Phrasal verbs


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Phrasal verbs

  1. 1. PHRASAL VERBSWhat are they…?How do you use them correctly?Roksolana Zelinska
  2. 2. Phrasal verbs are commonly used inEnglish, so it’s important to learn them!A phrasal verb has 2 parts: (or more) 1) a verb 2) and a preposition (at least one)*often a phrasal verb has a specialmeaningRoksolana Zelinska
  3. 3. VERB + PREPOSITION or PARTICLE look up make on put down take + out of get run over bring off break out turn for... carry...Roksolana Zelinska
  4. 4. VERB + PREPOSITION or PARTICLE look for = search make up = invent put out = extinguish take off = leave the ground get over = recover run out of = have none left bring up = rear, educate break down = collapse turn up = appear unexpectedly carry on = continueRoksolana Zelinska
  5. 5. VERB+ PARTICLE + PREPOSITION keep up with advance at the same pace run out of have none left put up with bear patiently look forward to expect with pleasureRoksolana Zelinska
  6. 6. Phrasal verbs express a particular meaning: literal idiomatic Take off your jacket. I’ve taken up golf. Put out the cat. The car broke down. Look at the picture. Only 20 people turned up.Roksolana Zelinska
  7. 7. PHRASAL VERBS WITH LITERAL AND IDIOMATIC MEANING PUT OUT I always put out the cat at night. Put out the cigarette, please. (extinguish)Roksolana Zelinska
  8. 8. PHRASAL VERBS WITH LITERAL AND IDIOMATIC MEANING PICK UP Can you pick up the diskette for me, please? I dropped it. I picked up some new slang expressions while watching that movie. (learn)Roksolana Zelinska
  9. 9. PHRASAL VERBS WITH Look Look after - means to take care of someone or something When I have to travel on business, my . parents usually Look after my children. I Look after the office when my colleagues are away on business.Roksolana Zelinska
  10. 10. PHRASAL VERBS WITH Look Look down on - means to think something or someone is inferior. Dont look down on him just because he left school at 16. He has been very successful.Roksolana Zelinska
  11. 11. PHRASAL VERBS WITH Look look forward to - means to feel excited and happy about something that is going to happen. Were looking forward to our holidays. It will be wonderful to get away.Roksolana Zelinska
  12. 12. PHRASAL VERBS WITH Look Look into - means to examine a problem or situation. We have set up a working group to look into the problem.Roksolana Zelinska
  13. 13. USE PHRASAL VERBSTO BE A FLUENT ENGLISHSPEAKER! Thanks for your attention!Roksolana Zelinska