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Regain Control of Your Digital Strategy


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Slides of January 2015 webinar on how to Regain Control of your Digital Strategy, by Pete Chapman, Principal Fintech Strategist at Backbase.

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Regain Control of Your Digital Strategy

  1. 1. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. Peter Chapman Principal FinTech Strategist and “Resident Banker” @ Backbase Regain Control of Your Digital Strategy “.”1
  2. 2. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. Converging Forces The Perfect Storm Competition Regulatory Pressure Consumer Preferences 2
  3. 3. Increased Competition 3 Source = @tomloverro
  4. 4. Community and Regional Financial Institutions 4
  5. 5. What Drives Acquisition and Retention? 5
  6. 6. Forrester: Next Gen Digital Financial Services 6 Rising customer expectations and the growing importance of the Web and mobile as sales and service channels mean that financial services e-Business executives need to fundamentally improve the way they serve customers via digital channels.
  7. 7. Technology Implementations 7
  8. 8. Fragmented Technology Delivery 8
  9. 9. Differentiation 9
  10. 10. Control 10
  11. 11. Experience with Bank Core Ability to Introduce new APIs PFM, RDC, Bill Pay, etc… Customer Experience Platform 11 Technology Platform The Entire Omni-Channel Customer Journey Origination Online Tablet 1:1 Marketing (targeting, segmentation) Personalization Full Next Gen Feature Set Banking Core Open Architecture 3th Party Integrations SaaS Hosting Model UX Control, Business Parameters, Intuitive Admin Capabilities Marketing Mobile
  12. 12. Backbase Engage Platform to Enable Your Digital Strategy
  13. 13. Internal Apps & Content Mobile Tablets Apps Direct 2 Consumer Closed Customer Environment Public Marketing Sites CXP Customer Experience Platform Fast & Frictionless CRM Integration Security & Compliance Process Integration Personal & Relevant Application Integration Superior Experience Any Time Any Place Distribution Channels Apps Content CRM Processes Compliance
  14. 14. Branch ATM Call Center Kiosk Website SocialTablets Phones Omni-Channel Approach : Customer Centric Omni-Channel = Customer Centric Omni-Channel Customer Interactions Integration & Aggregation Context & Presence Presentation & Cross Device Roles & Permissions Alert & Notify Content Management Personalization & Targeting Preferences & Behavior Customer Experience Platform
  15. 15. Customer Oriented Functions Back Office Functions Customer Experience Layer Loosely Coupled Integration ü  Customer Journey ü  Digital Commerce PRODUCTS & IT SYSTEMS Outside-In Approach : Customer Centric
  16. 16. Open Banking Marketplace “.”16
  17. 17. Hosting Model “.”17
  18. 18. Q&A 18