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United Utilities approach to BIM


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Presentation by Andy Wall and Garry Nodwell at Building Information Modelling - redefining the role of the project manager. Conference from the APM Knowledge SIG, 27th March 2014, University of Salford

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United Utilities approach to BIM

  1. 1. United Utilities approach to BIM
  2. 2. Introductions Andy Wall UU Knowledge & Processes Manager Garry Nodwell UU BIM Strategy Manager Email Email
  3. 3. Contents • A bit of fun - Lyrics quiz & BIMGO AW • Knowledge Management and BIM AW • Big BIM and Little BIM in UU AW • Moving from Project information to Asset Lifecycle information AW • Preparing for AMP6 GN • BIM Working with our partners in AMP 6 – (challenges and opportunities) GN • What does this mean for the Project Manager GN
  4. 4. Which one are you ? Daydream Believer Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings Of the bluebird as she sings. The six o'clock alarm would never ring. But six rings and I rise, Wipe the sleep out of my eyes. My shavin' razor's cold and it stings I’m a Believer I thought love was only true in fairy tales Meant for someone else but not for me. Love was out to get me That's the way it seemed. Disappointment haunted all my dreams.
  5. 5. Mind Your Language - BIMGO
  6. 6. What is Knowledge Management ? “…..the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge. It refers to a multi- disciplined approach to achieving organisational objectives by making the best use of knowledge.
  7. 7. What is BIM ? “…..the collection, organization, and managed accessibility to data and information related to a building or buildings that may be used for a wide range of purposes that may include planning, construction, life-cycle monitoring, risk assessments, and eventually decommissioning and disposal.”!
  8. 8. Building Information Modelling (BIM) Key Drivers •Reducing risk and waste by improving the way in which we collect, collate, store and reuse data. •Improving the environment in which design, construction and asset lifecycle data/information is authored •Improving the process for maintaining operational, maintenance, health and safety asset lifecycle data/information •Realising cost savings through BIM adoption. • Industry claim 20% savings are available BIM is driving fundamental changes to the way industry works
  9. 9. The Asset Lifecycle 5% Time 95% Time Little BIM Big BIM CreationOperation 5% A.L.I. 95% A.L.I.
  10. 10. BIM Maturity Project Delivery (BIM) Enterprise System Little BIM Big BIM
  11. 11. Big BIM - What will be Different ? • Graduated handover of asset lifecycle data • Having access to trusted asset lifecycle data through easy to use portals • Less documents and renditions to process • Improved data, better information and reliable asset knowledge • Having a common data structure • A common data environment to store our data • Reduced requirement for site visits • More effective data gathering and surveys “Our focus will be on delivering asset lifecycle information not just delivering projects”
  12. 12. 14 15 16 20 The BIM Clock Wholesale Operating Model 2016 - UK Government Mandate BIM 2015 – AMP6 2014 – Construction Delivery Partners appointed Preparing for AMP6 – The BIM clock is ticking
  13. 13. “Deliver and maintain Digital Asset Information fully integrated with the enterprise systems to enable us to deliver our customer promises and outcomes” DIGITAL ASSET INFORMATION _INTEGRATED INFORMATION APPROACH Preparing for AMP6 - The VISION
  14. 14. BIM StrategyAMP6 Contracts Pilot Projects BIM adoption plan Preparing for AMP6 - Now
  15. 15. Operation and Maintenance Managing our Digital Asset Engineering Information1 Delivering Digital Asset Information during the project phase. 2 Enterprise Asset and Content Management Assuring Graduated Handover of Digital Asset Information.3 Maintaining our Digital Asset Information 4 Integrated Information Working with our AMP6 partners (Challenges and Opportunities)
  16. 16. Integrating with the Enterprise Systems Changing the way we manage Digital Asset Information
  17. 17. BP BP BP BP BP (BIM) Integrated Digital Asset Information (BIM) Integrated Digital Asset Information Project Delivery (BIM) Enterprise System Un- Structured Data Structured Data EndStart SURVEY £20 million + D&B £90 million + Data Gathering £20 million + DfMA £50 million +
  18. 18. The Common Data Environment (CDE) Changing the way we manage Digital Asset Information
  19. 19. Digital Asset Information (BIM data) Integrated Information Management Enterprise Systems Data Drop 1 Data and Information that lives with the asset Common Data Environment single source of information for any given project, used to collect, manage and disseminate all relevant approved project documents for multi-disciplinary teams. Project centric documents Data and Information that lives with the project Implementation Detail Design and Construction Handover and Closedown Maintenance and Asset Integration Data Drop 2 Data Drop 3
  20. 20. What Does this mean for the Project Manager? • Your behaviour is important