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Change survey analysis overview Martin Taylor


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APM webinar Using research to improve the delivery and effectiveness of change programmes 21st October 2013. Presentation by Martin Taylor

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Change survey analysis overview Martin Taylor

  1. 1. Prospective Enabling Change Specific Interest Group (SIG) Survey Analysis Overview By Martin Taylor 1
  2. 2. Introduction 2
  3. 3. Survey Introduction  Over 300 responses  High quality responses received from a wide range of organisations in private and public sectors  Has helped to inform SIG scope
  4. 4. Survey Analysis - Sector respondents are professional services, with the  19% of sector being IT atfromand financial services at 8.5% next largest 9% sector responses were provided  Publiclocal government (8%), educationfrom central government (8%), (6%) and health (4%)
  5. 5. Survey Analysis - Experience  More than two thirds of respondentsahave worked with change for management as the primary part, or significant part of their role, over 5 years
  6. 6. Survey Analysis – Approach to Change their approach to  Over 50% of respondents describeincidental or none change management as informal/ad hoc,  Respondents are experienced and well qualified but less than half their organisations have a formal/structured approach to change, which is a key finding from this survey
  7. 7. Survey Analysis – Approach Adding Value?  Only 41% believe their approach to change management provides value most of the time or all of the time  This shows that there is significant potential for improving the approach to change within organisations
  8. 8. Survey Analysis – Factors for Successful Change  By far the most important factor for success is executive commitment and sponsorship during the implementation of change management and during the post-implementation phase  It was surprising to see that the use of a structured approach to implementing change was not rated higher. This implies people feel this is important but it is not being applied in practice
  9. 9. Survey Analysis – SIG Scope  This response identifies the most important areas for the SIG to focus on as cultural change, resistance to change, strategic change and change readiness  Leadership, stakeholder management and communications are also considered to be important areas
  10. 10. Summary  Survey responses reinforce the interest and support for the Enabling Change SIG  Discovery event on 7th November at CBI Conference Centre in London – “Change – the Imperatives for Success”  Survey report available at Discovery event  Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and to the SIG working group for compiling the survey