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English Grammar - Phrasal verbs


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Language Open Learning bring you an overview of the Phrasal Verbs in English Grammar.

We show you the options for using Phrasal Verbs, what they mean and how they are used.

We show you the use of some examples when using the Phrasal Verbs including two part and three part phrasal verbs.

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English Grammar - Phrasal verbs

  1. 1. Phrasal Verbs 1Language Open Learning EnglishGrammar Guide
  2. 2. Phrasal VerbsNormal verb + 1 or 2 prepositions – Look, take, get etc + back, off, up, etce.g. Please take this note to my teacher. – (move s/thing from one place to another)Please take off your shoes before coming in. – (to remove something)We took off in the middle of a storm. – (when a plane leave the airport)
  3. 3. Phrasal Verbs Verbs with THREE
  4. 4. Phrasal VerbsMost verbs need a subject and objectObject is at the end after the prepositions – I’m looking forward to my
  5. 5. Phrasal Verbscatch up with • (reach someone by going faster) – You can rest now and catch up with us later. – You’re going too fast! I can’t catch up!
  6. 6. Phrasal Verbscut down on • (reduce the amount of) – Emma has decided to cut down on holidays this year. – You’re eating too many sweets. You should cut down!
  7. 7. Phrasal Verbsdrop in on • (visit for a short time) – Let’s drop in on Pierre while we are in Paris. – Next time you are nearby, please do drop
  8. 8. Phrasal Verbsget along/on with • (have a friendly relationship with) – Jim doesn’t get on well with his boss. – We work in the same office but we don’t get
  9. 9. Phrasal Verbskeep up with • (move at the same speed as) – You’re going too fast, I can’t keep up with you. – Pat finds this class difficult and can’t keep
  10. 10. Phrasal Verbslive up to • (be as good as someone expects) – The film didn’t live up to our
  11. 11. Phrasal VerbsLook forward to • (think you will enjoy) – I’m looking forward to going on holiday this
  12. 12. Phrasal Verbslook out onto/over • (have a view of) – Our hotel room looks out onto the
  13. 13. Phrasal Verbsput up with • (accept without complaining) – I can’t put up with all this noise!!
  14. 14. Phrasal Verbsrun out of • (have no more of) – I think the car is about to run out of petrol!! – There isn’t any more milk, we’ve run
  15. 15. Phrasal Verbs Verbs with TWO
  16. 16. Phrasal VerbsPhrasal verbs with TWO parts take an object (intransitive)Object comes after the prepositionCall for • (come to your house and collect)• We’ll call for you about 8pm, so please be ready. (NOT call for you)
  17. 17. Phrasal Verbscall on • (visit for a short time)• I called on my uncle and wished him a Happy
  18. 18. Phrasal Verbsdeal with • (take action to solve a problem)• Could you deal with this customer’s problem please?
  19. 19. Phrasal Verbsget at • (try to say, suggest)• Jim couldn’t understand what is boss was getting
  20. 20. Phrasal Verbsget over • (recover from)• Paul was ill with man flu, but he’s getting over it
  21. 21. Phrasal Verbshead for • (go in the direction of)• The escaped prisoner is thought to be heading for the
  22. 22. Phrasal Verbsjoin in • (take part in, contribute to)• When Peter started singing, everyone joined
  23. 23. Phrasal Verbssee to • (pay attention to, often meaning “to repair”)• The brakes on the car need seeing
  24. 24. Phrasal Verbstake after • (be similar in appearance or character)• Emma takes after her mother. They’re very
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