Presentation to Australia's National Security Colege: 26 Nov 2012t sec college 26 nov


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  • Strategic comms is effective because it addresses the concerns of the audience first. It works because of the effort that it put into it. It is an essential quality of leadership.
  • Environmental scan and corporate memory Influencers and third party advocates: al gore climate change, peter cosgrove cyclone larry, greenpeace and vedanta mining
  • Presentation to Australia's National Security Colege: 26 Nov 2012t sec college 26 nov

    1. 1. Changing communication mapImplications for national security
    2. 2. Premisenational security rests on community supportcommunity support rests on strategic communicationsstrategic communications rests on integrationcommunication changes will affect your policy
    3. 3. Strategic communications a two way process that provides your audiences with truthful, timely and ongoing information to earn their support for what you do
    4. 4. complexity of issuesnew communications environmentinformation tsunamicommunications professional
    5. 5. New-look strategic communications isdifferent separate from media, electoral and funding cycles anchored in integrity continuity interactive beyond VOA (voice of the agency)
    6. 6. how does your agency rate on strategic communications?
    7. 7. Internal communications environmentpolitics end run policypronouncements trump programsdaily headlines crunchour community wants conversationstight timeframes & tough budgetsgreybeards and filing cabinets
    8. 8. Traditional media
    9. 9. Newspapers “We have the opportunity to move from setting the agenda each actually owning the agenda. All day. Every day.” John Hartigan, Chairman & Chief Executive, News Limited Opening Address, PANPA Future Forum August 2010
    10. 10. Multi-speed & multi-platform news economy
    11. 11. Online commentary
    12. 12. New media
    13. 13. 250 000 videos466 000 + videos 2900 + videos
    14. 14. Blogs
    15. 15. The adaptive web
    16. 16. Data mining: new resources boom
    17. 17. Impact on national security
    18. 18. Implications: citizens All of us can…. publish professionally comment anytime anywhere become experts bypass government channels technological right of assembly are never going back
    19. 19. Implications: mediatraditional media is a multi-platform operationnew media links to traditional mediamedia relies on social for first responsenew platforms compete with traditional mediaold business model is busted
    20. 20. Implications: governmentcaution is riskcrowd source sentimentinvest in capabilityinfluencer strategyearly involvementempower first responders
    21. 21. Test what others offerObjectivesEnvironmental scanningAudiencesIntelligence and influencePersuasive messagingMulti channel deliveryResourcingTrack, measure and evaluate
    22. 22. It is not whether the person in the street can get the messageIn this fragmented comms can we gain enough support for our message