitters.
  45. 45. “Hey Sweety, I know you’re young and think you’re so amazing… But I’mthe best dancer inVeridian.”“Oh please mom.You couldn’t dance even if your prosthetic hip didn’tgive out.”“Oh yeah?”“Yeah!”
  46. 46. “Well I’ll teach you!”“Not with my elbow through your temple you won’t!”“No fair! Glitch fighting isn’t allowed.”“All’s fair on the dance floor mama!”
  47. 47. “Then take this forearm through your jugular!”“*cough hack choke*”
  48. 48. “I hate him. I hate him for making me feel bad. I hate him for making meremember the memories we had. I hate him for making me rememberhow horrible I was to him.. I didn’t love him! It was never going to work. Ijust never felt the same.Why did he have to go and ruin a happy house??”
  49. 49. “Hey little baby… When you grow up, you’ll never have to feelbad because your skintone wasn’t a random mistake.You are aproduct of your mom who loves you very much. So justremember, you are special and nothing is wrong with you.”
  50. 50. “Hey man, can I talk to you?”“Actually I’d much rather not.We don’t really need to pretend to be closeor anything. I understand the underlying message you send me everytime I see you. And just personally, I’d prefer if you didn’t try to rub it in.So I’d just like to play with my kids and be alone.”“I…Well alright. I understand.”
  51. 51. “POST PARTUM DEPRESSION I HATE MYSELFANDYOU!!!”“That’s my best friend, Georgie. Georgie, this is my daughter Kristen…”“WHOCARESWHO SHE IS?! SHE’S PRETTYAND I’M NOT SOGOAWAY!!!”“So would you like to see the rest of the house?”“Yes absolutely.Yes. Let’s go.”
  52. 52. I died when he grew up. Because he grew up with no eyebrows andthat just tickled me for some reason. I have no idea why but I just died.
  53. 53. Make over. Now he looks like a stereotypical granddad.
  54. 54. “I may be old but you’re never too old for couch jumping!”
  55. 55. “She’s too old for couch jumping!”“Oh I can’t bear to watch that. It’s just shameful on elders as a whole.”“That’s my sister in law… Oh dear.”
  56. 56. The twins grew up so quickly.While they didn’t do much except cry, eat, andsleep, it still feels too soon.It’ s like just yesterday I plopped them out of my Plumb bob.As you can see Nolan and I are still on the race to Media Magnate.
  57. 57. “FACETIME!”Beat it kid!“I win!Yay June Bug!And your.. Sparkling… pink… tux..”
  58. 58. Custom cake!
  59. 59. “Hey… Hey man, why’re you looking at the ground?You shy?”“No… Yes. I’m a boy wearing pink…”“Aren’t you a little too young to fear society stereotypes?”“Aren’t you a little too young to know what a society is??”“Touché!Well listen little bro, because I’m two seconds older, I thinkyou’re awesome just how you are. And that’s not just because we’retwins.”“Awww thanks Markie Mark.”
  60. 60. “Yes….. Just..Yes.”“My wife and I are trying to bathe in peace!! Get out of here!!!!!”
  61. 61. Mark Devereaux4/10/9/4/1
  62. 62. Nolan II “June Bug”4/10/4/4/3
  63. 63. “Whoooa I’m awesoooooome.”That’s all for this time!We are getting so close to the plot it’s ridiculous!So excited.But next time:What is this plot of which I speak? How awesome doesJune Bug turn out? Does Nolan get over his drama?Find out all this and less Next time!Thanks for reading!