David Philp - BIM: an update from the UK Government BIM Task Group


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David Philp (UK Government BIM Task Group) presentation given at ThinkBIM event in Leeds, on 4 December 2013

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David Philp - BIM: an update from the UK Government BIM Task Group

  1. 1. Building Information Modelling Towards a digitally built Britain David Philp BIM Task Group Head of BIM ThinkBIM Leeds
  2. 2. New Digital Tools New Methods of Working Standard assembly Interfaces New Results Meaningful Change Construction Sector: a time of change "Tempori Parendum"- Be prepared for your time 2
  3. 3. BIM, Procurement through computer readable data
  4. 4. Construction 2025… HM Government 2013 Industrial Strategy: government and industry in partnership Towards a Digitally Built Britain. 4
  5. 5. Ivan Sutherland (1963) • Constraint based drawing • Hierarchical modelling Built Environment enters a Digital Revolution (at last!) Scalable and A “Good crisis”
  6. 6. Did we waste a good crisis? “Since we published Never Waste a Good Crisis in 2009, the Olympic Development Authority has delivered world class outputs and now Crossrail has taken up the baton to move the industry forward. With the UK Government fully engaged about the key role that infrastructure plays in the economy, there are signs of real momentum in our industry. It is clear to me that the new generation entering our profession understands why we need to look at how value is created over the whole life cycle of an asset, as current work by Constructing Excellence with Turner and Townsend and others has highlighted. We are also seeing an increasing take up of game-changing technology such as BIM. My concern though is that our industry will become increasingly polarised between those who ‘get it’ and those who do not.” Andrew Wolstenholme OBE 20th Nov 2013
  7. 7. New aspects of working and interacting in a digital world? Got it? Get it! Those That Don’t’ Get It! Those That Get It! (Digital natives) Confused Those who believe That there is nothing To Change Added value, Reduced Risk Competitive Advantage
  8. 8. Behavioural change within the industry £ OPEX
  9. 9. Its Good for Industry Culture: doing things different: build twice (productivity) Disruptive Innovative Processes A better way of working
  10. 10. Sustaining our Industry’s GVA Good for economy (Innovation) in a digital climate
  11. 11. Rebranding and Investment Good for Industry
  12. 12. Government strategy Collaborative 3D BIM with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic By 2016 a staged plan will be published with mandated milestones showing measurable progress at the end of each year.
  13. 13. What is BIM? B uilding a consistent, collaborative industry, with clear and open communication I nformation of high-quality is procured to support business outcomes M odelling the design increases efficiency, enabling simulation & analysis = Better Outcomes
  14. 14. Level 2: process and deliverables
  15. 15. Hierarchy of Information and the Work Stages Consolidated BIM Process Model PAS 1192:2 Work Stage Strategic Requirements Project Decision Business Justification Investment Decision Discretionary Gate Typical Decision Gates Plain Language Questions To be Completed by Client/Industry Deliverables described in plain language To be Identified by Client/Industry COBie Exchange Data To be Completed by Industry 2D Drawings – Level of Detail & Definition To be Identified by Industry Discretionary Gate Compulsory Gate Compulsory Gate Practical Completion Discretionary Gate Project Review Financial Close Post Occupancy Periodic Review Compulsory Gate Discretionary Gate A A client Earliest – Fully Integrated Information purpose Commit to Construct Contract Signature A B GC Commit to Scheme Budget Approval Compulsory Gate A What a Procurement Strategy Tender v Framework needs to B B B Typical – D&C or Traditional make decisions WISDOM Latest - Traditional The purposes that the information might be used for. The information (reports etc) to inform decisions and purposes The data The drawing content that conveys information KNOWLEDGE INFORMATION DATA
  16. 16. PAS 1192/2 Plain Language Questions 17 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM
  17. 17. All project information, whether in BIM environments or in conventional data formats should be shared using a single collaborative data environment (CDE).
  18. 18. Moore’s Law, Why You Should Care “Sophie will witness” A sixty four fold increase in computing power whilst she is in secondary education I have seen a technological landscape half a million times as powerful as the day I started in construction
  19. 19. Education & training will drive evolution in the industry 21
  20. 20. Thank You Have a look at our web-site www.bimtaskgroup.org Follow us on Twitter @BIMgcs Questions?