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Goldweaver Family Legacy Chapter 14: Exiles


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Chapter 14 of the Goldweaver Family Legacy

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Goldweaver Family Legacy Chapter 14: Exiles

  1. 1. Goldweaver Family Legacy Chapter 14: Exiles
  2. 2. Dear Glyndwr, I do not know if you will receive this last correspondence, however I send it through your sister Maya, in hopes that you and your family are safe. I feel there is so much I still need to tell you and yet, I fear that I have so little time left and space in which to tell you these things, that something will be forgotten or left out. I would have you tell your cousin Alfhild to keep a close watch over her family. I’ve seen…I cannot say what I have seen, for I do not truly understand this vision. But I know that the McCarthy family must remain watchful and attentive if this dark fate I sense is to be avoided.
  3. 3. Your daughter has grown into a beautiful young woman. My regret is that I shall never gain the opportunity to get to know her. I ask that you tell Silvanna that I and her grandmother loved her dearly.
  4. 4. Tell your cousin Pyrrhus to continue to watch over the little ones as he has taken to doing in recent times. You may not approve of all topics of discussion he raises, but hear him out when he gives counsel. He can be of great help to you in the times to come.
  5. 5. I’ve seen how closely you keep your cousin Glyndwr, and I believe this trust is well placed. Keep Pyrrhus near to you wherever you go, for I’ve sensed he has a great deal of strength even if it is of a different kind than your own.
  6. 6. For your cousin Cinaed and yourself I send encouragement. Long has the Ceberlandon family stood by your family Glyndwr. I do not need my visions to know that such bonds would be a horrible thing to loose. Do all that you can to keep your families close.
  7. 7. Though I believe I have very little fear in this regard, for you were close before I even came into your lives. I’ve seen these bonds only become stronger between the Vijayakar, Midlock, Ceberlandon, and McCarthy families in recent seasons. Do not neglect to keep these bonds close for they will serve you well in times of great peril.
  8. 8. To my grandson Toren, who has received my gift of foresight, I give encouragement that he continue in his studies. Yes, I am “he” who visited your son each night. I have started to train him in the use of his ability, though I regret that I will not be able to do so any longer. As to why I came in secret, I fear that I did not trust myself not to burden you more with the thought that I would soon be leaving you.
  9. 9. Do not worry overly much for your son, Glyndwr. He is an apt pupil and is quickly learning to respect his gift. Simply offer him understanding and encouragement when he should speak to you about this matter. This ability does make your son unique, and he will require further aide if he is to truly master it. Though you may not think it a good idea, he must journey to Waterfall Springs and seek out my order. If I know my people correctly, one of them will pick up what I have started and see it to completion.
  10. 10. I now hope that you have listened to my last request for your family and have left Lorian behind. I’ve seen Rainbow Valley in your family’s near future, though I don’t know why. Perhaps you know more by this point, but again I do not know. I’ve not blessed your sister with our gift since it would mean her demise, and I sense…. perhaps others demise as well. I could not take your sister from you Glyndwr, not only because it is my sworn duty as your guardian, but also because I have come to care for her and cannot knowingly bring her to harm.
  11. 11. Glyndwr, it has been a great honor to serve and protect your family. I leave the fate of our people in your capable hands and in the hands of those who survive with you. I do not fear my death, which I know is upon me. Yes, I’ve known for sometime now that my time was drawing to a close, but as I’ve said I did not wish to trouble you with more concerns than you already possessed. Be safe Glyndwr son of Atreyu. Your Guardian Protector, Edward Midlock
  12. 12. Dear Journal, It’s been a long time I fear since I wrote upon your pages. But I’ve had other concerns on my mind. Trying to survive while on the run being chief amongst them. My family has lost so many of our members in recent years, but due to having to leave everything without warning, we’ve not had much time to grieve for those we’ve lost. But finally my family can breath again. Kali has started portraits of those who are no longer with us. She finished those of her parents first.
  13. 13. And that of her brother, soon after. Jeff’s however does not hang on the walls of our home, but instead hangs in the home of my sister Maya.
  14. 14. It was Maya that brought the final letter and message from Edward. We were all gathered in the park letting the kids play, when she came bursting through the woods that lined the playground and told us that Edward had told her to run. She’d been hysterical, but we’d managed to surmise that the mob had set fire to the Midlock’s home in broad daylight soon after she’d left its walls. I decided to do as Edward had requested and left immediately for the shores of the ocean. We managed to get ourselves safely aboard a ship and watched in horror yards from shore as our homes went up in flames. We’ve not been able to return since, as the shores are heavily guarded and any ships from Valenwood are sunk on sight.
  15. 15. My sister lived with us for a few months, but eventually decided to try and make it on her own. We at least convinced her to stay with us until her son was born. She named him Jeff Midlock after his father.
  16. 16. He’s grown to be a very smart young lad, and Maya has proved to an excellent mother. She doesn’t visit the houses as much as she once did, but somehow I get the feeling that this is a temporary arrangement. And in the meantime she’s taken to calling all of us at least 3 times a week, sometimes forgetting she’s calling at an ungodly hour.
  17. 17. Kali also painted a portrait of Artax and Tracy Ceberlandon for Cinaed to place in his home. They had not been at the family gathering the day we left, and according to fleeing Lorians they were captured and later put to death by Gal’s regime.
  18. 18. Cinaed, pregnant Lindsay, and Iruviel had all been with us at the time and had come with us to Rainbow Valley. Lindsay gave birth to the sixth generation Ceberlandon heir, Valen ears and all, shortly after our arrival. They named their son Arden, and he’s a very sweet kid.
  19. 19. Pyrrhus was with us as well and he and Cinaed are still inseparable. And yes, I can still tell that Pyrrhus is the one on the left while Cinaed is on the right.
  20. 20. He and Lady Lala had a quick and quiet wedding once we arrived safely in Rainbow Valley. Thankfully the inhabitants of our new home welcomed us with open arms. Each family was given a plot of land on which to settle, even though we had no money with which to pay for it. But the Nectu have never been a greedy people and of all the races that lived in Valenwood they are the most willing to help those in need.
  21. 21. We all attended the wedding and it was the first reason to celebrate our family celebrated since our exile from Lorian.
  22. 22. Pyrrhus and Lala wasted no time in starting a family of their own here in Rainbow Valley and now have a beautiful baby girl that they named Gallia.
  23. 23. My cousin Alfhild, like my wife lost her parents and her younger brother. We’ve learned from a few souls who fled Lorian after Gal’s takeover that they perished in the fire as their house burned to the ground. The family photo which Alfhild always carried on her person, now hangs on the wall of the McCarthy home. Rest in peace Elestelle Vijayakar Ravendark, Uruvion Ravendark, and Valen Ravendark. You all shall be missed.
  24. 24. Christian and Alfhild live on a plot of land next to our own. His however, is family property that his elderly parents willing gave up for his family’s use.
  25. 25. They have taken Edward’s warning to heart and have done everything they can to keep their family as close knit as possible. Both Tala and Kaya have grown into beautiful young women.
  26. 26. Tala is so much like her father and hasn’t seemed to take much from her mother. It’s not often that one sees Alfhild get upset, but she really had a tangent when she caught her daughter playing in the bathtub. Well that’s what happens when you let my sister babysit all the time.
  27. 27. I’ve taken a special interest in my cousin’s family as well. I come over as much as I can and I’m glad to report that Silvanna and Tala are very close. Alfhild doesn’t much care for the forms of entertainment we often take part in. She often mumbles that she lives in a crazy house.
  28. 28. Little Kaya, is a bit more like Alfhild and she’s not even technically her daughter. She doesn’t much care for the pillow fighting, but she’s always happy to dance with her Uncle Glyn.
  29. 29. Kali finished mom and dad’s portrait and we hung it against the wall. Things are so much quieter around the house without them. Dad and Mom were captured and executed as traitors to Lorian just like the other elders. My baby brother Myrrdin was captured as he returned home from his life journey and killed as well. I still can’t believe that I didn’t see this coming. How could I not see that Gal was gaining influence in the military? How could I underestimate the family that has been making life in Lorian so miserable for so long? How could I not see that Gal would try something like this after he discovered Maya was trying to take down the family?
  30. 30. Perhaps my family deserves to live in exile as punishment. No, I deserve to be in exile for my failure not my family. My family deserves to be happy. It was my job to protect Lorian and I failed. Kali tells me I’m too hard on myself, that I couldn’t have seen it coming, but I can’t shake the feeling that I could have done more. She keeps telling me that we will find a way back someday, but that day is not going to come in my lifetime. Perhaps my children will be able to right my mistakes and be rewarded with seeing the land of their birth once more, but I know in my heart I will not see Lorian again.
  31. 31. My children have grown up into wonderful young people. They are very close and Silvanna has already decided that she wants to become a great chef and start a family of her very own someday.
  32. 32. Toren continues to practice the techniques Edward showed him each night and has decided that the time has come. He must seek out the order of the night and complete his training if he is ever to lead our family back home.
  33. 33. I’m nervous for him as he journeys away from us, but I know this is something he needs to do. Is this how my family felt when I left for my journey?
  34. 34. I take comfort in knowing that my daughter will be at home with us for a little while longer. It’s fun to watch her convincing her Uncle Pyrrhus to buy a ticket in our new family business Harmonious Haven, or watching her paint her pictures, or sleeping peacefully in bed each night.
  35. 35. And at least this time, Waterfall Springs is only a phone call or short two day drive away. It was so nice to receive the photo of Toren on his first day in the safe-house where he will be residing for the next year. I wish him the best as he embarks on his life journey and hopes he finds his as rewarding as I did mine. Glyndwr
  36. 36. Well this is where I leave you this time. Hopefully the differences between the old characters and the new ones isn’t too noticeable. And hopefully no one wants to hurt me too badly for killing off Edward. Next chapter will be primarily about Silvanna and Tala’s teenage years. After that we’ll switch narrators, and Toren will take over the story. Here’s a complete list of characters who are now “dead”. I have no surviving pictures of Myrrdin, so he is not pictured above. Artax and Tracy Ceberlandon Atreyu, Opal, and Myrrdin Vijayakar Edward, Julie, and Jeff Midlock Elestelle, Uruvion, and Valen Ravendark