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Mobile Banking webinar, December 15, 2010 by Jouk Pleiter


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Backbase is going to present multiple customer cases for Mobile Banking and multi channel publishing. Your customers are now accessing your online banking portal using a variety of devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones. You now need a single, cohesive platform to deploy your eChannel across these multiple devices. Learn how to develop a context-aware portal, one that provides your customers with an optimized and personal environment on any device, any time and anywhere.

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Mobile Banking webinar, December 15, 2010 by Jouk Pleiter

  1. 1. Engagement Banking - Mobile Copyright © 2010 Backbase. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. What we Deliver : Portal Solutions for Financials + Customer Engagement Expert Services Customer Engagement Portal Software (Backbase & Partners )
  5. 5. Value Proposition Customer Experience Solutions
  6. 6. Vision (1) : Outside-In = Customer Enablement INTERNAL SYSTEMS AND PLATFORMS INSIDE-OUT APPROACH Copyright © 2009 Backbase. All Rights Reserved. WEB ENABLEMENT OUTSIDE-IN APPROACH Customer Enablement CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
  7. 7. Vision (2) : Multi-Channel Interaction CCC Branch Visitor / Customer Advisor Agent Integrated Information., accessible from a single point SAME INTERFACE ACCESS RIGHTS INFORMATION TOOLS Access depending on authorization Level The right info, to the right user, at the right time The right functionality, to the right user, at the right time Mobile Web
  8. 8. Vision (3) : One Platform , Multiple Devices Desktop Tablets Smartphone BACKBASE Bank 2.0 Portal Social Networks Cloud Content, Data & Services Enterprise Content, Data and Applications unified desktop Front Office
  9. 9. Vision (4) : Widgets Re-usable Mini Apps Bank 2.0 Portal Public Website Online Banking CCC / Branch Portal Mobile Banking 1:1 customer treatment (targeting, segmentation) Business Rules collect customer preferences (implicit & explicit) Customer Profile Transcational Core Banking CRM, … Other Back-end Functions PFM, … 3 rd Party Functions Consistent across Channels Content Simulation, Calculators, … Advisory Tools Re-Usable Widgets
  10. 10. Vision (5) : One Customer Engagement Platform Web Site 1.0 Core Banking Systems & Processes Customer Engagement Platform Superior Experience Any Place Any Device Personalization & Targeting Application Integration Easy Portal Management Social Integration Customer In Control Interactive Forms & Calculators
  11. 11. Mobile Strategy Next Generation Portal Software
  12. 12. Mobile Strategy : Approach Matrix SMS Experiences where the goal is to alert users of new information Website Experiences where the goal is to provide users with basic information Widgets Experiences where the goal is to offer users easy to use mini apps Native App Experiences that take advantage of the capabilities of the native device
  13. 13. Mobile Strategy : Approach Matrix
  14. 14. Mobile Strategy : Ubiquity Principle Ubiquity Principle The easiest approach to produce quality content and services for the largest available audience, will always win
  15. 15. Ubiquity Principle : (1) Fragmentation <ul><li>“ Getting one application on one platform is a snap, but getting it on 2 is a challenge, 5 is a costly headache, and supporting fifty is virtually impossible” </li></ul>
  16. 16. Ubiquity Principle : (2) The Web <ul><li>“ Betting against the Web right now, is silly. Mobile apps will move more and more from Native to Web” </li></ul>
  17. 17. Ubiquity Principle : (3) Distribution & Updates <ul><li>“ The Web model offers a single code base and incremental updates across all devices” </li></ul>
  18. 18. Ubiquity Principle : (4) User Experience <ul><li>“ The User Experience of the Web model is still limited and needs drastic improvement” </li></ul>
  19. 19. Ubiquity Principle : (4) Customer Expectations “ Customers expect things just to work”
  20. 20. The Solution : Widgets & HTML5
  21. 21. Solution : Widgets & HTML5 Widgets / HTML 5 BACKBASE Portal Social Networks unified desktop Front Office
  22. 22. HTML(5) Widgets : Run across multiple Devices
  23. 23. HTML(5) Widgets : Tier-A Browsers
  24. 24. HTML(5) Widgets : Same Experience as Native Apps
  25. 25. HTML(5) Widgets : Progressive Enhancement Basic HTML HTML5
  26. 26. HTML(5) Widgets : Native Device Access App Store HTML5 App Local Cache Geo Location Vibration Sound Camera
  27. 27. HTML(5) Widgets : Native Device Access Native App Wrapper App Store HTML5 App Local Cache Geo Location Vibration Sound Camera
  28. 28. Summary : Widgets, HTML5, Native Wrapper Backbase Portal : Any Place, Any Time, Any Device
  29. 29. WWW.BACKBASE.COM [email_address] SAN FRANCISCO: +1 866 800 8996 AMSTERDAM: +31 (0)20 465 8888 MORE INFO