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Are you ready to improve your English conversation skills through idioms, phrasal verbs, collocations, natural speaking patterns and the ability to discuss issues?

Are you ready to learn authentic language in a meaningful context?

Then you're ready to meet very different characters with very different backgrounds who speak the English that's spoken in the real world.

Don't miss this 5 part conversation course based on 5 conversations from very well-known movies.

"Pirates of Silicon Valley"
"Star Wars"
"Lost in Translation"
"School of Rock"

- Learn dozens of varied and commonly-used idioms, phrasal verbs and collocations
- Learn the speaking patterns of English speakers from the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa.
- Learn how to discuss human and global issues, technology, business negotiations, indecision, standing up to authority, and inspiring social change.

Get ready for Hollywood English with StoryPaul

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HOLLYWOOD ENGLISH - English Conversation Through Movies

  1. 1. www.StoryPaul.com
  2. 2. to improve your conversation
  3. 3. through idioms, phrasal verbs & collocations
  4. 4. natural speaking patterns
  5. 5. and the ability to discuss issues
  6. 6. to learn
  7. 7. authentic language
  8. 8. in a meaningful context
  9. 9. to learn English from…
  10. 10. Bill & Steve “I’d much rather work with you.” Two rival entrepreneurs in the competitive home computer industry of the 1980s that shaped the world we live in today. UNIT 1 Gates vs. Jobs
  11. 11. UNIT 1 Gates vs. Jobs Learn • greetings: informal • idioms: future plans • speaking patterns: IT pros discussing technical matters • the ability to talk about loyalty in a corporate environment
  12. 12. Han “This could really save my neck!” A space adventurer in need of money who makes a deal with two strangers on-the-run that need a ride to another planet. UNIT 2 Star Negotiator
  13. 13. Learn • idioms: negotiation • speaking patterns: being informal in business • the ability to talk about showing off in negotiations and other situations UNIT 2 Star Negotiator
  14. 14. Charlotte “Does it get easier?” A young American wandering through Tokyo who’s not sure what to do with her life and seeks advice from a veteran actor. UNIT 3 Figuring Out Life
  15. 15. UNIT 3 Figuring Out Life Learn • idioms: life and relationship • speaking patterns: people discussing personal matters • the ability to talk about life choices
  16. 16. Dewey “Stick it to The Man!” A guitar-playing substitute teacher who teaches kids from an elite private school an alternative lesson about the world. UNIT 4 Breaking the Rules
  17. 17. UNIT 4 Breaking the Rules Learn • idioms: world problems • speaking patterns: formal vs informal • the ability to talk about defying authority
  18. 18. Nelson “How do we inspire everyone around us?” The newly-elected president of a nation torn by racism and segregation who must inspire all citizens to unite and build a better country. UNIT 5 Inspiration
  19. 19. UNIT 5 Inspiration Learn • idioms: leadership • speaking patterns: formal and diplomatic • the ability to talk about tolerance, peace and reconciliation
  20. 20. featuring scenes from…
  21. 21. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) Written & Directed by Martyn Burke
  22. 22. Star Wars (1977) Written & Directed by George Lucas
  23. 23. Lost in Translation (2003) Written & Directed by Sofia Coppola
  24. 24. School of Rock (2003) Written by Mike White Directed by Richard Linklater
  25. 25. Invictus (2009) Written by Anthony Peckham Directed by Clint Eastwood
  26. 26. About me Paul Ponce (aka Story Paul, Pablo Ponce) ENGLISH TRAINER, ENGAGING MEDIA PRODUCER Story Paul English @StoryLingo www.StoryPaul.com