DD RR chapter 1.2


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DD RR chapter 1.2

  1. 1. It had been a great day. I got promoted to traffic cop and then as I left work I saw a girl across at the park. My heart skipped a beat, was that...? No it couldn’t be. I ran across the road determined to get her number or address.
  2. 2. Bebe hart was no longer a school girl but a stunning woman.
  3. 3. It was a little awkward with her father hanging around, although he left after she glared at him a few times.
  4. 4. I could tell she was the one for me. Can you imagine a woman who actually digs the banjo ballad of Jed Clampet!
  5. 5. Not only that, she could impersonate the golden jellyfish!
  6. 6. “Are you hungry?” “Are you asking me on a date?” “With flowers.” “How could I refuse.” Ding, ding, ding. Huston we have a winner. Nice looking newly turned young adult, and best of all they really hit it off. This is free will flirting from Deaglan.
  7. 7. “I think I’m falling for you Bebe Hart.” She just smiled and kissed my cheek before saying she really had to leave. I wondered if I had rushed things too much. Had I scared her off?
  8. 8. The ringing of the phone next morning woke me up. I was tired and cranky and thinking it was someone for Kentucky Fried Chicken I nearly told them where to shove their drumstick. Luckily before I said a few choice words I realized it was Bebe calling to thank me for dinner and did I want to meet up in the park later. Yes! I am just too irresistible. Just wait until she got an eyeful of my new uniform.
  9. 9. Not that my new uniform had come with any cases yet. After a long day chained to a desk doing the boss’s paper work I walked around the park. Not to show off my uniform of course, just that my shoes needed some wearing in. I began to wonder if I had been stood up. Maybe I had only dreamt that phone conversation. Ok so it was only five minutes past the hour, but dang she wasn’t answering her phone either. Not that I’m desperate or anything. I’m a cop, punctuality is important.
  10. 10. “Deaglan?” I swung around at the sound of her voice meaning to be all debonair. But instead I big old grin swept over my face. It was just so good to see her.
  11. 11. I knew things had moved very fast, but somehow it just felt right. Bebe couldn’t move in that night, so as much as we didn’t want to part I hugged her goodbye and set of home, still alone. I didn’t really think about the people in the park. But of course it’s a small town and news of one of the towns own getting engaged to the new comer, in full view in the park must have been considered quite the juicy bit of gossip. No doubt it quickly spread around.
  12. 12. Spread around to all the wrong ears.
  13. 13. I don’t know what Twyla was expecting or what she had been planning to steal or plant; but I’m sure I surprised her by promptly waking up before she even made it anywhere near my bed. Somehow I thought my engagement to Bebe and Twyla turning up that very same night could not be a coincidence.
  14. 14. If she thought I wouldn’t hit her because she was a woman she had another thing coming.
  15. 15. I gave her a thorough butt whoopin and she took off as fast as she could go. Nobody threatens my family.
  16. 16. I slept late into the morning dreaming of our wedding planned for that day. I did a dance on the grass and yelled yahoo much to the horror of the passing Landgraabs in their fancy car. Haha but I do love shocking them a bit. Still Nancy doesn’t have to peek out her window at me does she?
  17. 17. It was a quiet ceremony, just us and the flowers
  18. 18. “So honey, we’re home!” “Err...” I was rather nervous as Bebe hadn’t seen my home and I kind of, sort of, hadn’t told her about it. I mean I’d told her I lived on Summer Hill Court...
  19. 19. That I had a telescope and a great view. Just that I had just failed to mention the lack of walls or a roof.... “Um Daeglan?” “Yes honey bee, oh sweetness of my life?” “Where is the framming house?!”
  20. 20. “Well you know that story where Dorothy goes up in a tornado...” “Not buying.” “Or um how about that other story where the house floats away on a hundred balloons?” “Romantic, but no.” “How about I just don’t have one.”
  21. 21. “That’s better, I don’t want any more of your spun up stories Deaglan Discourses, you hear me?” “Yes ma’am.” “Now how about we try out the bed?” “Yes ma’am!”
  22. 22. “Well this is cosy.” “It would be cosier with some walls.” “Do you want to wait?”
  23. 23. “Heck no, let’s give them something to actually gossip about.”
  24. 24. ...
  25. 25. “So about those walls....”
  26. 26. “So why didn’t you poof some up before?” “I only brought in the cash, the creator person had to do that.” “Creator person?” “Never mind honey.”
  27. 27. So this is what Bebe’s cash bought them. A little no window-no paint-no carpet shack. And yes we all know it has ‘unfinished rooms’ which are ‘dark in here’!
  28. 28. *I still can’t believe I am married* Deaglan is so cute, I keep catching him staring at his wedding ring. 
  29. 29. I was a bit worried about Bebe, I think she caught some virus. She told me she didn’t need to go waste money on seeing a Doctor. Sims 3 vomit is gross!
  30. 30. I don’t think Bebe was too surprised when she popped at the library; but the fact that she was pregnant hadn’t even crossed my mind. I mean a baby in this shack?
  31. 31. Bebe had been a little reluctant to visit her parents. I soon found out why. Her father is well... kind of tactless. “You’re getting a bit fat Bebe. Too much hanky-panky with that new bloke of yours.” “I’m pregnant dad! You’re going to be a Grandfather!”
  32. 32. “A baby! Honestly Bebe, you need to stop reading so many books and learn to lie about and get that toy boy of yours to look after you. Wailing babies make work! Trust me I should know, you were a right little pain.” Yes her father was quite something.
  33. 33. At least her mum while slightly crazy was happy for us. “Hey baby, goo goo gar!”
  34. 34. “Mum you need to make Dad stop, he embarrassed me!” “Gus! Stop being a naughty boy now!” “Yeah, I’m sure that will work” said Bebe rolling her eyes.
  35. 35. Put on maternity leave from the hospital, Bebe decided to try and start on the novel she had always wanted to write. “Dang I hate technology! But I didn’t think breaking the computer would hurt this much!”
  36. 36. It was in fact time for our first born to arrive. So what will Bebe have? Most of you on Desirable Discourses already know, but just in case you don’t...cliff hanger! Also did you pick up on Bebe’s traits? They are underline as clues. She has in order of placement in the chapter: Good, Loves the outdoors, frugal, bookworm and technophobe.