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Leveraging BIM throughout the construction process


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presentation by Eric Lindquist (Adjustable Forms) given - via Skype - to ThinkBIM event in Leeds, 4 December 2013

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Leveraging BIM throughout the construction process

  1. 1. Leveraging BIM Throughout The Construction Process A Specialty Contractor ’s Perspective Eric Lindquist Project Manager
  2. 2. Company Headquarters in Lombard, IL United States. Focused on work in Chicagoland area In business since 1930. Horizontal formwork till 1998 - Transition to full cast in place (in situ) concrete frames Top 20 Commercial Building Concrete Contractor in the US. Annual Revenue $30-100M/year (£19M -60M) 75-450 employees → Very lean office rela;ve to field opera;ons Small company performing large and complex work
  3. 3. Typical Projects
  4. 4. Overview Utilization BIM as an In-Situ Concrete Contractor Why Tekla is the preferred BIM software as a concrete contractor Reasons for choosing Tekla Benefits How Adjustable Forms Implements BIM in its operations Preconstruction Phase Construction Project Turnover How can we justify the software in our environment As a specialty contractor without leverage Contractual Requirements (or lack thereof) Project Case Studies 1K Fulton Offices Franklin & Illinois Apartments Northwestern University North Campus Garage
  5. 5. Utilizing BIM A Specialty Contractor’s Perspective Finding the absolute best product for the intended application. Don’t get locked into an ecosystem → Use the tools that help your business most. Designer’s BIM or Detailed Data Driven Construction BIM? Focused BIM software for structural trades. Compatibility through the IFC file format. Software companies must play nice. Architects/Engineering/General Contractors must be more open minded. Remember what the “I” stands for in BIM. Emphasis on the aesthetic in the Construction and Design Communities. “Hollywood BIM” can stay with the general contractors and marketers. Usability and Stability of Software Reasonable Hardware Requirements Fast and fluid modeling capabilities Tekla allows the user to approach a task in many different ways. Highly customizable through Open API / Extensions
  6. 6. Tekla Structures How AF utilizes Tekla Structures as an In-Situ Concrete Contractor Preconstruction Modeling Quantity Takeoff/Extraction Drawing coordination and issues identified early in process. Ask the questions before the concrete is being delivered. Communication Tool: Owners, General Contractors, Field Construction Modeling Refine Preconstruction Model (the hard work is already done) Tekla BIMSight Schedule Loading (4D Modeling) Drawing Coordination & RFI’s > 3D PDF Reinforcing Steel Detailing Shoring Layout & Drawings Safety Systems Project Turnover 3D As-Builts of structural frame Prepare for more robust requirements trickling down from ownership.
  7. 7. Adjustable Forms Use of BIM Leveraging BIM as a Specialty Contractor (Who Can’t Control the BIM Process Upstream) Q: How can a small specialty contractor justify investing in BIM? Not required by contract (yet…) Not fully utilized by majority of General Contractors Competitors aren’t using it (and the ones who don’t “get it” don’t have any plans to start) A: Integrate the technology into as much of internal operations as possible. Only utilize BIM if faster, more efficient, and more accurate. Avoid “modeling for the sake of modeling” Leverage data across multiple areas of work.
  8. 8. Preconstruction Phase BIM Implementation Before We Get the Job Develop Preconstruction Models Design files, models, or none of the above? Did the designer cheat? 4D Schedule Loading Quan;ty Extrac;on → Export Files → Import to Es;ma;ng → Bid Modeling = Minimize impact of unfit numbers from competition. Buy-in from GC’s → Coordina;on and logis;cs benefits prior to construction.
  9. 9. Project Case Study 1K Fulton Office Facility (Google, SRAM) Chicago, IL Existing cold storage facility in Chicago’s Meatpacking District Existing Facility Work Supplemental Structural Infills Topping Slabs Elevator Bay New Structure Seven Story cast in place frame 200,000 sf
  10. 10. Project Case Study 1K Fulton Office Facility (Google, SRAM) Chicago, IL Scope Revisions after meeting with General Contractor and Ownership. Scope Reductions Tagged In Model Visualization Settings set to display only bid revisions. Absolute clarity Scope “equalizer”
  11. 11. Project Case Study Franklin & Illinois Apartments Chicago, IL Foundations under construction Main Contractor Lend Lease 290,000 sf 26 Story Apartment Tower in Chicago’s River North Neighborhood 6 Levels of Parking
  12. 12. Construction Phase Rebar Steel Modeling & Model Based Shop Drawings Mandate on AF Projects Detailers/Fabricators have responded with widespread investment in Tekla Success on multiple projects Fabricators embracing BIM Modeling → Drawing Crea;on → Fabrication Industry consolidation = tighter control = better models Efficiencies Custom Component creation & tools Identify congestion zones, installation issues, & problems.
  13. 13. Project Case Study Northwestern University North Campus Parking Garage – Evanston, IL Main Contractor: Lend Lease 7 Story Parking Garage Split into three phases to accommodate GC logistics. Complex Project & Design Issues 37 drawng revisions through 275 RFI’s Additional 2 levels of parking garage added.
  14. 14. Leveraging BIM Embracing Technology Improve Why are you using BIM or investigating BIM Software? 1. Have specific reasons – not just because everybody else is doing it. 2. This is not just marketing software. 3. What part of your business is struggling? Where to start? 1. Get the right people making the decisions. 2. Start small. Better to be an expert in one area and expand. Avoid workflow misconceptions. 1. It’s a (fill-in-the-blank BIM software job) so I’m stuck using what the design team uses. 2. I don’t have the resources or a “BIM specialist.” Break down traditional contractor positions. 3. Compatibility across platforms has never been better (IFC, import files, etc)
  15. 15. Questions? 1 East Progress Rd. Lombard, IL 60148 p: (630) 953-8700| | e: