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Handy Content Marketing Tools: The Audio News Release


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Often overlooked audio news releases can be a powerful way to get your issues into radio news bulletins

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Handy Content Marketing Tools: The Audio News Release

  1. 1. CONTENT MARKETING TOOLS audio news releases for radio stations
  2. 2. Australia loves radio Australia is radio rich • 64 regional and national ABC stations • 259 commercial stations • 350 community stations • AM, FM, digital and online • Podcasts time-shifts programming
  3. 3. Content marketers love radio Radio • Is in homes, cars, workplaces and mobile devices • Is intimate, friendly and hyper–local • Offers many format options • Is responsive and fast
  4. 4. Audio news release 101 (ANR) An ANR is designed to get your issue in radio news Two parts • Audio 'grabs' from an interview with your spokesperson + • A media release tailored for radio
  5. 5. ANR preliminaries Is your issue is radio-newsworthy Identify national, regional, local radio markets Determine how to produce audio grabs
  6. 6. ANR production Draft a radio-friendly media release Interview your spokesperson Cut the interview into 3-6 short audio quotes Approve the quotes and media release
  7. 7. ANR procedures Send the ANR (quotes &media release) to newsrooms Monitor newsroom pickup Adjust the ANR package and re-send if necessary Report coverage Share audio online and thru social media
  8. 8. ANR options Do It Yourself • • • Choose good audio equipment Use free editing tools and distribution software Compile contact newsroom lists Use a specialist production company • • • Saves time Tap into current radio networks Priced reasonably
  9. 9. ANR reporting Acknowledgment: Radio Release
  10. 10. ANR coverage Acknowledgment: Radio Release
  11. 11. ANR successes Harmony Day Australian War Memorial South Pole Challenge Story-rich issues with national appeal and strong human interest
  12. 12. Bob Crawshaw @bobcraw 0401 063 387