Alistair Gardner ty BIM Overview 090212


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Presentation to NFB Principle Contractors Group Midlands Region. 09/02/12

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Alistair Gardner ty BIM Overview 090212

  1. 1. Alistair Gardner ACIAT ASSOCIATE, senior architectural technician and BIM manager taylor young|ty BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING Building (& Asset) Information Modelling (& Management) NFB – PCG Midlands Region
  2. 2. • What's BIM • Why BIM • BIM Technology • BIM Advantages • BIM Development • ty examples – Oldham BSF / Kearsley Academy / Housing Projects • BIM Future – iBIM/IPD • BIM- Implementation • Conclusions Overview
  3. 3. ty Overview
  4. 4. What’s BIM?
  5. 5. BS ISO 29481-1 2010 - Building information modelling - Information delivery manual “Shared digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of any built object (including buildings, bridges, roads, etc.) which forms a reliable basis for decisions” BIM Definitions CPIC /RIBA – Proposed Definition “Building Information Modelling is digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility creating a shared knowledge resource for information about it forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life cycle, from earliest conception to demolition.”
  6. 6. What’s BIM?
  7. 7. Builders & Fabricators Owners MEP Systems Engineers Structural Engineers Civil Engineers Architects BIM What’s BIM?
  8. 8. BIM – A Change to Process ”MacLeamy Curve” Patrick MacLeamy , CEO, HOK
  9. 9. “The number of construction professionals using bim (building information modelling) has jumped from 13% to 31%, according to the results of the NBS’s annual bim survey. Of the 1,000 respondents to the national survey, almost 19 out of 20 expected to be using bim within the next five years; 80% of those who had already adopted bim agreed that it increases the coordination of construction documents; while 65%said it delivered cost efficiencies. Why BIM? Bim adoption more than doubles 8 February 2012
  10. 10. • 2D communication in a 3D world • Traditional problems • Sustainable design and energy performance compliance • Building performance regulation • Waste within construction • Latham / Eagan Reports • Best practice Why BIM?
  11. 11. Government Construction Strategy • 20% reduction in costs targeted for UK construction procurement • BIM confirmed as an essential element in the reduction waste within construction. • BIM working party strategy published June 2011. • Begin phased roll out to all government projects from summer 2012 • Introduction of Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie 2.4) • All UK public funded construction projects will require fully collaborative 3D BIM (level2) as a minimum by 2016.
  12. 12. BIM Levels
  13. 13. BIM Technology – Architecture BIM technology is being developed by a range of major CAD vendors but is represented by three main staples for Architecture; Revit Suite NavisWorks Grahisoft Archicad Vecterworks All-Plan Microstation Bentley Architecture Many More BIM packages for Environmental and Structural analysis
  14. 14. BIM Technology - Consumer (3D-5D and beyond) Client / Contractor / QS / Asset Management? Architects Models MEP Models Structural Models AEC (UK) BIM Standards For Revit – Shared Environment Principle SHARED 2D – 2 Dimensions 3D – 3 Dimensions 4D – Cost 5D – Time 6D - lifecycle 7,8,9!?! Other brands available!
  15. 15. • Enhanced Design • Greater Productivity • Improved Delivery BIM Advantages - General Benefits
  16. 16. • Conceptual design • Central Source of information • Multi-Discipline Integration • Early detection of conflict BIM Advantages – Designers
  17. 17. • Pre-construction assessment • Reduction in no. of RFIs • Fewer field coordination issues • Quantity/cost tracking improvements • Greater potential for off-site fabrication • Reduce Risk BIM Advantages - Construction
  18. 18. • Asset management • Facility maintenance and operation • Life cycle of buildings • Single Source of Information • BIM virtual building and FM Software synchronisation • Health & Safety BIM Advantages – FM Cobie
  19. 19. BIM Development BS 555
  20. 20. BIM Awareness
  21. 21. Government has given BIM a big boost, but; • Currently still Confusion • BIM seen as an obstacle not an enabler • We are adapting BIM to fit current practices • ‘My’ BIM • Varied Adoption • Software collaboration needs to Improve • Definition of BIM is not important it is about understanding what BIM Enabled Technology can do for you. • We need to understand BIM Better BIM -Currently
  22. 22. BIM Definition Chuck Eastman, The BIM Handbook …“an intelligent simulation of architecture.” To enable us to achieve integrated delivery“ BIM alone fails to achieve Level 3 objectives. Only when we have a proper working understanding of BIM will we be able to begin the next step of integrated BIM (iBIM) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) iBIM / Integrated Project Delivery (BIM Level 3)
  23. 23. • Only Suitable for Large projects? • Just 3D CAD? • Can’t Do refurbishment? • Costs too much? • Takes too long? • Doesn't Suit Our Process? BIM POSSIBLE?
  24. 24. Project Examples – Oldham BSF Oldham BSF: North Chadderton School & Sixth Form Contractor: Balfour Beatty Value : £20m Consultants: Clarke Bond (SE) RPS Group (M&E) Arup (Fire)
  25. 25. Advantages • BIM Implementation project • Single source of information – Co-ordination • Ability to adapt design during all stages • Able to produce drawn information quickly • Automated schedule / take off • Worksharing environment • Contractor using BIM for Co-ordination Disadvantages • Consultants were not using BIM • Software learning curves for design team. Project Examples – Oldham BSF
  26. 26. Advantages – 3D Environment & Rendering Project Examples – Oldham BSF
  27. 27. Project Examples – Kearsley Academy Contractor : BAM Value: circa £10m
  28. 28. Project Examples – Kearsley Academy
  29. 29. Project Examples – Kearsley Academy
  30. 30. • Grade 2 Listed • Refurbishment & Extension • ty+ Rombol (Gifford) • Lonely BIM(s) Proposed Image (3Ds Max) Existing Market Revit Model View Project Examples – Chesterfield Market
  31. 31. Project Examples – Housing Team
  32. 32. • Planning Implementation Is key • Develop a sound, comprehensive implementation strategy, • Assemble the right team, • Select a suitable starting project • Understand the learning curves • Understand Cost and Benefits to business • ROI –calculators • Hardware requirements BIM – Implementation
  33. 33. • Improve design quality • Improve communication • Single source of Information • Increased collaboration with partners • Reduction in waste • Opportunities for re-use of data post construction Summery- Why use BIM?
  34. 34. The introduction of BIM is not about the adoption of any software; it is probably the most significant change process you will ever make Conclusions • Industry is developing clear best practice with BIM • More Open about current BIM adoption. • BIM definition is not important it is about understanding the benefits of a BIM Environment • Once we are BIM enabled then we can move to Social and iBIM • Working procedures need to adapt to enable iBIM/IPD • Real risk that not having BIM experience could exclude you from future projects
  35. 35. Questions? Darlington top 5 • How will BIM effect construction SME’s ? • What support can the government offer SME’s (training and education being a priority) • What software tools are appropriate for BIM in a contracting environment? • Will all sub-contractors to the main contractor be expected to use BIM tools? If they don’t have them – how will the main contractor share information? • What is the cost of up-skilling and ‘tooling up’ in readiness for BIM? • How quickly will businesses see a return?
  36. 36. Acknowledgments IHS / NBS / BSI CPIC – Mark Bew URS Scott Wilson AEC (UK) BIM think Space