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ARCS model


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Published in: Education
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ARCS model

  1. 1. Prepared by: Suzlim Abdullah (G 0810294) Prepared for : DrTunkuBadariah Tunku Ahmad ARCS Model
  2. 2. ARCS MODEL
  3. 3. Learners should be able to describe what ARCS is and use the strategies to enhance their teaching ARCS MODEL
  4. 4. ARCS MODEL
  5. 5. ARCS MODEL
  6. 6. ARCS MODEL
  7. 7. Use visuals to depict relationships Provide examples for concepts and principles Use case studies Vary the format of instruction and presentation Use different media of instruction Use visuals, tables, and so on to reduce text Use humorous introductions Use humor in analogies and summaries Insert problem-solving activities Use games, role play, simulations to ensure learner involvement ARCS MODEL
  8. 8. The learner should be made aware of how he/she will benefit from the course ARCS MODEL
  9. 9. State the skills that the learner will acquire Use analogies that the learner can relate to from his/her prior experience Gain information about your learner’s interests State clearly the immediate benefits of taking the course State clearly how the skills the learner will acquire will help him/her in the future Give the learner a feeling of ‘power’ by giving him/her responsibility, authority, and interpersonal influence Appoint those who have finished taking the course as deputy tutors Ensure that the learner has control over his/her learning path ARCS MODEL RELEVANCE STRATEGIES
  10. 10. to build confidence in learners to make them able to meet the course objectives ARCS MODEL
  11. 11. Clearly state the learning objectives Assessments should be directly linked to the learning objectives Explain the criteria for evaluation of performance Lessons should be from simple to complex State the chances of success and the amount of effort involved Attribute success to effort rather than luck Encourage the learner to judge his/her own actions Test well-learned skills in real life situations ARCS MODEL
  12. 12. Satisfaction ARCS MODEL
  13. 13. Learner should be able to use his/her skill in a real situation Provide reward in terms of praise for acquiring a skill Reward interesting tasks with unexpected rewards Provide informative, constructive feedback Provide motivating feedback after a task is performed Avoid threatening the learner to perform a task Provide frequent reinforcements while teaching a new concept Vary reinforcements across the course ARCS MODEL
  14. 14. Learners' motivation describes the learners' willingness, need, desire and compulsion to participate in, and be successful in, the learning process" ARCS Model can be used as a guideline to motivate students to learn better