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Create Your Content Marketing Team


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Learn the 5 key people in a content marketing team and what they do.

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Create Your Content Marketing Team

  1. 1. create a team beyond average
  2. 2. content marketing is like painting a canvas every stroke moves you closer to your audience
  3. 3. this is # 2 of a 5 part series … • #1 unwrapping content marketing • #2 content marketing team • #3 case studies and stories • #4 images and content marketing • #5 content marketing tools
  4. 4. definition… content is information communities value because it makes them smarter, more productive, successful, knowledgeable or hits an emotional sweetspot
  5. 5. content marketing strategy … is the machinery behind preparing and sharing content and consistently involving ourselves with communities of interest
  6. 6. a team creates… product knowledge thought leadership case studies & stories encourages user generated content curated content
  7. 7. and uses tools like … mobile platforms monitoring and tracking newsletters online discussions public speaking site visits & demonstrations social media videos & images website webinairs white papers apps blogs, pods & videocasts competitions curation e-books events games infographics influencers media
  8. 8. team roles are …. sources creators sharers monitors strategist
  9. 9. content sources… frontline staff first line managers policy makers technicians & in-house experts senior executives & board
  10. 10. other content sources … third parties we sponsor or support people in our supply chain contractors and consultants similar organisations partner groups
  11. 11. their 1st reaction might be…. not my job I’m too busy I’m not a writer why? I already do things for the newsletter
  12. 12. give people a reason to join get & keep managers on-side share your successes freely provide training offer incentives always, always feedback & say thanks earning support …
  13. 13. tips for enlisting support allow time to meet deadlines offer templates and tools brainstorm ideas interview staff promote your editorial calendar
  14. 14. content creators … copy writers curators video and audio makers web team graphic designers
  15. 15. content sharers … media relations officers social media managers web managers public speakers and event managers sales people and front line staff
  16. 16. and your customers ... ask them to share your content encourage them to make content
  17. 17. content monitors … monitor social media , the press customer complaints & compliments and real-time chatter to react, enhance and protect your brand
  18. 18. content strategist … weaves the brand narrative across channels oversees strategic and day-to-day storytelling sees marketing contributes to business manages the content marketing team ensures gaps in capability are covered
  19. 19. your content team … sources creators sharers monitors strategists