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The Manchester experience - John Lorimer


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Presentation at Building Information Modelling - redefining the role of the project manager. Conference from the APM Knowledge SIG, 27th March 2014, University of Salford

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The Manchester experience - John Lorimer

  1. 1. The Manchester Experience John Lorimer 27th March 2014
  2. 2. The Sprinkler System The ‘Facility’ model A ‘System’ view On a single ‘Floor’ ‘Components’ & ‘Information’, Documents & Data
  3. 3. The Low Pressure Hot Water System Another ‘System’ Or a single ‘Zone’ ‘Components’ & ‘Information’, Documents & Data
  4. 4. Fire Management Plan Fire Strategy Manage – during sectional handover Respond - to change events BIM4 Saving Lives
  5. 5. BIM Steering Group (Strategic) Corporate Technical Services School Programme Framework Partners Old Town Hall Housing Highways FM Corporate Property ICT Commercial Project Programme Town Hall Complex Transformation Programme
  6. 6. Commercial Training Requirements •Software applications •Training/workshops ICT •Software packages •Solibri •Kykloud – lifecycle costs Benefits •Efficiency/cost savings •Accuracy •Integration with project team Benchmark •Partners •Other public sector clients •Government trends Client/Project Requirements •Budget management •Cost plan •Cash flow •Life cycle cost
  7. 7. Concept Design Scheme / Detailed Design Pre-Construction Construction Operational /FM/Lifecycle Design Development Considering FM and Operational requirements FM / Operational Teams Embedded within Design development BIM Design and FM Integration
  8. 8. Government Soft Landings (GSL) Powered by BIM To champion better outcomes for our built assets during the design & construction stages though Government Soft Landings (GSL) powered by a Building Information Model (BIM) to ensure value is achieved in the operational lifecycle of an asset. BIM + GSL = Better Outcomes
  9. 9. What do we procure when using BIM? 1. Capability to deliver 2. Defined information requirements 6. Agreed data exchange standard 4. Agreed model outputs 5. Defined process for information delivery 3. Right to use the data 5. Defined process for information delivery 5. Defined process for information delivery
  10. 10. Defined Information Requirements – EIRs
  11. 11. Defined Delivery Process - Information M’ment Three key activities •Managing the Common Data Environment •Supporting the production of ‘Project Outputs’ – e.g. data drops •Contributing to the management of the project No direct design responsibility Key role for facilitating PAS 1192-2 The Information Manager role has no design role and can be delivered by any party
  12. 12. Maturity Level Data Richness Life Cycle Views Roles or Disciplines Business Process Delivery Method Timeliness/ResponseChange Management Graphical Information Spatial Capability Information Accuracy Interoperability/ IFC Support 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 0