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Bank 2.0 & Backbase


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Jouk Pleiter, CEO & Co-Founder of Backbase presenting Bank 2.0 & Engagement Banking.

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Bank 2.0 & Backbase

  1. 1. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 1BANK 2.0Get ready for the Era ofCustomer Engagement
  2. 2. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 2Our latest white paper on EngagementBanking is available for download
  3. 3. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 4 4Forrester : Next Gen Digital Financial Services Rising customer expectations and the growing importance of the Web and mobile as sales and service channels mean that financial services e-Business executives need to fundamentally improve the way they serve customers via digital channels.
  4. 4. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 5 5Paradigm Shift : From “Inside-out” to “Outside-in” Outside-In approach Customer Customer Experience Experience Layer Layer Core Systems & Products INSIDE-OUT approach
  5. 5. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 6Loosely Coupled : Customer Experience Layer CHANGE REQUIREMENTS Customer Experience Layer CHANGE CAPABILITY INTERNAL SYSTEMS AND PLATFORMS
  6. 6. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 7TrendsCustomers Expectations for Bank 2.0
  7. 7. 8Eliminate Silo’sCreating a seamless Customer Journey 1 Superior My Bank Any Device Targeting Experience Customization Any Place Cross / Up Selling Marketing Internet Mobile Mobile Customer Experience Layer … Site Banking App App Security Application Process Content Integration Integration Integration Integration Core Banking Systems & Processes
  8. 8. 9 Merging “Open” and “Closed” Creating a seamless Customer Journey 2Public Marketing Content Personal Comm. My Accounts My Profile Content Tools Products Summary Preferences Transactions
  9. 9. 10Modular & Flexible (Widgets)Mix & Match the right content, data and functionality 3Personalization / My Bank Advisory Tools 1:1 customer treatment Simulation, Calculators, … (targeting, segmentation) Re-Usable Communication Content Widgets Mail / SMS / Chat / Video Consistent across Channels Internet Banking Other Back-end Functions 3rd Party Functions Transactional CRM, Brokerage, … PFM, …
  10. 10. 11Multi-Device AccessAny Time – Any Place – Any Device 4 TV Mobile PC / Mac Customer Experience Layer
  11. 11. 12Cross-Channel Customer JourneyCX Layer across multiple customer interaction channels 5 ONLINE BRANCH CALL Transaction Advisory Communication Personalized Engagement Systems Tools Tools Content Apps
  12. 12. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 13Bank 2.0 PortalDemo | Examples
  13. 13. Bank 2.0 Portal in ActionOptimize your online Customer Experience Portal Manager Bank 2.0 Portal (e-Business Professionals) (Customers) Customers in Control Bank 2.0 Portal
  14. 14. DIY Portal ManagementEmpower e-business teams to manage and optimize your Portal Portal Manager Bank 2.0 Portal (e-Business Professionals) (Customers) Customers in Control Bank 2.0 Portal
  15. 15. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 16 ✓ Superior User Experience Customer ✓ Multi-Device Access in Control ✓ Personal & Relevant BANK 2.0 CUSTOMER PORTAL ✓ Optimize Online Results E-BUSINESS PORTAL MANAGER Business ✓ Lower Cost-per-Contact in Control ✓ Reduce IT DependencySECURITY PERSONALIZATION CONTENT PRESENTATION INTEGRATION SERVICESSERVICES SERVICES SERVICES SERVICES ✓ Leverage Existing Systems IT ✓ Easy Integration in Control ✓ Secure & Performance CORE BANKING SYSTEMS & PROCESSESDifferent layers for different levels of controlBringing control and ease to customer, e-business and IT teams.Backbase introduction | July 24, 2011
  16. 16. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 17About BackbaseBank 2.0 Portal solutions delivered…
  17. 17. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 18 BANK 2.0 Portal Specialist Backbase is global Bank 2.0 Portal leader We help banks to move their online channel o the next level…
  18. 18. Customer CentricOur Vision = “outside-in” : Customer Experience LayerCustomer Experience Management is our DNA
  19. 19. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 20 Business Centric Business Agility : DIY Presentation Orchestration (portal manager) Business Results : Drive Revenue & Loyalty
  20. 20. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 21 21Backbase : Global Customer Success
  21. 21. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 22 22Backbase : Global Partner Network
  22. 22. Customer Experience Solutions. Delivered. 23Thank you!WWW.BACKBASE.COMREQUEST@BACKBASE.COMNEW YORK : +1 646 205 3648AMSTERDAM: +31 (0)20 465 8888