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BIMobject® seminar 7th of may 2013 Denmark


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Presentation slides from the BIMobject® and Byggeinformation seminar in Copenhagen the 7th of May 2013

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BIMobject® seminar 7th of may 2013 Denmark

  1. 1. Welcome7th of May -13Copenhagen
  2. 2. A Double Paradigm ShiftThe Global Construction Industry
  3. 3. “BIM is the first truly global digital construction technologyand will soon be deployed in every country in the world.It is a game changer and we need to recognise that it is here to stay …..The UK programme based on the Government BIS BIM Strategy iscurrently the most ambitious and advanced centrally driven programme in the world.”Patrick MacLeamy Chief Executive Officer of HOKBIM
  4. 4. “The day is near when there will be a significant cost to product manufacturers if they doNOT produce BIM information for their clients. The stark reality is that BIM will continue tosignificantly change the construction business environment and product manufactureswho are not willing to adapt to support the BIM process will face the reality that they willcease to remain competitive in the marketplace.”  John TebbitDeputy Chief Executive andIndustry Affairs DirectorConstruction Products AssociationWeb & Cloud
  5. 5. Agenda7th of May Copenhagen Denmark09:00 -10:00        Introduktion til BIMAlle har hørt om BIM som ”arvtageren” til CAD, men hvad eregentlig Building Information Modeling (BIM)  og hvordanforholder man sig til dette som producent af bygge- ogindretningsmaterialer.Vi giver en pædagogisk gennemgang af hele BIM processen ogviser en case study af hvordan en producent har lykkes medderes strategi, der aktivt involverer BIMobjekter ogmarkedsføring på nettet. 
  6. 6. Agenda7th of May Copenhagen Denmark10:00 - 10:40        BIM objekter.Hvad er egentligt et BIM objekt, og hvordan kan disse digitalekopier af mine produkter hjælpe mig med at markedsføre minerigtige produkter.Hvordan sikrer man sig at man bliver foreskrevet i den digitalebeslutningsproces. Og hvordan ved jeg hvem, der hardownloadet mine BIM objekter. Aktiv pre -sales med leads!
  7. 7. Agenda7th of May Copenhagen Denmark10:40 - 11:00        Kaffe pause
  8. 8. Agenda7th of May Copenhagen Denmark11:00 - 12:00        Bygge Infomations produktsøgning på nettetCloudløsninger, hvad indebærer dette og hvordan fungeresamarbejdet mellem Bygge Information i Danmark, med derestrafikskabende produktportal og deBIM objekter som publiceres af BIMobject.Hvordan "rammer" jeg brugerne af CAD/BIM systemerne medmine digitale BIM objekter, når de træffer deres beslutning omvalg af byggematerialer.
  9. 9. Co founders and managementStefan Larsson CEOSenior intl business + 25 years in CAD/BIM, former WW Directorof Sales of global CAD vendor, visionary and entrepreneur.Johannes Reischböck COOSenior intl business + 25 years in CAD/BIM, former global vicepresident of Sales of BIM software vendorBen O’Donnell Chief of project managementArchitect and BIM expert + 15 years as CAD/BIM expert inScandinavia and Australia.Xavier Soule co founderFounder and CEO of Abvent, France leading 3D/BIM softwaredeveloper + 30 years in the CAD businessPhillipe Butty co founderFounder and MD of Abvent Switzerland. +25 years in the CAD inSwitzerlandPer Russberg co founderMD and web expert at our BIMobject web development center +20 years in database and web technologyPauli Jantunen MDSenior business developer in Finland + 15 years in CAD/BIMAlan Baikie MD, UKSenior Manager and marketing expert + 13 years in CAD/BIMSimon Gilbert , Manager UKSenior project manager UK + 15 years in CAD/BIM
  10. 10. BIMobject Corporateheadquarters:BIMobject HQ, World Trade Center,Malmö, SWEDENBIMobject Gothenburg, SWEDENBIMobject Deutschland GMBHMunich GermanyBIMobject United KIngdomOther BIMobject officesBIMobject Denmark2300 Copenhagen S, DenmarkBIMobject Finland00260 Helsinki, FinlandBIMobject Development CentersIndia, Turkey, Hungary and PhilippinesFranchiseesBIMobject MilanoItalyBIMobject MadridSpainBIMobject Costa MesaCalifornia USABIMobject TampaFlorida USABIMobject NottinghamNottinghamn UKBIMobject MEInternet City, Dubai, UAEBIMobject PortugalLisboa, PortugalBIMobject KoreaSeoul, South Korea
  11. 11. ”the worlds No.1manufacturer-specificcontent provider”Graphisoft
  12. 12. “BIM is the first truly global digital construction technology”Ben O’Donnell CTO and ArchitectJohnny Blaedel BIMobject DenmarkBIM
  13. 13. What is CAD/BIM?Computer Aided Design means using design and drafting software tocreate 3D models & drawings in Architecture, Design, Building designand Construction.Building Information Modeling is the successor of CAD and is a moremodern intelligent way of creating a virtual building in the computer thatautomatically can create all drawings, models, Quantities, energycalculations and the information model is used in all parts of the design,construction and building process.
  14. 14. EVOLUTIONEVOLUTIONComputers and software has evolved very fast the last 20 years for designers,Architects, engineers and builders.Where Automotive and Aerospace have been for some years, the buildingindustry is now entering very quickly when CAD is replaced by BIM.BIM3D3DCADCAD2D2DCADCAD
  15. 15. Early days... 80’sEarly days... 80’sCAD is an imitation ofthe drawing board andthe main tasks is tocreate a 2D drawing onthe computer and savetime on changes ondwg’sThe drafting board isquickly replaced duringthis decade...
  16. 16. l Very little 3D – Mainly extrusions of plans.l Usually done after design drawings preparedl Quite tedious, especially with workload.l Results not that grand and seldom presented.l Often used to assist perspective artist with setting out.1990-1995 Next generation CAD1990-1995 Next generation CAD
  17. 17. 1995-2000 3rd generation CAD1995-2000 3rd generation CADl 3D – more advanced.l Sections/elevations is automatedl Workflow is based on collaborationl No more artists for perspectivesl Start of multiple disciplines
  18. 18. 2001-2007 BIM replaces CAD2001-2007 BIM replaces CAD
  19. 19. Building Information ModelingBuilding Information Modeling
  20. 20. SKETCH PLANDrawings are still produced...Drawings are still produced...
  21. 21. MUNICIPALAll drawings are extracted from aAll drawings are extracted from adatabase (BIM) which is objectdatabase (BIM) which is objectoriented.oriented.
  22. 22. CONSTRUCTIONSETThe Designer builds a model whereThe Designer builds a model whereinformation becomes important...information becomes important...
  23. 23. CEILING PLANFrom 2008 and onwards, BIM isFrom 2008 and onwards, BIM ismainstream and used globallymainstream and used globally
  24. 24. SECTIONSGlobally, all disciplines in theGlobally, all disciplines in thebuilding industry are using BIMbuilding industry are using BIM
  25. 25. SECTIONSBIM is used in all parts of theBIM is used in all parts of thebuilding processes.building processes.2012 the UK goverment requires2012 the UK goverment requiresthat 3D-BIM be used for publicthat 3D-BIM be used for publicbuildings before end of 2016.buildings before end of 2016.
  26. 26. A BIM model consists ofBIM objectsThe software companies that sell the BIM software deliver a standard setof components that is referred to as GENERIC.In the early phase it is sufficient to use gerneric components, BUTThe further you detail the model, use it for analyzes or detaildocumentation, quantities and simulations you need material andbuilding product data to enrich the model so it can be used.
  27. 27. Our ambition is to be thelink between the complextechnology around CAD &BIM and our customers, theBuilding product andinterior manufacturers.
  28. 28. Simple Demo of a BIM systemBen shows how he quickly build up a simple building in ArchiCAD
  29. 29. The manual entry methodArchitects, designers & engineers source information from the web,catalogues, PDF files and datasheets and manually enter this data intogeneric objects or in multiple systems to add neccessary data.Many times they rebuild and consctruct their own library of 3D objectsand BIM files since they need it.This leads to huge downtimes in productivity and likelihood for errors.
  30. 30. The smart BIMobject® methodWhat IFthe building and interior product manufacturers would provide architects& designers with objects for their BIM systems that have all correct 2Ddrawings (plans, details), 3D representations (section-3D), materials(views, characteristics) and all the necessary properties (CE, heights,configurations, constraints etc) included from the get go?This would be a huge benefit for the users of BIM systems to getinformation rich, nicely created and smart BIM objects that make everydesigners job more efficient, fun, stimulating, rewarding, and making itpossible to evaluate, simulate, and test products in a buildingdesign early on.Energy calculations, light simulations, sun studies,functional requirements and solutions for smart economic andsustainable solutions.
  31. 31. Architects, engineers and design professionalsfind your products, download and use them inthe design and specification process.All for free always for ”users”
  32. 32. Demo of manufacturer specificobjects in a BIM systemCase studies, see YouTube presentations:
  33. 33. - Increased productivity, No need tocreate objects manually- Less errors- Better understanding of productsfunctionality and characteristics- No need to draw 2D details- Know that the objects really exist inreality- Know that the object you place is aproduct availible for purchase- All variations of the product areintegrated.- Link to other documents likemaintenance, productsheets etc- BIM model enriched, easy to dosimulations and analyzes- Quantity calculations to a new level- Deliver higher quality models forbuilders, production and facilitymanagement.BIM users benefits in BIMobject®BIM users benefits in BIMobject®
  34. 34. We help Manufacturers tosuccessfully develop, maintain andmarket digital replicas of theirproducts as BIM objects. We keepthe product information in a neutralform but build real objects in nativeBIM formats.
  35. 35. - Product placement as early as possible- Help to get products specified- Get something new to offer designers- Descisions get digital - objects are digitalreplicas of a real product- USP’s of a product can be easiercommunicated- Get more visibility on the web- Brand your products inside the BIM software- Great way to communicate your productsfunctionality, options and variations.- Minimize mistakes how products aredesigned in a building- Supply product information into BIM modelsthrough the BIM objects- Engage the customers- Help the BIM users save timeBuilding & interior productBuilding & interior productmanufacturers benefits inmanufacturers benefits insupplying BIMobject®supplying BIMobject®
  36. 36. “BIM is the first truly global digital construction technology”Stefan Larsson CEO and founder BIMobject®Johnny Blaedel BIMobject DenmarkBIMObjekter
  37. 37. “The biggest challenge for todays companies is to understand, use and get themaximum benefits from completely connected business world”Internet
  38. 38. - Where are your customers and specifiers?- What are the processes and behaviours?-What do your customers need?- How can I put my products in front of the Designers?Where?What?
  39. 39. - PROJECT Management
  40. 40. Live Demo of theBIMobject® cloudBIM objects in the cloud - publish, Develop, maintain and syndicate
  41. 41. Anywhere- CloudSearch, filter, view and downloadUserchooses BIMformat anddownloadsBIManalyticsThe user isidentified andinfo is sharedwithManufacturerSales at Manufacturer can send BIMailBIM user looks for BIM object
  42. 42. BIManalyticsPre-sales processDEMO
  43. 43. Google search engine optimizationIntegration in Social MediaDEMO
  44. 44. Private CloudsMicrosite, Integrated, MultivendorsDEMO
  45. 45. Demo of the BIMobject® APP
  46. 46. Manufacturers BIM Strategy described throughMichael Porter’s Competitive AdvantageProduct InnovationCustomer Lock-in Customer IntimacyStage 1 - Product Strategy- First mover advantage- Formidable knowledge/ skills base-Good products - old relationsStage 2 - Product Strategy- Customer services- Account management- Sell more through customer careStage 3 - BIMobject StrategyEmbedded in Architects IT tools and bepart of the digital decision process thatBIM is. Integrate in buyers systems
  47. 47. Text12 Major portals already signed up:Barbour UK, Docu SwedenBIMcomponents, Bygge information...
  48. 48. Kaffe
  49. 49. Peder Andersen MD ByggeinformationJohnny Blaedel BIMobject DenmarkWebSearch
  50. 50. real products, real objects, real business